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====The YCM Spriting Project====


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[align=center]The YCM Spriting Project


Well I have been on YCM for sometime now and as you all know there are many splicers and spriters around. But none of them never work together. They just comment on other peoples work and then give them a thumbs up. Well I object to that. I want spriters to work together in one big project. It would be awsome. You just submit splices and get them put up here. There could be themes every week or just a freestyle event. Either way here you may sprite to your best.


What Will Happen


Okay it's simple and easy. You just read what theme is on the theme section and make a splice. Save it as a PNG and then upload it to an image uploader. Then post it here and get it put up for showcase. This is no competition just a little showcase/Event that could get more people into spriting.


If you submit a splice or anything else and it is in JPEG form it will not get accepted and you will have to make it again before it will.


This Weeks Theme!

To start us off with a bang this weeks theme is Party!


Because New Years has just gone we will make it a New Years Eve party style Pokemon/Digimon/Anyother sprite.


Theme ends: January 20th!


Suggestions for this weeks Theme is.


Recolour to party colours.

Add a party hat onto your sprite.

Add balloons and other decorations.




[spoiler=Showcase] Here I will put all artworks stored for all of the weeks themes.

[spoiler=New Years Eve Party Style]






Submit a Sprite


To Submit a sprite please fill out the following form.







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