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Yu-Gi-Oh NAPEU (Ch 23/Arc 2 - 14 UP)


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Welcome to my newest fanfic! This is sort of a spin-off for my Key pf the Mind fanfic, but you don't need to read that to know what's going on here. The world is changing & a revolution is all set.


Unlike last time, I will just leave you more in suspense in this tale by providing almost no info. So you must read along with the story to get all the points down.


[spoiler=Story List]

Arc 1 - Formation (Ch 1-Ch 9)

Arc 2 - Americas (Ch 10-present)


Note that they are still work in progress & subject to changes.




[spoiler=Ch 1-Acceleration]


13:00, 23 December 2089

Skuld Palace, Stockholm, Sweden, United Kingdom of Scandinavia


Within the technologically-advanced capital city of Sweden, Skuld Palace was a mixture of modern technologies & old Norse architecture, blending in with the futuristic background of most cities of late 21st century Europe. This royal residence was presided by a high official of the Kingdoms, the Grand Duchy of Clan Sutherland. Originally a Scott clan, they had fled northwards when Scotland was absorbed into England. Even to this day, they remained an influential family in this region.


However, inside an inner chamber of the Palace, there was a secret plan hatching. A grey-haired Norwegian man in a brown suit looked around cautiously as the door opened for him. On the other side inside, a teenage Scot-Swede girl awaited him. She was dressed quietly simply; with a black shirt with a belt, fingerless gloves, hot pants & stockings of that similar colour too. Her blood red hair was tied into a small bun behind her head, making it only seen from the back.


“I could be jeopardizing my own future for this action, so be careful for it is now or never,” said the Norwegian firmly.


“I know of the stakes, Dr. Sieg,” replied the girl as she looked at a white gyroscopic motorbike nearby her, “I just take this fella here for a spin & I’ll be out of here in no time, you have to cover me up.”


“This unique D-Wheel is made especially for your kind,” said Sieg, “when it is taken, I may not be able to explain.”


“Regardless, our operation still continues,” said the girl as she put on a white helmet on her head, “can you erase the history from this sector when I leave?”


“Yes, Milady,” said Sieg as he went towards a computer screen & typed away.


The girl looked back at the good doctor, before she turned forward. And then, the engines of her D-Wheel fired up. An exit hatch opened up in the room & the D-Wheel sped into the hatch at high speeds, leaving Sieg in its dust.


Sieg let out a breath in disappointment as he looked at the doorway for a second. Then, he quickly turned to the computer & deleted all history data of the sector, along with blueprints of the D-Wheel. After which, he took out a holophone from his pocket & pressed a number. Within a few moments, the image of Joseph Sutherland popped up.


“Yes, Dr. Siegfried? What is it?”asked Sutherland impatiently, “I am rather busy right…”


“The prototype D-Wheel, Ouroborus, had been missing…and so is your granddaughter it seems,” said Siegfried calmly.


“WHAT!!!” yelled Sutherland.


Along the roads of Stockholm, the girl & her ‘borrowed’ D-Wheel roamed around there, carefully maneuvering the massive traffic of Stockholm. The car drivers & bystanders would most likely assume that it was some hooligan showing off, but the way the D-Wheel moved was unique as it spun so gracefully & in such remarkably precise timings.


“According to Sieg’s predictions, that guy would call the guards to find me by now…I better put the pedal to the metal,” thought the girl as her D-Wheel suddenly zoomed through the roads at incredible speeds…and to lands unknown…


09:43, 4 May 2092

Earth Sphere Federation HQ, New York City, Occidental Union


New York was always famous with its skyscrapers, but this one marked an importance since the previous century, only under the name ‘United Nations’. Founded by the Allies after World War II, it served to safeguard the world from further wars. However, over the past decades, the world fell to nearly a Cold War-style situation where countries were no longer willing to talk things out. It was only 14 June 2075 that the UN was formally disbanded & reconstituted as the Earth Sphere Federation with help of Arcadius.


Currently, another meeting was set up in the Federative Congress Room where representatives of all member states would meet up for further talks on the world & what they could do. The former General Secretary of the UN, Kim Sun-woon, served as the General Secretary for the successor organization as well. Among the various representatives from the 4 corners of the world & beyond, those who represent Scandinavia were Carl Sutherland & his daughter, Victoria Sutherland.


