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A Card From A Dream


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I once had a dream that I was dueling my brother. He summoned some Exodia powerhouses and this card. This isn't the card I saw in my dream but I've done my best to make it close. :) 193329mh3.jpg

The effect is as follows:

This card can only be Fusion Summoned by fusing one Fusion Monster and one Ritual Monster of your choice together. The cards being fused must be on the field. This card takes on the attack and defense of the fused monsters. In addition, increase this monster's attack by 1000 points for every Fusion Monster and Ritual Monster on each side of the field (excluding this monster) and in each player's respective Graveyard. You can negate the activation and effect of Spell or Trap cards that designate this card and destroy them. Monster effects are applied normally. If the fused monsters have an effect, this card can use the effect(s).

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