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My First Cards


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Wild Knife


Pay 1000 Life Points. Your opponent flips his/her cards on the field face down and shuffles them. Select one card at random and destroy it. Your opponent returns the remaining cards to their original positions.



Berserk Fairy

WIND Level 4


ATK / 1200 DEF / 900

If your opponent's monsters are in face-down Defense Position, this card can attack your opponent directly.



Morphing Jar #3

EARTH Level 2


ATK / 600 DEF / 800

FLIP: Both players return all Monster Cards on the field to their respective decks and shuffle them. You and your opponent pick up the top five cards in their respective Graveyards and Special Summon all Monster Cards on the field in face-up Defense Position. Remove the remaining cards from play.



I hope these are all right. Please give me any advice or criticism you have to offer.

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