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Bandai Style Translated, and some "new"


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I take japanese bandai cards and use photoshop to translate them to english and also turn modern cards into bandai versions. Please rate =]. you have to click on them to make them bigger.


NOTE: these are not complete/ fully accurate translations, as i do not know what it says under the cards name or what goes on top of the cards name in bandai versions so i just put the name and the type under it. uploaded from imageshack, so ignore dumb links under cards :(


here is the original japanese bandai:



here is my translated version (bandai flavor text, it has 2400 DEF in bandai):





Monster reborn:




Crush card virus (transformed into bandai style):




Crush card virus (with effect from the anime):





NON BANDAI STYLE CREATIONS (some use bandai art/text though):

Blue-Eyes White Dragon (bandai art and text):



Dark Magician (bandai art and text)



Dark Magician Arkana:


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For the card name text, you use the eyedropper tool (copies a color ), then use 12 pt font with whichever font you think looks best.


For under the card name i used 12 pt Capital letters


and for the card text in the box / bottom i used 12 pt lowercase.


If you mean how to get rid of the japanese text and replace it with english:

(i did this on a Mac using Adobe Photoshop CS)

1. click the clone stamp tool

2. move the cursor to a place on the card that has no text/picture and is only the "beige" card color (ex. the sides of the card )

3. hold alt and click to clone stamp that area.

4. then move the cursor to the japanese text and click and move to replace the japanese text with a blank beige area (watch out for moving the top clone stamp into the picture, it moves with ur cursor.

5. it can be hard the first time but its easy after doing it once

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