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Sumizome Shinigami(Dark God of Death),Ranpu-Kami(God of Light)and more


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Effect:This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set.You must have at least one Sumizome Muto equipped with Spell card Sumizome Sao to Special Summon this card.You must remove from play 2 DARK attribute Monsters from your Deck to Special Summon this card.While this card is face-up on the Field all DARK attribute Monsters(including this card)cannot be attacked or destroyed and unaffected by card effects.Each turn,to keep this card on the Field,you must remove from play one DARK attribute Monster from your Hand or Graveyard.



Effect:This card can only be destroyed by effect of a Spell card.



Effect:The equipped Monster gains 0 ATK and 0 DEF,but every Monster that attacks the equipped Monster lose 500 ATK points until the end the of Damage Step.







Effect:This card cannot be Special Summoned.You can Normal Summon this card for one tribute,but only if the Tributed Monster is LIGHT attribute and Inner Light is on the Field.This card cannot be attacked or destroyed if you have less than 6 cards in your Hand.For each Monster card in your Graveyard this card gain 1000 ATK points(maximum is 5000 ATK points)



Effect:While this card is face-up on the Field your opponent cannot attack with DARK attribute Monsters or Monsters with ATK 2000 or Higher.After the 5th End Phase after this card's activation this card is destroyed and sent to Graveyard.



DIVINE GOD(:shock:)(lol)




His Effect:Sono Mekakushi Kenkaku is unaffected by Spell,Trap and Monster cards.summon him you must tribute both Sumizome Shinigami and Ranpu-Kami.He will be destroyed and sent to Graveyard at the End Phase after the three turns he was Summoned(he cannot be Special Summoned or Set).Hes ATK and DEF points equals:(1)-all cards in your Graveyard x500(2)-all cards in your Hand x100


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