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God Save the Queen


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Why did they not design them better?




[3] Imprisoned Queen Archfiend


[1] Dark Ruler Ha Des


[3] Rose, Warrior of Revenge

[3] Mad Archfiend

[3] Terrorking Archfiend

[3] Darkbishop Archfiend

[3] Archfiend General




[3] Pandemonium

[3] Falling Down

[1] Smashing Ground

[1] Reinforcement of the Army

[1] Heavy Storm

[1] Giant Trunade

[1] Mystical Space Typhoon

[1] Brain Control

[1] Monster Reborn




[3] Solemn Judgment

[3] Archfiend's Roar

[1] Torrential Tribute

[1] Mirror Force


[15] EXTRA


[3] Red Dragon Archfiend

[3] Thought Ruler Archfiend

[2] Stardust Dragon

[1] Colossal Fighter


[2] Black Rose Dragon


[1] Goyo Guardian

[1] Deathkaiser Dragon


[1] Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

[1] Gladiator Beast Gyzarus

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Because Konami thought that lifepoint payments would be a top-notch idea?


Oh wait.......




The problem with Archfiends is that' date=' unlike Psychics, there are no LP gainers.


Maybe add a Dian Keto? [/sarcasm']


They no gain, but with pandimonium, they don't take the pain.


There are better options then Queen, but they're not archfeinds.



-3 Queens

+3 Like Honest or something.

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the problem with archfiends is that unlike psychics' date=' their effects are by and large terrible.

like half of them just prevent odd targeting via 50% chance dice rolls.

freakin s***.



As it turns out, King + Bishop = Virtually invincible King.


Hmm. Isn't there an Archfiend Monster Reborn type card or something?


Archfiend's Roar' date=' at 3.


Archfiends are not terrible... just outclassed now-a-days...


Where the hell is falling down?


I don't really know what most of them do so I'm not going to give the deck a rating or suggest anymore than that...


Eh, I only need one Brain Control. Possibly better than Fires of Doomsday?

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