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The Eastern Tower


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I'm not 100% sure on the OCG so correct me if there are some mistakes. ^^




Effect: During your Standby Phase, place 1 Spell Counter on each face-up monster you control. Once per turn during your Main Phase, you can activate 1 of the following effects depending on the amount of Spell Counters on your side of the field:

- 5+: Return 1 card from your Graveyard to the top of your Deck and skip your next Draw Phase.

- 15+: Discard the top card of your Deck. If it is a Monster Card, you can Special Summon it to your side of the field.

- 25+: Remove all Spell Counters on your side of the field and inflict 100 points of damage to your opponent for each Spell Counter removed by this effect.


I think it may be a bit overpowered. I tried to balance it as much as I could. It would probably be destroyed before accumulating a lot of counters.

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