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Yu-Gi-Oh The Duelist Knights: Chapter 1 Complete


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Disclaimer: I have read the tutorials and advice on the subject of Fanfic on this site. While I can understand why some might want to write in those formats I don't wish to. This Fanfic will be more like a book then a script although I may play around with the duel format until I get it just right.


Yu-Gi-Oh: The Duelist Knights[/align]


[spoiler=Fanfiction Plan]

Before I begin I would like to share my plan for this fanfic. Beyond the book format I also will have some other additions that I hope you like. First with

every new chapter I plan on not only using new cards but actually create at least one with my own art. I will probably reach out to the readers to help create cards to allow for a more diverse art style. Hopefully this will help to keep things clearer and allow for a better mental picture. I will also being looking for music to listen to while reading for each chapter. The music however will not be mine. As for a schedule, hopefully I can write at least one chapter every two weeks. I do tend to be busy.



[spoiler=Chapter 1: The Necklace (Long)]



DOooonng! The Domino clock tower rang defiantly. The recently installed


tower rose amongst the skyline and the face of the clock glowed in the


night. DOooonng! The first fireworks shot from the top, soaring out of


eyesight then exploding into a plethora of colors and bangs. DOooonng!More


fireworks shot upwards in unison and and fell together in a fading dance.


DOooonng! On the main road leading to the tower a young was sprinting.


His sneakers rhytmically slammed against the asphalt. DOooonng! The


fireworks reflected off the glass walls of buildings creating the feeling that


they were not just above, but all around you. DOooonng! The hands of the


clock pointed to the full moon as if they wished to be attached to the


celestial body instead. DOooonng! As the man ran his necklace bounced


around his neck. Two leather strings holding up a small slab of polished


black onyx. DOooonng! The man couldn't hear the fireworks, he couldn't


hear his feet. DOooonng! Instead the clock towers toll rang ominously in his


head. DOooonng! A wave of air swept over the city coming from within the


clock tower. Creating a dark fog over the streets.DOooonng! The man


stumbled in the fog. The air was thick and it dragged him to the ground,


where his necklace started to glow. DOooonng! It was midnight and Leon


was too late.




Leon's eyes shot awake, the rest of his body laying still. He was drenched


in a cold sweat and his watch was ticking monotonously on his bed stand.


He lay there breathing for an unknown time until the sun began to shine


through the crack in the curtains. The dream was had been so vivid. He


hadn't been sure completely if it was a dream. He had never visited Domino


City, nor did he have a necklace. Yet the the feeling of the fog still lingered


over him as if it gripped him to the bed. At this thought he scared himself


and just to be sure he sat up. Nothing held him down. It was a dream. Then


he remembered something else. It was also his birthday.



After a brief shower and getting dressed, Leon went downstairs to eat a


birthday breakfast with his parents. He was still thinking of the dream during


the meal and his parents asked if he was sick three times. It was whiled


staring at a pancake, with blueberries making out the number 17, when


Leon finally snapped out it. The back door had been opened and he turned


around in curiosity. There in the doorway stood a middle aged man. He was


wearing a Hawaiian shirt adorned with pineapples and palm trees. He had


bushy hair that was hidden under a straw hat and he carried a big smile on


his face.



"Uncle Jack!" Leon shouted and jumped from the table. Within seconds he


was embracing his uncle. "You're finally back!"



"And you are finally 17, am I correct?" asked Jack. "My how you have


grown." Uncle Jack wasn't actually related to Leon, but was a family friend


since he was very little.


After saying good-bye to his parents Leon and Uncle Jack were driving


around town. Along the way Jack had been describing his last two years of


traveling. After Jack's brother and best friend had died the cheerful man


fled the country. He had visited multiple countries held over ten different


jobs, but had finally returned for his "nephew's" seventeenth birthday.




'Leon," Jack started and they were driving "There is something I need to tell


you." He had fallen into a silence and Leon began to be a bit nervous.


"Camels, are amazing." With this the man laughed and pulled over into


Leon's driveway. He patted Leon on the shoulder and reached behind his


chair for a small box. "Happy Birthday Leon."


Leon graciously accepted the package and opened the box. Leon's face


grew pale as he saw the contents nearly dropping it. "You look like you


have seen a ghost." Uncle Jack said. Leon felt that way. Putting his hand


into the box he pulled out a necklace. Two leather strings holding up a small


slab of polished black onyx. Engraved into the onyx was an eye.


"Thats Udjat, otherwise known as the eye of Horus. I got it while in Egypt, I


hope you like it."




Leon found it hard to respond at first, however he didn't want to seem


rude. "Its very... mysterious." he said grabbing at the first word that came


to him. He felt stupid for saying it and quickly put the necklace on. "Thank


you Uncle."


"My pleasure, and it looks good on you. I have to go though, it seems that


after being gone for two years I have some business to attend to. I will see


you soon."



(The first chapter was a bit longer than I had hoped for, and I didn't even get to a duel. Don't worry they are coming, and in my opinion they are some cool duels. I also have one... tiny.... problem. While I have (mentally) constructed decks for all of the opposing duelists. I still can't think of a theme, or play style for Leon. Any suggestions would help. Thanks for reading and look for chapter two within a week.)


Reserved for card catalog and character profiles

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