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[[SUGGESTION]] The Advertising Forum


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Oh and YCMaker, before you go "Oh no, not another suggestion" I appreciate all your work making this forum and the card maker and thank you. But if you could just view this idea and think it through, it would get rid of some advertising spam.


A forum that's part of General or in the Other Category where users can post their websites. It'd stop most advertising elsewhere in the site. What do you think? I'm not putting much effort into this suggestion so I don't care if you like the idea or not.


Rules (Thanks to Faint Brushfire)


No post count.

You must have 1000 posts. - Subject to change

You may only advertise other websites or forums.





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I do like this idea, but I agree with the assumption that it would produce mass spam. But then again, the whole site has produced mass spam :P So I don't see a problem with adding this section. But put a restriction on it. Example: Must have 150 Posts to Advertise here. YCMaker could use the plug-in Posts to View from MyBBSource.com

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Guest Fake Apology

You can also put your website's name in your homepage part in your profile,so visitors of your prof can see it and join,or just take a look.In addition,note that some people are always sending PM's to others advertising their forums,and complaining that CAN'T ADVERTISE IN THEIR SIG because it's against the rules.But yeah,it would be a good idea if someone made a thread about Forum Advertising,more convenient i would say.So,i support this.:)

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Thanks everyone. XD


I guess so. Btw' date=' off topic, I know, but whatever happened to Sparkling Silver?



Ruby asked as well... I put it on hold for a bit because it was becoming extremely hard without someone to program the game. My own knowledge only goes so far and glitches started to appear.


We don't need a forum' date=' just a thread. A mod should just make a thread for it.

But until that is considered I support so people will stop sending me forum invites.



Forum = More Views, Thread = Hardly Any Views.

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