“Alright, we had finished up all issues brought forward by this meeting & now, meeting adjourned!” called Kim as he ended the meeting and the people there all dispersed.


“Vicky, I hope you learnt something from this meeting on politics,” said Carl as he packed up his papers, “Father said knowledge of theory was not enough & seeing the actual practice of it can be a real eye-opener.”


“Why yes, I had truly learnt much from this,” said Victoria, a Scot-Swede woman with long blond hair, “now let’s go, you promised I could tour New York once this is over.”


However, Arcadius High Knight Marin Defleto walked towards the 2 representatives of the Northern European superstate. He was unarmed with his blade, but his powers still made him a lethal force to be reckoned.


“Excuse me, but Her Majesty the Overmind of Psychics would like to see Miss Victoria Sutherland for an urgent matter immediately,” said Marin.


“I would be her & what is the matter in question,” said Victoria.


“I am not obliged to say it out loud lest undesirables were to hear this, so follow me if you will,” said Marin as he ushered Victoria away inside the building.


In another part of the building, there was a small office built there. Ah, but it was not used by anyone, as it was declared only as an official office of operations only usable by the Great Overmind of Psychics or anyone with such authorizations from the legitimate reigning Overmind.


In heavy contrast to grandiose Stratus Palace of Arcadius left afloat in the atmosphere & in perpetual motion, the office was small & simple in its appearance. Yet, it had all basic needs of an office with a small refrigerator, computer and other needed things. As Victoria & Marin walked inside, Clair…or rather Overmind Millennial stood up from her chair to greet them.


“So you must be Victoria Sutherland I presume, your grandfather had spoken much of you,” said Millennial.


“It is a great honor to be recognised by the Great Overmind herself, I am touched,” responded Victoria calmly.


“Not a bad talker too,” said Millennial as she looked through a report profile of Victoria, “so you had received training in politics, military tactics, geography and even biomedicine too…you are most certainly the pride of most women in our time indeed. But anyway, you must be wondering why I called for you, yes?”


“Of course,” said Victoria, “may I please know?”


“Certainly, I am hiring you…or rather the Earth Sphere Federation is,” said Millennial as Marin took out a document in a zip lock bag & tossed it to Victoria, “this is Project NAPEU, something I would like you to head.”


Being curious, Victoria removed the zip lock bag & read through the document. While reading, she noticed something among the pages & stopped to gaze at it for more.


“You must have seen that person before, had you,” said Millennial as her eyes glowed & she smiled, “and how long was it since last time? About 3 years, I guess…no 2 years at least since that happened just before Christmas. If you want to find her like you wanted to before, just follow my informants’ tips I put in too.”


“Bu the location given…it is somewhere in the Arab Maghreb Empire of Northwest Africa!” said Victoria as she continued reading, “I couldn’t believe I had overlooked that area! I mean, it is a total desert region there…and the perfect place to hide!”


“Who knew? And I had prepared a ship & all its staff just for you in advance,” said Millennial as she leaned back on her chair, “and before you leave, meet some people too. Marin, call them in.”


Marin nodded in confirmation & the door opened up for several individuals to enter. The first one was an American male with blond hair & donned a cowboy-like outfit with a few aviator features, looking rather laid-back & relaxed even in front of the Overmind. The second person was a Persian in the unique aquamarine uniform of the AEU, standing at attention towards them. The third one was actually a bald small Chinese guy in orange Buddhist robes, bowing down to the higher-ups there. Finally, a middle-aged Russian male was standing there motionlessly.


“And they are…” said Victoria as she flipped through the document.


“You all will get to know one another soon, but you only need to fetch someone first,” said Millennial, “you are all dismissed & find her ASAP. You got work to do after all.”


16:43, 4 May 2092

Sahara Desert, Arab Maghreb Empire


If it were morning in New York, then it would only be midday over in this desert empire. The Arab Maghreb Empire was formed by the exiled Royal Family of Morocco from Spain after the collapse of the Middle Eastern Islamic Federation. This new superstate ruled over territories of Northwestern Africa, including the hostile Sahara Desert.


And now, amidst the infinite length of the famed desert devoid of most life, only one being was seen there. A lone rider cruised throughout the free region on a white gyroscopic D-Wheel. Suddenly, the rider made a small turn to the side for a quick stop. The rider took off the helmet to see the hot Sun over the sky, revealing that she was that Scot-Swede girl who took that D-Wheel, Ouroborus, and she was still dressed in that manner with a white gauntlet on her left arm. Suddenly, a North African man appeared on the screen of the Ouroborus.


