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yugioh demensions club contest. (members of it only)


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welcome club members. this is the first annual club point mastery contest. Be prepared because this will not be easy. You must get 26 cards in before anyone else. They must be dark synchro. If you cant dark synchro buy the effect. The cards can't be any old cards. The dark synchros one rule heres the rest. The dark tuners must be dark tuner versions of a real yu gi oh card and the non tuners must be the real card. The prize for this first mont is 6,000 club points and if your already at talented duelest or higher club level then you will become semi-leader who gets to help with the ideas,they get to get 500 club points a month and 6 credits every 2 months. Remember a bad card won't count as one of the 26.


[spoiler=club entrants]none yet need at least 15.



[spoiler=contest whos in the lead status] no one yet because no cards have been made


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