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Digimon Heroes |Accepting Entrants|


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Eh, I do realize the title isn't attracting.

Nor to some people, who whole RP itself.

But to the people who decided to click on this.... enjoy...


[spoiler= Plot (What's going on]

In the realm of Destenia, a dark Digimon rules the lands. Mentosimon.

He's a cruel heartless ruler. Digimon all over this realm hate him, except the ones sided with him. His powers allow him to turn any digimon into a Joaup Hunter Digimon. Joaup Hunter's have no thoughts, feelings, they attack anyone (Even other Joaup Hunters), and die after 48 hours.


And here's where you come in.





You and the other Digi Destine (XD so catchy title) must stop Mentosimon and his reign of darkness.

Here's the form you must fill out to help defeat this menace:





Digivice Color:

Your Digimon: (Can be a made up one or a real Digimon)

Digivolution Forms: (3 max)

Digimon's Main move: (For each form ex. Agumon- Pepper Breath Greymon- Nova Blast etc.)




I'll post my character in a bit ;)


Oh and the Rules

1 All RP Rules apply

2 No Godmodding

3 Mild Swearing

4 Only one Character allowed


Have fun :D

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