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DemonX Naruto cards (Naruto only)


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Once per turn this card gains 100 ATK points for every monster on the field


You can not set or normal summon this but by ownly have Naruto on the field


Naruto+Naruto-Nine Tailed Chakra

This card have two effects

1)This card gains 100 ATK and DEF points for each fire monster on the field

2)When this card is destroy, you can put Naruto-Second Tailed in your hand


Once per turn you can destroy one trap or spell card for the cost of 400 life points


When this monster attacks you have to pay 1000 life points


You have to use Overpowering Demon ritual card

You have to pay 1000 life points each turn to keep this card on the field or it is destroy

Once per turn this card can attack twice


You can't set, normal summon, special summon, or tribute summoning but ownly by removing Naruto in their name from play

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Naruto is Wind noob, it's the Kyuubi Chakra that's Fire not Naruto.


They're OK but a bit boring, you should develope them more. I commend you on the Two Tails Pic though. I spent like two weekend to even find a remotely decent one. You get 0 marks for your Grammar/OCG/Spelling though.



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