“Yo Ali, what’s up?” said the girl.


“Elise, it is getting late now. I suggest you to return ASAP,” said Ali.


“But I still have lots of power left & the day’s still young,” protested Elise as she gazed at the burning hot Sun overcasting the boundless sky.


“Elise, this is no joke!” claimed Ali, “word on the sands say that a Duel Gang is on the loose in the area & they are known to be ruthless to anyone, especially towards foreigners.”


“Don’t worry! I have all the things needed to deal with those blokes. Over & out!” said Elise as she cut the transmission & continued riding in the desert breeze.


Along the way, Elise rode on the Ouroborus further into the desert & she would not be stopping anytime soon. However, a shadow appeared near her D-Wheel and they were in hot pursuit.


“Warning, mobile vehicle in pursuit. Estimated strength…1.” beeped a computerized voice in the Ouroborus & the D-Wheel made a sideway turn and continued speeding up; something that greatly surprised the riders of the other D-Wheels.


“My my, you must be that Duel Gang that Ali warned me about earlier,” said Elise calmly as she took the chance to see their D-Wheel, all of them looking like bulky armored sand-brown tanks running on floatation drives, “so they be the Bamides, antique D-Wheels used by the former Middle Eastern Islamic Federation! Oh, what could be expected of you thieves?”


“You infidel who violates the Word of God & our divine ways, hear us!” shouted a forceful voice inside the tank-shaped D-Wheel, “I am Mussaf Al-Qaud of Team Devotion & I shall smite thee under the Word of God! So prepare yourself for your judgment!”


“So you are challenging me to a Turbo Duel, yes?” said Elise as she directed her D-Wheel back to regular position & readied to press a button on the Ouroborus.


Meanwhile, inside the Bamides, it was unlike most D-Wheels as this version must be piloted by a crew of at least 4 people. They included the main pilot, co-pilot, navigator & finally the duelist of course. Due to this unique structure & floatation device, the Bamides could be used easily by Muslims who wore conservatively. One of these people in control of this Bamides, a young Middle Easterner with a beard, was strapping a Duel Disk onto his arm as a wire was plugged in by the navigator to connect for a Turbo Duel. After that, the navigator also readied to hold a lever on the Bamides.


“Field Spell Speed World Set On, Autopilot Standby.” beeped a computerized voice from both machines as the desert around them was engulfed by a wave of energy.


Mussaf (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 4000)

Mussaf (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 4000)


“The more superior one shall begin the duel. Draw,” said Mussaf as he drew, “I summon the Kelbek in Defense Mode!” (1500/1800)


Suddenly, a floating Sand Fairy with a staring single eye appeared in a portal of energy & floated next to the Bamides.


“Now I set a face-down & end my turn!” cried Mussaf as he concluded his turn with a face-down.


“Now I draw!” said Elise as both their Speed Counters went up to one each, “and by Speed World’s effect, we each gain a Speed Counter starting from now. Now, I summon the Marauding Captain to the field.” (1200/400)


Suddenly, from another portal, a blond man in armor & 2 swords appeared & swiped them.


“And by its effect, I can now summon a Level 4 or below monster, so let’s applaud for…my Warrior Lady of the Wasteland!” said Elise as a brown haired woman in a green skimpy outfit appeared & swiped her sword too. (1100/1200)


“So she got 2 monsters out, but they are not a match for Kelbek,” remarked the co-pilot, “foreign infidels are losers in this game.”


“You know I can hear you since the Bamides are always set to broadcast mode to prevent strategy discussions,” said Elise as she took another card, “and I got the cure for this problem here; I Release the Captain to Special Summon the Turret Warrior in Attack Mode!” (1200/2000)


Suddenly, the Marauding Captain was absorbed into a portal & out came a bulky creature made out of castle bricks with 2 cannons on its shoulders.

“Pathetic indeed,” cried the main pilot, “our women here can play better than you!”


“But there is a lot to this because my Turret Warrior gains the Attack of the Captain himself, which will double the Attack score,” said Elsie, (1200/2000~2400/2000) “attack the Kelbek with Revolving Shot!”


Turret Warrior’s 2 cannons aimed for the Sand Fairy & then fire at it to destroy it. However, its destruction caused a sandstorm to blow over & the Turret Warrior was gone. As Elsie could notice, it was instead back in her hand instead.


