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My Normals Aren't Beatsticks.


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I must be doing this soooooo wrong.


Extra: 15

Mokey Mokey King x3

Rest Standard


Monsters: 12

Bokoichi x3

Mokey Mokey x3

Tune Warrior x3

Demise x3


Spells: 21

Swing of Memories x3

End of the World x3

Delta Attacker x2

The Law of the Normal x2

Dark Factory of Mass Production x2

RotA x2

Dupe x2

Megamorph x1

Future Fusion x1

Monster Reborn x1

MST x1

Trunade x1


Traps: 7

Threatening Roar x3

Solemn x3

Torrential x1


Anyone up for a test? Those who test can either recieve:

A. 2 Rep

B. 20 Points

C. 1 Rep and 10 Points


I know it sucks, I'm just trying to build a deck that's more cost-effective for me.

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