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Evil Clowns and Jester!


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Effect:You must tribute three cards that have Clown or Jester in their names to Normal Summon this card.For each Fiend-Type Monster card in your Graveyard this card gain 300 ATK points.Each Spellcaster-Type Monster on your side of the Field gain 500 ATK points.



Effect:This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set.You can't play this card unless there are 30 cards in your Graveyard.When you have 30 cards in your Graveyard,you can discard this card in it.When this card is in your Graveyard,pay 500 Life Points to Special Summon it on the Field.



Description:You should better run when you see this possessed clown.



Effect:This card cannot be destroyed by Effects of Monter,Spell and Trap cards.If this card's ATK or DEF points have been decrased by your opponent's card Effect,double this card's original ATK and DEF points and destroy the card that decrased this card's ATK or DEF points.



Thats it(small amount of cards)!Maybe they are a bit overpowered o.o

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