“Infidels be infidel, my Kelbek can force the monster who sent it to death back to its owner’s hand,” said Mussaf as he laughed.


“But there is still my other monster you should worry about…and you lose a Speed Counter once I deal you 1000 points of Battle Damage at one go,” said Elise as the Warrior Lady went on to strike down the Bamides, but a card suddenly in its way.


“Activate Trap Card, Power Wall!” cried Mussaf, “now I can suppress all Battle Damage if I can just discard cards from my deck & it will be 11 cards to cushion the blow.”


He quickly discarded those 11 cards & suddenly, a barrier appeared to block out the attack.


“You just discarded all those cards! I hope you know once you run out of them, you lose the game,” warned Elise.


“But we won’t lose it, since you shall take the fall in the end,” said the navigator.


“Oh well, I will just Release my Warrior Lady to Special Summon Turret Warrior again,” said Elise as the golem of bricks appeared, (1200/2000~2300/2000) ‘and with a face-down, I call it a turn.”


“Draw!” cried Mussaf as their Speed Counters rose to 3 each, “now I summon Agido in Attack Mode!” (1500/1300)


Suddenly, a floating red sphere with an eye engraved upon it with 2 claws appeared in another portal.


“Commence attack upon Turret Warrior now,” declared Mussaf as it flew towards Turret Warrior & was blown off by the attack.


Mussaf (LP: 3200) Elise (LP: 4000)[/align]


“Are you mad? You are just lowering your own life Points more and more,” exclaimed Elsie, “I heard from a source that you are good, but so far, I am not impressed at all.”


“Well, hear this out then,” said Mussaf, “because you destroyed Agido in battle just now, its effect allowed the dice to roll…and depending on its result, I can summon a Fairy Monster from my Graveyard.”


“But you only had that one…” said Elise, “…but you used Power Wall to get all those cards too…”


A red dice appeared on the field & it was tossed on the ground, eventually landing on a 6.


“Great, now I can summon a high level one to the field!” cheered Mussaf as blue flames engulfed the area behind him, “Presenting…Voltanis the Adjudicator!” (2800/1400)


Suddenly, from the blue flames, a massive figure of blue & purple crystals appeared. It raised its long staff at the Ouroborus menacingly.


“And since it is still my Battle Phase, I can battle your Turret Warrior. Smite it down with Divine Judgment Blast!” commanded Mussaf as it destroyed the Turret Warrior with a simple blast from its staff.


Mussaf (LP: 3200) Elise (LP: 3600)[/align]


“I throw down 3 new face-down & end turn,” said Mussaf, ending his turn.

With that done, Elise drew a new card & their Speeds rose to 4.


“Wait a sec, but I must do this!” cried Mussaf as his 2 face-downs opened up, “they are called Mine Blast & I can send the top 5 cards of my deck to my Graveyard. With 2 of them, I am relinquished of 10 cards at one go!”

Suddenly, he took out 10 cards & discarded all of them.


“Alright, I don’t know what you are planning, but I do not like it one bit,” said Elise, “so I play the Speed Spell – Angel Baton! Now I can draw 2 cards, but I must discard one in the end.”


“Ha, your efforts will all be Null and Void!” said Mussaf as his Trap Card Null And Void opened up, “since you played a card that would let you draw, you must discard them, but let’s see what they are first.”


Elise reluctantly drew the 2 cards & forced them into a scanner where the Bamides crew could also see the cards. They were Speed Spell – Trojan Rush & Dust Tornado. After which, Elise then discarded them off.


“Good thing we got rid of such threats,” said the co-pilot.


“But I will still play something…like the Obnoxious Celtic Guard in Defense Mode,” said Elise as an elf swordsman appeared & knelt, (1400/1200) “he’ll just have to do until I got a comeback.”


“Just dream on,” said Mussaf his draw boosted their speeds to a 5, “and I also play my own Speed Spell - Dash Mill! I must have at least 4 Speed Counters & I must mill off 8 cards from my deck in exchange for 2 mere cards.”


With that, Mussaf discarded another 8 cards from the deck, followed by drawing 2 cards.


“And I set 2 of them & it’s your move,” said Mussaf.


Elise then began to draw her card & their speeds went on to 6, and a face-down card opened.


