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Hi start end

round 1( 11.01.09 - 03.02.09 dd mm yy ) make a synchro

round 2( 04.02.09 - 26.02.09 ) ???????????????

round 3( 27.02.09 - 09.03.09 ) ???????????????

the best 7 cards go to round 2 and the best 3 go to round 3 ok

6 reps and 5 points for winner

3 reps and 3 points for 2nd

1 rep and 2 points for getting to the 2nd round

1 point for being on the score table

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Reed roles of this site.


I have!

im going to give 6 reps to winner on the first day' date='day after

3 reps for 2nd pace and 1 rep for 3rd place get it??? do you have a way to get people to enter?



You can give 6 Reps in TOTAL during one contest.

If you don't change the prizes, this thread will be locked.

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