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How to make your topics more noticable and poular!!!


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Here are a few tips on making your topics noticed

  • Make your title look interesting! Threads like Pokevolution are popular partially because the title draws you in. Many n00bs make their titles say "Look at my cards!" and only newer people will look at them.
    This is especially important for contests. When a member is surfing through the massive amounts of contests, he/she wants to find one that sticks out, like Darth Browahard's "Diamond in the Rough." Titles like "Post the best card to win!!!" are generally lame and skipped.

  • Advertise! Advertise! ADVERTISE!!! spread the word by posting a link telling what it is in your sig. Maybe even make a flashy graphic or sig specifically for it. Just think as though you are trying to sell something. You need to draw people in. Also, show your face in every section to increase chances of becoming well known, and popular.

  • Winning contests! this is probably the hardest (and longest) route, but you can improve results. I would love to see J-max's and Hunter's cards, but maybe not yugiohdude1234567890's cards because i don't know him as much.


That is just the surface, and I hope these help a lot!!! Please post any suggestions and critiques to make this topic better.


This message was brought to you by Griffinsusername!!!

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