“Activate Trap Card, Blasting the Ruins! And now, this card will inflict 3000 points of Damage at one go once I have at least 30 cards buried in my graveyard, which is the case,” said Mussaf as a barrage of bricks & boulders crashed at Elise.


Mussaf (LP: 3200) Elise (LP: 600)[/align]


“Arg…so you actually got something going on,” admitted Elise.


“But that’s not all for I have in store,” said Mussaf, “I play Exchange of the Spirit! Now all cards in our graveyards are swapped with those residing in our decks! For me, it will mean a brand new start-off. But in your case…”


“I will have a limited deck size…and will lose of deck-out soon,” continued Elise as she finished the switch due to Mussaf’s Trap Card.


“So now, I have 6 cards left in my deck…better find a good plan, but some of my deck is better off in the grave too,” thought Elise.


“Alright, I will still stand strong in face of your monsters,” said Elise, “I will just skip my turn then.”


Mussaf drew his next card & everyone’s Speed became 7 at once.


“It is now over! I play Speed Spell – Dash Impact! Now my monster gains a trampling effect when it attacks this turn, so attack the Celtic Guard!” commanded Mussaf.


Voltanis aimed its staff at the elf knight for a blast attack, but an armored warrior appeared out of nowhere to hold off the attack.


“That was my Necro Gardna & I negated the attack by removing it play,” said Elise, “your tactics just backfired on you.”


“Damn it, I end my turn,” said Mussaf frustrated.


As Elise made her draw, their Speeds then rose to 8. She looked at the card, and got Angel Baton again.


“Not again, hope this one turned out well…” thought Elise.


“I play Angel Baton again & hope for the best this time,” said Elise as she drew out Trojan Rush & Turret Warrior; upon this she smiled & discarded another card.


‘Aright, now’s the time,” said Elsie as her D-Wheel made a full turn & moved backwards.


“How on Earth did you…” exclaimed the main pilot, “most D-Wheels find this maneuver difficult and…”


“Considering the Bamides’ size and all, you got to be shocked, but wait till you see the real stars of my deck,” said Elise as a face-down card opened up, “my Trap Card is called Revival Gift and it gives you 2 Gift Fiend Tokens while it lets me revive a Tuner Monster from my Graveyard!”


Suddenly, 2 slimly black creatures appeared in a stream of confetti. (1500/1500 x2) Also, a red gas pipe-like creature appeared too. (300/100)


“The girl, she owns a Tuner!” exclaimed Mussaf.


“You bet,” said Elise, “and it is called the Nitro Synchron just so you may know. Finally by Releasing Celtic Guard, I Special Summon the Turret Warrior again!”


The Celtic Guard let out one last cry before he was consumed by a portal, then the bulky warrior appeared again. (1200/2000~2600/2000)


“And I have just 1 last trick up my sleeves…” said Elise as a hedgehog with iron bolts on its back popped up on Elise’s side. (800/800)


“And just what in Allah’s Almighty Name be this creature?” questioned Mussaf.


“The Quillbolt Hedgehog & it is Special Summoned from my Graveyard when I had a Tuner Monster on the field,” revealed Elise, “now you should be regretting everything soon. Level 5 Turret Warrior, be Tuned by the Level 2 Nitro Synchron!”


“Oh no, it’s coming…” claimed the main pilot as the Ouroborus continued accelerating ahead of them & it was almost out of sight while 2 rings aligned with 5 stars.


“Gathering stars move on to lead now to a new road. A road where there is freedom and soar the greatest heights. Synchro Summon!” chanted Elise as a beam of light erupted near her, “Blast off, my Nitro Warrior!” (2800/1800)


Suddenly, a green warrior-like monster appeared from the great light. It had various jet boosters on its back, including the very large one on its back. And suddenly, the Ouroborus charged forward to collide with the Bamides.


“He may be a Synchro, but its strength pales in comparison to my stronger Voltanis,” remarked Mussaf, “so the infidel remains in their own infidelity.”


“Now for the real attack, but first…” declared Elise as she grabbed her Trojan Rush Card, “I activate the Speed Spell – Trojan Rush!”


Within the closing space between the 2 vehicles, the Speed Spell appeared. It showed the Trojan Horse galloping its way around Speed World & into a bright light. Suddenly, Quillbolt Hedgehog rushed to join Voltanis the Adjudicator.


“What the…” exclaimed the co-pilot.


