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Evil Hero Dark Neos and Neo Void (read before veiwing)


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these are my first two realistic cards, please be gentle and no flames please. however, i would appriciate constructive critisism, this way i know what to correct for next time. also, credit for the pictures goes to wolfberserker and speedlights from deviantart. wolfberserker for dark neos and speedlights for neo void. please rate and hope u like!!!





hope u guys like my first ones.

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ocg errors...


Normal,Special Summoned capitalize


"Elemental Hero Neos" "Neo Space" "Evil Hero Dark Neos" use " "


Graveyard capitalize


exists not exsists and i don't think thats the proper grammar for it..


Deck capitalize


Fusion Monster, Fusion Material Monster capitalize


ATK points


i think thats it im not sure.. hope this helps... 6/10

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