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Konami's crazzyness - Ojama OTK...WTF?

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Looking for a corect OCG I was in yugioh wikia when I stop and find this 3 cards.





That was weird becuase well I don't know many people except me that wanna see ojamas being more useful but then I stoped to see Ojama Red's tips and I found this:

Card Tips:Ojama Red

* This card makes Ojama Delta Hurricane!! very easy to activate. You can search for Ojamagic, Ojama Country, Ojama Red, and Ojama Delta Hurricane!! with your copies of Ojama Blue. Ojamagic can be used with Ojama Country to revive an Ojama monster and search out Ojama Green, Ojama Yellow, and Ojama Black in the process. With all the combo pieces assembled, Normal Summon Ojama Red and then play Hurricane after you Special Summon Green, Yellow, and Black.

* You can use The Big March of Animals with the above combo for a One Turn Kill.


* For A OOTK (OjaOne Turn Kill)


1st step: Summon an Ojama to the field by sending Ojamagic through Ojama Country to get all three Ojama's


2nd step: Summon Ojama red slap down the three Ojama's and Ojama Delta Hurricane the field


3rd step: Activate Ojama Trio


4th step: Fuse to get Ojama King unless Ojama King was the Ojama you special summoned back through Ojama Country then in that case skip step 4 and go straight to step 5


5th step: Use Ojamuscle to power up your Ojama King to 8000 (10,000 if you skipped step 4) and deal 900 damage in the process.


If successful your opponent can't do anything but cry as a 8000 (10,000 if you skipped step 4) Ojama King sits on his face.


And I was like OMG!!!!!!!!!

What do you think?


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