“Trojan Rush allows me to send a monster I control to join you on your side of the field & when it is destroyed, something will happen alright,” said Elise, “and to answer your first question, when a Spell Card has been activated, my Nitro Warrior gains a little boost.”


Suddenly, a burst of green energy & the Nitro Warrior let out a loud beastly roar across the field as it flew up. (2800/1800~3800/1800)


“Oh my God! It is now stronger than Voltanis now!” cried the main pilot.


“But only for just one attack, so it will be no threat to us,” said the navigator.


“And now it shall attack with Dynamite Knuckle!” commanded Elise as Nitro Warrior unleashed aflames from its back to increase its speed for a punch attack that cracked the crystals of Voltanis. After the strike, Nitro Warrior stopped the glowing. (3800/1800~2800/1800)


Mussaf (LP: 2200) Elise (LP: 600)

Mussaf (LP: 2200) Elise (LP: 600)


“And is that all?” wondered Mussaf, “I will still win over you by Allah’s will!”


“And after my Nitro Warrior has attacked you, I can turn another one of your monsters from Defense Mode to Attack Mode. Go, Dynamite Impact!”


Nitro Warrior then formed a ball of green flames in its hands & hurled it at Quillbolt Hedgehog. It then forced itself out of ducking.


“But your monster has already attacked & you have no more to spare a second blow,” claimed the main pilot.


“But my Nitro Warrior can attack for another round too. Go, Dynamite Knuckle!” cried Elise as the Nitro Warrior flew into the Quillbolt Hedgehog for a fist impact burning with green energy.


Mussaf (LP: 0) Elise (LP: 600)[/align]


As the impact connected, the blast sent the Bamides sideways & stopped abruptly as a sign of its defeat in the Turbo Duel. The Ouroborus also made its stop too, but it was voluntary in its case. The Middle Easterner members of Team Devotion all stepped out of the Bamides.


“Girl, how…how is it that you could defeat us?” demanded Mussaf, “that last attack should have left me with 200 Life Points!”


“True, but I did mention that Trojan Rush will have a special effect and that effect deals you 800 points of damage when that monster I gave you is destroyed,” said Elise, “but now, you will pay for all the atrocities you had committed under religion.”


As she finished her words, the sands gusted upwards. The members of Team Devotion all looked up & they saw a helicopter over them. The insignia engraved on it showed a rectangular shape with red on top & green below; the form of a yellow semicircle with 5 stars above it on the red top half, being the flag of the Arab Maghreb Empire.


“Team Devotion, you are surrounded by the Royal Enforcers for Maghreb Peace! We implore you to surrender now!” called out an officer from inside the copter and they just raised up their hands high in surrender.


“So you came on time this time round,” said Elsie as she readied her D-Wheel for another lap, “alright officer, just send the reward to Taza-Saachez as always.”


With that said, she rode away & into the desert beyond. The officers came down to arrest the Duel Gang & took off into the sky.




[spoiler=NAPEU Archive]

Searching Category: Nations & Factions…File Located: Arab Maghreb Empire


Official Name: Arabic Empire of the Maghreb

National Motto: All Hail Our God, Our King, Our Nation

Flag: Sunset Flag (rectangle with red on top & green below with a yellow semicircle with 5 stars above it on the red top half)

Population: 48.2 million (as of 2091)

Capital City/Imperial City: Marrakesh

Government Form: Semi-Constitutional monarchy

Ethnic Group: Dominantly Arab

Human Rights Record: Slightly good

Territories in control: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Western Sahara, Egypt


-Muhammad Ali (King of the Empire)

-Babas Al-Grachez (Chancellor of the Empire)


The Arabic Empire of the Maghreb was founded in 8 June 2077 CE, months after the fall of the former Middle Eastern Islamic Federation by the exiled Royal Family of Morocco who had fled to Spain of the AEU. It is suggested that there were special Common Market rights permitted towards the AEU for this government’s installment. Due to its past as a member state of the MEIF, there are group of Islamic extremists who threatened with terrorism upon the nation.




[spoiler=Next Chapter]

She who has been lost and not wanted found has finally been seen at last. Upon this revelation, what will be the reaction? Next on NAPEU, Ch 2-Found! The plan is getting all together now…



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Went pretty well for a first chapter... Although I do question why a 'heroic' girl just stole an experimental duel runner... Suppose it will be answered in time.


