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Swordgirls and a Warrior Princess. Please Comment and Rate!!

Silent Detective

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These are some cards I made out of spare time.





When this card is summoned, flip a coin. If heads, you recevive 1000 points of damage, if tails, your opponet recevives 1000 points of damage.






When this card is destoyed, by a spell or trap card, activate one of the following effects:

-Draw one card from your deck, of its a warrior monster, then summon it, if not discard it to the graveyard.

-Summon one Warrior Princess level 4 or lower.





When this card is summoned, place a plant counter on this card. For every trap card that is activated, add another plant counters. You can remove two plant counters to negate the activation of a spell card.


All found on Photobucket

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