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J-Max's Shop of Magical Mystical Items (LOL!)


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[align=center]Hello all and welcome to my Store! I've been learning a lot of Art Related stuff to work on my Pokevolution project lately and thought that I would offer my services to the Forum. All my items are listed below and come at very small prices.


1) Only 1 order from each member at a time please.

2) Please do not rush me as I live a busy Lifestyle.

3) No Flaming or Spamming my shop. I will Neg and issue a Warning Level.

4) Please do not steal my Art and claim it as your own. I will ban you from YCM for stealing.

5) Be nice and have fun!


[spoiler=Card Recoloring]10cvqtg.jpgfdetqs.jpg[spoiler=Prices]I charge 5 points per card. Order 3 or more at once and 1 of them is free!



[spoiler=Card Holoing]16knot1.jpg[spoiler=Prices]5 Points each. If you would like the Holo to show more then please say in your order]



[spoiler=Rendering]http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-62531.html[spoiler=Price]Varies depending on the image. I will give you a Estimate.



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Guest Tiger

Could you please recolor these cards?


[spoiler=Green Recolor, Please]





[spoiler=Turquoise Recolor, Please]





[spoiler=Purple Recolor, Please]




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