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LOTR contest


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Winner gets 1 rep.

No swearing.

No nudity

from here on - rep for breaking the rules.

I will select one from these catagories:



most realistic

and best evil character.

I accept cards based on the books (including the hobbit but not the simmilaran) , the movies, and the games.

I will select the winners on friday (1/23/09).

May the best man (or woman) win.

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im in. heres my card.





Ancient Synchron + 1 or more non-tuner monster(s)

If this card is Special Summoned, your opponent loses 1000 Life Points. at the end phase of your turn,this card is sent out of play. At your opponents end phase, Special Summon this card on your side of the field in defense position.

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here is my entry:



This card loses 200 ATK and gains 200 DEF for each monster on your opponent's side of the field. When this card is selected as an attack target if this card's ATK is higher than it's DEF it is switched to attack position. When this card is selected as an attack target if this card's DEF is higher than it's ATK it is switched to defense position.

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I'm in ^^:


[spoiler=Lore]By activate this card destroy 1 monster you control equiped with "The Ring". Then Special Summon 5 or less monster from your Graveyard to the field. On your 3th Standby Phase destroy all monsters on the field and take damage equal to the monsters destroyed x 300.

[spoiler=The Ring]If you should need the card to play "Final Ring Burial" here it is:


[spoiler=Lore]The equipped monster gains 2000 ATK and DEF, the monster cannot be used as a Tribute Summon. On your 2nd Standby Phase all the card in your Graveyard are removed from play and your lose Life points equal to the cards removed from play x 300. This effect is negated if "Final Ring Burial" is played before your 2nd Standby Phase.



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This card cannot be Advance Summoned. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Releasing 1 face-up DARK monster you control, 1 face-up EARTH monster you control, and 1 face-up LIGHT monster you control. This card cannot be destroyed by battle (damage is applied normally). Each time this monster destroys a monster your opponent controls by battle, increase the ATK of this card by half the total Level Stars of the destroyed monster x50. If this card is targeted by the effect of an Equip Spell Card activated by your opponent, discard 1 card from your hand and negate the effect.




The Witch King of Angmar

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