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This face-up card cannot be targeted by Trap Cards. Each time this card destroy's a monster, put 1 Marvel Counter on it (max .4.). This card gains 100 ATK for each Marvel Counter on it. You can remove 4 Marvel Counters from this card to destroy 1 Set Spell or Trap Card on the field.[/align]


A new edition to yugioh, much like the Elemental, destiny and evil hero's. Expect heavy support, (but no fusions) ;)


[spoiler=Image Credit]

Deadpool render from google (rendered and editied in GIMP). :)


the STAN-EN001 refers to the creator of marvel comics, Stan Lee. :P





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thanks, i read on silent magician it was 'put 1 spell counter'.

i thought place was right, but read the cards and used put.


also, i changed the effect to not make it so OP, it was originally


'this card is unnaffected by Trap Cards'.


so i made un targetable, which means some traps work ;)


im not familier with deathtroke, maybe i should be *googles*

thanks again :D









I dont really see much resemblance? :P lol?

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