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Naruto RP: War of the Villages


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All the villages are at war due to betrayal, trickery, and not keeping there word. Now your a ninja battling in the war, there are ninjas everywhere you go. Be on your guard.




[spoiler=Application Form:]





Clan description: (What they are known for other than there bloodline) (Ex, Kiba's clan is known for having dog's & good smell)

Bloodline trait: (None from the show)

Main element: (If blood line, 2) (MAX: 2)

other element's:

Jutsu: (Don't list basic Jutsu) (If it does not come from the show or similar to one from the show, put it under "Unique Jutsu")

Unique Jutsu: (Not blood line, just Jutsu that most people don't know & is -for the most part- Unique to you and sometimes your clam member's) (EX: Gaara's ability to control sand, )

Weapon's: (Don't list basic weapon's) (Genin-Chunin only get basic weapon's, but you can post here for when you rank up)



Visser's "Naruto RP"






2.LT Havic



5.Andrew Baker


















[spoiler=My Form:]

Name: Khaos Yucanzi

Gender: Male

Appearance: 73878.jpg

Village: Tenshi Village

Clan description: My clan is known for being incredibly fast, and we can catch things on fire

Bloodline trait: I have a stange marking on my neck that knocks people out , it also works as a force field

Main element: Fire

other element's: Wind

Jutsu: Shadow Clone No Justu: Creates clones of myself, they evaporate as they are injured. Fire Ball No Justu: Shoots a huge ball of fire from my mouth

Unique Jutsu: Oasis No Justu: Forms a jungle full of deadly creatures, Koanikiza No Justu: Creates a wall of fire with chains coming out of it that pull the opponent into the fire

Weapon's: Chained Blades, and Windmill Shuriken



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Name:Saruto Desa



1.)close up , 2.)what he wear, 3.)his demon



Clan description: The Desa clan is known for their lightning jutsus and and the style of fighting

Bloodline trait: Lightning Hammer, these hammers can only be pick up by the Desa clan and they are the only ones the can control lightning that is called Lightngen

Main element: Lightning and Earth

other element's: Fire

Jutsu:Summoning Jutsu:Lightning Dragon, Mud Wall Jutsu, Lightning Style:Lightning barrier, Earth Style: Earth Barrier, Thundering Losus, Fire Ball Jutsu, Fire Style:Fire Storm Jutsu, and more

Unique Jutsu:Demon Release Jutsu Times 1,2,3,4, Lightning Hammer Jutsu, Controlling Lightning Jutsu, Demon Style:Lightning Bolt Of The Heavens Jutsu


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Name: Rei Kiranaka

Gender: Female

Appearance: ninja_girl.jpg

Village: Sound

Clan description: The Kiranaka Clan (all members of the clan have the symbol of the clan on their forehead) is known for their speed, their unique sound techniques, not to mention their rare Kekkei Genkai.

Bloodline trait: Odaragan (ocular) heightened hearing, “see” about 20 miles in all directions, it cannot be turned off once it activates.

Main element: Sound and Earth

Other element's: Fire

Jutsu: Shadow Clone Jutsu, Summoning Technique: Demon Three, Sound Technique: Flute Genjutsu, Earth Style: Seismic Shock, Sound Technique: Bell Cage (like Dosu’s Technique), Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu, Sound Technique: Echo Clones

Unique Jutsu: Secret Art of Sound: SonicBoom, Crow Clone Technique, Secret Art of Sound: SuperSonic Blast, Clone Great Explosion, Shape Shifting Technique (Art of Impersonation), Secret Art of Sound: Sound Barrier, Secret Art of Sound: Sonic Screech, Kekkei Genkai Art: Sonic Wave (Not blood line, just Jutsu that most people don't know & is -for the most part- Unique to you and sometimes your clam member's) (EX: Gaara's ability to control sand, )

Weapon’s: Flute and Senbon Needles

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Appearance:(go here to learn what he looks like)my ninja


Clan description:(the only members his dad zabuza)exelent with swords

Bloodline trait: korugenki

Main element: Water,Ice

other element's:Fire

Jutsu:rasengan,ice whale,snow wolf,fire bombs,flaming sword,and giant water vortex,reaper death seal,curse level 1,2,3, & 4(his own curse not orochimarus), eight gates(all of them) and much more

Unique Jutsu: elemental move(may change water and fire into any shape size anywhere)

Weapon's:Zabuza's giant sword,hakue's niddles

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Tell me if there anything wrong


Name:Shinomori Aoshi




Village:Hidden Village of Rain

Clan description:

This clan is know for there mastery of water and Lightning justu and some Lightning justu that they created themselves.They have always lived in the Rain Village as a peaceful family

Bloodline trait:He can create water out of nowhere and manipulate it on his command.

Main element:Water

other element's:Lightning

Jutsu:Most Water Justu and Lightning justu

Weapon's:Katana but about that he has two blades hidden in one sword but the sword are kinda like daggers like on his appearance pic

[spoiler=hidden sword]Aoshi-030.jpg


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