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A Terrible Deck


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Monsters (21)


(1) Gandora the Dragon of Destruction

(1) Breaker the Magical Warrior

(3) Krebons

(2) Dharc the Dark Charmer

(1) Patrician of Darkness

(1) Rose Warrior of Revenge

(1) Cyber Dragon

(1) Kaiser Seahorse

(3) Banisher of the Radiance

(1) Zaborg

(1) Cyber Dinosaur

(1) Divine Knight Ishzark

(1) Don Zaloog

(1) Sangan

(1) D D Warrior Lady

Spells (16)

(3) Degenarate Circuit

(1) Mytical Space Typhoon

(1) Monster Reborn

(1) Giant Trunade

(1) Spell Shatering Arow

(3) Creature Swap

(2) Lightning Vortex

(1) Heavy Storm

(3) Gravedigger Ghoul


Traps (4)


(3) Threatening Roar

(1) Magic Cylinder

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Yes, I know.


This was first though of by my cousin, a deck that clears your opponents Graveyard,


Me and Him Made this a few weeks ago, I dueled it agaist a sucky Teledad deck at school, He went to a minor tounement and failed, but I actullay beat the Terrible TeleDAD. Dueled my brother and lost, and he runs a Somewhat good E-Hero Deck.

Dueled another TeleDAD and LOST HARD.

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