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New tag. CnC!!!! NAO!!!!!!!!!


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Well' date=' my advice is remembered, but not applied.

[b']=/ Okay? If I remember correctly, you made a tag with 30+ adjustment layers and a lens flare? Besides the adjustment layers, not much done there, as far as effects go. =P[/b]


He's in front of Great Wall of China?

Yes. He is. I couldn't really find a good stock that suited me & was high quality. So I picked this one. =/



Since that's out of the way, want to tell me anything else?

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You need to get rid of this tag.


It is just a render. Then a stock. Then maybe a little smudging in the background. Needs better colour. Needs a hq render. Needs everything re-doing.


This. When you make it just a bit better I will give some real CnC.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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