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The Created Card Game Club


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Hi there this is a club for all the people who are participating in the created card game (CCG) process...


If you don't no what that is check out the link in the Link section of this thread.


This is a simple club where you can check how sets are coming along,check current existing sets,find out latest news on upcoming tournaments and set releases and talk about strategy's and many other things its a basic club for anything ccg related.


Now please read the rules for this club because any breaking of rules will result in a warning for members 3 warnings and your banned for a certain amount of time and you will also receive a neg rep. So to prevent that all you need to do is read the rules.. also please no1 else make 1 of these clubs this 1 will cater to our needs..


oh and have fun...


[spoiler= Rules]

1. All normal forum rules apply no spamming/flaming/abuse e.t.c.

2. Follow all the rules.(Yes it does count as a rule)

3. Do not request to join this club. Sign up at the ccg section in Card Contest section, link will be provided in the link section of this thread.

4. Do not post cards,pictures e.t.c unless it says otherwise.

5. Please only use this club for talk about our ccg not tcg,ocg or any other different topic.This club is for the ccg game alone.

6. Please do not post asking when is the next set coming out or next tournament on. I will post it up here as soon as i no if its not posted i dont no.

7. Do not post asking for duels. ( the irc channel is the place to do this..)

(here is details about irc channel) When on yvd and on the irc channel page after you have registered your name type in join #ccg u will find our exclusive ccg channel and can request from there dont use other channels on yvd to request duels because most of the others wont be using ccg cards.You can also follow details on the ccg main page use link to go their)

8. Be nice to other members of the club.

9. (rule applies for tournaments) Tell the truth if you lose accept it post result here.

10. Don't make pointless statements like "that card should be banned" then leave no reason explain yourself.

11. Both these following things aren't rules but i will post them here.(If you have any suggestions of things to add here please post them)(And it would be easier if everyone registered a xc server name so you no who you are dueling against, it would cause less problems and everything, but only post it in the other thread the ccg main page or pm it to me i dont want this thread getting clustered with people just leaving names)


more may be added im not sure



[spoiler= Members]Here is a list of all members and facts about them now don't worry if you aren't on the list you will be added as soon as possible

Follow the system in this order

Name here../Server name..../Current ccg Points/Titles....../Warning Level/Jobs.....


Tommers2008/Tommers2008/0/none/0/Card creator, tester

Nightmarian/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer, tester, project manager

AKC/ /0/none/0/card creator, tester, project manager

K.B. strategist/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic

null_ptr∮/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer, graphics

marlength/ /0/none/0/card creator, graphics, tester

Frozen.Sub-Zero/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer

CrimsonWolf896/ /0/none/0/card creator, tester

Yoshigohan/ /0/none/0/card creator ,balancer, tester

Yami Game Master/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic, balancer, tester

~Colonel Sanders~/ /0/none/0/card creator, converter

~The Emperor~/ /0/none/0/card creator

Digi-Blaze/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic, tester

Hunter/ /0/none/0/card creator

The Hiphopopotamus/ /0/none/0/card creator

Infinity Sparker/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer

SushiTheLegend/ /0/none/0/converter

Darkblast/ /0/none/0/card creator, tester

.:Symptoms of Death:./ /0/none/0/card creator

Achmed The Dead Terrorist/ /0/none/0/card creator

77trueblade77/ /0/none/0/card creator, tester

sonic_zach/ /0/none/0/card creator

COSMOS09/ /0/none/0/card creator, tester

Snitch/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic

KillerxKid/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic, balancer , converter, tester

Hanta/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic

Gboy05201/ /0/none/0/card creator, graphics

Solar Ray/ /0/none/0/balancer

Cyber_Commander/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic, balancer, tester

The Wolf/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer, tester

sasukechidori58/ /0/none/0/card creator, tester

Ayasato-chan/ /0/none/0/wording medic, balancer

kingdom01/ /0/none/0/wording medic

chaosgodkarl/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic, balancer, tester, graphics

MondBlack/ /0/none/0/card creator, tester, graphics, names corrector,

Jester/ /0/none/0/wording medic, balancer, tester

Aussieman/ /0/none/0/tester

Void/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer, tester

qwertyman/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer, wording medic, tester

oogle/ /0/none/0/tester

sleepy/ /0/none/0/card balancer, tester

Hamermathd/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic, balancer, tester

fortycal86/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer , wording medic , tester

Kazerina/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer , wording medic , tester

Palaios/ /0/none/0/card creator , balancer , wording medic

Wiseguy57/ /0/none/0/card creator, balancer

Crymsen/ /0/none/0/card creator

AtticusCross/ /0/none/0/creator, tester

DuelLion7/ /0/none/0/wording medic, tester

X-31 Fighter/ /0/none/0/card creator, graphics, tester

stardustdragon56/ /0/none/0/card creator

seattleite/ /0/none/0/card creator, wording medic, balancer




[spoiler= Current News]This is just basic info on current things happening no big info will be shown here.

Our 1st set is under construction.We are gaining momentum to getting this whole process up and running



[spoiler= Tournaments]This is split into 3 sub-sections current tournaments which shows the standings in a current tournament. Upcoming tournaments will preview the upcoming tournaments. And tournament history will show previous winners and tournament standings.

[spoiler= Current Tournaments]


[spoiler= Upcoming Tournaments]


[spoiler= Tournament History]





[spoiler= Upcoming Events] Upcoming events will be a more in depth look at new set releases, new cards, upcoming tournaments and other events.



[spoiler= Set Information]

Here will be a look how the upcoming sets are coming along. It also shows all the current sets and all the cards in those sets.

[spoiler=SET 0]This set is the staple card set. It is currently in the submission stage which means possible cards for the set are being posted in the set submission thread. Voting on the cards will commence soon enough hopefully, so we can start balancing rewording the set.




[spoiler= Ban List] This will show the current Banned,Limited and Semi Limited card lists.

[spoiler= Banned]


[spoiler= Limited]


[spoiler= Semi-Limited]




[spoiler= Hot Topics]This will contain the current hot topics in this thread the most talked about things e.t.c.



[spoiler= Link Section]

Here are the links to all the things you need


Created Card Game Main page http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-90894.html


Set 0 submission page http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-93078.html


YVD installer http://www.xerocreative.com/downloads/90installer.msi


if you want the original tcg + ocg sets and images go to ccg main page you can find links there on post 13 page 1

more links will be added when they come up


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