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Hello, welcome to ZenQued's Bazaar. I made this thread to resemble a sort of GFX bazaar where anyone who isn't already a shop owner can set up their own mini shop. This allows for inexperienced GFXers to practice their craft, and shops that move more slowly or with uncommon specialty items can get some much needed exposure. Also, I allow galleries. Basically this means that if you have a bunch of showcase items you can price and sell them in the gallery.

However, these mini shops are not to replace regular shops so here are the rules.


1. If you already have an actice shop, you cannot create a mini-shop, but you can make a gallery.

2. Mini-shops cannot offer more than two items.

3. All shop section rules and YCM rules apply


To apply for a mini-shop or gallery, just send me the code for your shop using the code button that looks like a # symbol.

[spoiler=Bazaar][spoiler=ZenQued's Mini-shop][spoiler=animations]notouchyrevised-1.gifanimations are 1 point for each second of length. Please no fancy/detailed requests for drawings. If an animation is not done by Sunday of the week you ordered it, it will be free. I will try to fill orders within two days but with school I may not be able to.


what you want the animation to be:

requested length:




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what you want the animation to be: A guy walks up to a jurassic park electric fence, and touches it to see that it is not active, he shrugs then the fence gets sliced open and a velociraptor jumps out, the guy yells "OH CRAP" and gets attacked.


requested length: about 13 secounds


your animation if FUNNY!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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