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[R/F]Celestial Transformation + Inferno Reckless Summon = win


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Note: This is In-Game(Wc08)


*had somewaht just slapped this together*


[Deck name not important]

Monsters - 20

Cyber Drag


Gellenduo x2


Herald of Creation x2

Kuriboh x3

Majestic Goryu x2

Morph Jar

Splendid Venus x3


Winged Kuriboh x3


Spell - 18

Brain Control

Card Destruction

Celestial Transformation x3

Gold Sarcoph

Hand Collapse x2


Inferno Reckless x3

Magical Stone Excavation


Space Typhoon

Flute of Kuriboh x3


Trap - 4

Mirror Force

Solemn x3


Fusion - 3

Fortress x3


Total - 42


Honestly, I was thinking about LaDD, But hes not a Fairy-Type.

And I was also considering Trade-In. But seriosuly, I'm terrible at making room/keeping things consistant


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Your only good Celestial + IRS target is Splendid Venus. Neg the Goryus for 3 Darklord Zeratos. I don't get the point of the Kuriboh integration. Neg Flutes' date=' Kuribohs, and W-Kuribohs for 3 Trade-Ins, and some nice DARK fodder for Zeratos. Plagues, Snipes, all that good stuff.


Uhh..... About 50% of the cards you listed arent in-game


*fixed the first post to make more sence*

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