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Capsule Monster Coliseum(card).


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effect:You can only activate this card if each player controls at least 2 monsters. The effects of all cards on the field are negated(except this card), and all effects activated from the hand, deck, graveyard and removed from play zone are also negated.Neither player can synchro summon. To summon a monster from their hand, a player must pay 500lp per monster level. This is treated as a special summon. When this card is activated, each player declares 1 attribute. If a player controls a monster with their selected attribute, the monster gains 500atk and def. When a monster on the field attacks, calculate the difference between the atk of the attacking monster, and the defence of the attacked monster, and subtract 1 star from the attacked monster for each multiple of 500 in the total(rounded down). The monsters that battled are not destroyed, unless the level of the attacked monster is reduced to 0. Any monster with a defence higher than 2500 summoned is immediatley removed from play. When a monster is destroyed, inflict 500 damage to it's owner. When a player controls no monsters, the player that controls at least 1 monster immediatley wins the duel.


This card makes the game like capsule monster coliseum for the ps2. Reply your opinion. This is my first post.

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