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Battle of the Signers - Legends of the Duelist | PG. 13-16 | Started

Black Rose Phoenix®

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[spoiler=Transcript of the Sign Up Thread:]

Welcome to my first roleplay, i'm sorry if i do something wrong.


This roleplay is rated PG. 13-16, which means it wil go as far as the following quote:

This roleplay includes harsh language, strong graphical violence, or a higher degree of sexual content.

Please try to keep the moderate parts of the story at 13, at the main, action parts of the story line, please do not go beong YCM polocy.


This roleplay is the story of yu-gi-oh 5d's series two, except were gunna re-write it...don't worry, if you don't know what it's about yet, i'll mildly explain without spoiling it. Yusei and 4 other duelists are born with a mark of the Crimson Dragon, they have to fight they dark signers and keep balance basicly by dueling...were gunna re-wrie it, becasue your member name is going to be the name of the chracter you pick, you can be a signer (good) or the dark signers (bad) and duel, romance and everything else. This is only the sign up thread so pick, you can be a signer or a dark signer, i'm going to be a signer, now we need 5 on each side, so, well please sign up...



1. Black Rose Phoenix® - Head Signer | Male

2. Yoshigohan | Male

3. Supreme Gamesmaster | Female

4. yusei_fudo101 | Female

5. Alph | Female


Dark Signers

1. ¦Kylarnatias Soul¦ - Head Dark Signer | Male

2. HyuugaKing - Head Dark Signer | Female

3. D.Kefka | Male

4. hawkhunter96 | Male

5. kst80 | female








Ok, start the role play;

i shal keep every post in transcript to each part...


[spoiler=PART 1:]



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