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the world starts with us [TWEWY RP]

TwIsTeD GaArA_95

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ok i know that they're is another one which is succesful and if this gets locked i will will accept it but i love this game so i wanted to try this

firstly the plot

in the city known as shibuya the RG is slowly sinking it the UG so the reapers have a plan take a bunch of kids and play for the fate of the RG its reapers versers psychers.

now the form





entry fee:

you will still be partnered up and i will play NPC's and reapers













hope you join

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I'm going to try a Joshua-ish Character(NOT the Composer Part, but he has the Ability to see the whole game while Living and Participate without an Entry Fee) Oh, I got the Game and I've beaten it


name: Ryko

age: 19

bio: He Was Abused and Tortured by his Parents and he eventually Moved out of the House, Which he Moved To Shiyuba from the United States, He got the Surprise, He could see Noise, Players and Even Reapers, Then some Person Took him in as a Son and Created a Brooch him(Which Becomes a Pin/Psych Later) Which he got Bored of life and Decided to Play the Game Himself while Still Living, Being able to Bypass the Cost, He is an Illegal Player, but he is a Force to be Reckoned with



entry fee: N/A

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Name: Aoi Honda

Age: 15

Bio: Aoi Honda was a complete klutz in her living life. No matter what happened to her though, her friends always helped her get right back up. However, when she was died, she died alone, with no one to help her. Feeling abandoned, she now has issues trusting people.

Apperance: Ouendan__Aoi_Kanda_by_Cheer_Girl_Love.jpg

Entry fee: PM'ed to liam95 (Will reveal later in the RP.)

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