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Lucky 13's Rules for Making Realistic Cards

Lucky 13

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Hello fellow members,


As a member myself I would like to give everyone advice on how to make good realistic cards. All it takes is to use these simple rules. I don't mean to brag but I would like to use some of my cards as examples.


Rule #1: Pick a clever name

When creating a card name you should try to think of common phrases that people use. Some examples of these are snake eyes, cold shoulder, raining cats and dogs, and others. One example for this is a card I call Tune-A-Fish.


In my opinion this card was creative because it also relates to the card game. Another suggestion would be to shorten card names. If your card name is so long that you have to shrink the font, then the card name should be shortened.


Rule #2: Choose a picture that matches your card name

This is by far one of the hardest rules to follow but it can be easy. My opinion is to make your own pictures instead of using pictures on the internet. But if you don't like to draw you can also manipulate your pictures using Adobe software. My example for a card following this rule is Katamari Ball.


I am not proud of this image because it isn't mine but at least I manipulated the pictures of cards in Photoshop.

Rule #3: Balance a cards power!

This rule has a lot of controversy among many members. In order for this rule to be perfected a member must read the description of cards from the original OCG and compare them to their own cards. Here is a pattern when comparing a cards level to a cards ATK and DEF. Hopefully this helps. Note some monsters in the OCG are exceptions. Most LV1 to LV2 monsters have an ATK below 800 and have a DEF that is usually no more than 1000. Most LV3 monsters have an ATK above 500 but no greater than 1500. Their DEF is greater than 1000 most of the time. LV4 monsters have an ATK greater than 1400 but usually not higher than 1800. Their DEF is greater than 1300 most of the time. LV5 monsters usually have an ATK less than 2400 and a DEF greater than 2000. LV6 monsters have more monsters with an ATK of 2400 as well as monsters with a DEF of 2000 or more. LV7 monsters usually don't have an ATK that goes beyond 2800 or a DEF that goes beyond 2400. Monsters that are LV8 or higher usually have an ATK of 2800 or more and have a DEF of 2500 or more. LV9 to LV12 monsters will very since there are not that many. Just remember the highest ATK in the game so far is 5000 (This is just a guess). If you are going to break the record don't make it greater than 6000. For the most part I would stick with 3000-4000. Of course we all know that card effects can create power as well. With a card effect, we can make an exception to this rule. The only thing I ask is to make sure the user can read the effect on the card. It is very annoying to squint your eyes when reading tiny card text.


Rule #4: Think of combos that can be used with the card

This combo is also straight forward but very hard to do. I have sometimes ignored this rule myself. Basically all I'm saying is that cards that can only be used with one or two other cards are not very good.


These are just a couple suggestions that you don't have to follow. I'm just trying to give a helping hand. If you have any comments I would love to hear them.

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