One small problem i noticed' date=' Power Wall can only block a direct attack. But that's about it really.


But check again, that was a direct attack!


Also, heroes don't always are truly heroic...just see Batman, Dr. House or the Winchester brothers (Dean & Sam)

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Note that I had updated a story guide on the first post. See it too!


[spoiler=Ch 2-Found]


17:07, 4 May 2092

Atlantic Ocean Region


While Elise had just finished her earlier duel & rode through the desert, another craft was already in motion…and so was a plan. Over the vast sea in the scene of the setting sun, only a large transport ship was flying over it. And inside its main quarters, Victoria sat on the captain’s seat as the Russian & American took the steering wheel.


“Alright, we will be reaching the Maghreb in about half an hour’s time, so hang on to all yer lunches and dinners,” said the American.


“Ok Roger,” said Victoria in reference towards the American, “Vladimir, how is the monitor going along?”


“Yes, there is something & it may be it,” answered Vladimir.


With that, a screen popped up in front of Victoria & it showed a scene of Elise’s Nitro Warrior attacking Mussaf’s Voltanis.


“My my, what a hot babe she is,” remarked Roger, “hey, mind I duel her for a while?”


“Yah, that is her alright. Set course for that D-Wheel’s signature!” instructed Victoria as the ship increased its speed.


“But that D-Wheel…you were the one who stole it in the first place! Why…it’s so unbelievable!” thought Victoria in deep thought.


18:48, 4 May 2092

Taza-Saachez, State of the Sahara, Arab Maghreb Empire


Taza-Saachez is a village within the isolated southern desert regions south of the main state of the Arab Maghreb Empire. It had no superior natural resources to boast of, but it held very simple lives instead. Simple living, it was what that interested Elise when she roamed the world in search for her own salvation.


As the evening sun began to descend over the horizon, the Sunset Flag flying over the village square was being lowered by the elderly village head. The kids playing round the village were retreating back to their parents’ homes. As the village head looked over towards the sun, he could see the Ouroborus trailing along towards their village. At last minute before the village square, it made a side turn to stop. Elsie then stepped out of it & removed her helmet.


“Ms. Elise, I presume you helped the Royal Enforcers again,” said the village head as he smiled.


“So you got the reward money, I was worried they swindled you,” said Elise, “guess they learnt their lesson after dueling that corrupt officer who used the money for gambling.”


“Ha, you sure showed him a thing or two,” chuckled another voice, as Elise turned to a young Sahrawi man whom she knew as Ali Al-Queda.


“Ali, you can go sleep at night knowing that I once again made it out alive,” proclaimed Elise.


“Ha, who ever said I would be worrying for you! You are technically our best duelist in these here parts,” claimed Ali, “if you can’t do it, then no one can!”


“Useless flattering,” joked Elise.


“And Elise, I want to tell you something,” said the village head as he looked around cautiously, “some time ago, there were some people looking for you.”


“Huh? Can you describe them please?” asked Elise, “or was there a flag insignia you could see?”


“Well…” replied the village head as he dug out his memories, “…wait, there was a flag! It was blue with a red cross…and a horizontal shield…and…”


“A raven & a serpent inside that shield, I presume,” butted in Elise.


“Precisely!” claimed the village head as he flicked his finger.


“So it was Odin’s Cross, the flag of the Scandinavia,” claimed Elise, “so I have been found. If you want a chase, then it is one you’ll get!”


Elise placed her helmet back on & took her ride out for another round to go. Both Ali & the village head were shocked at this move; with Ali grabbing a call stick to talk to Elise. A holographic screen appeared from the call stick & Ali began talking through it.


“Elise, what’s going on?” demanded Ali, “your energy supply is still on the low after that last duel with the Duel Gang. Come back this instant or you may get lost in the desert.”


“I know, but those people who came here were looking for me & I don’t want you guys to get in between this,” said Elise as she quickly cut off the transmission.


“By bringing myself out into the open field, you will find me for sure! So just come for me, Sutherland!” thought Elise as she sped in the desert sand.


All this while, there had been a streamlined sky blue D-Wheel hiding in the walls of the village…and it was accompanied by Roger. As he saw the Ouroborus zooming by, he grinned.


“Roger Archeson, ready to take off!” cried Roger as his D-Wheel began to pursue Elise’s Ouroborus.


“Warning, mobile vehicle in pursuit. Estimated strength…1.” declared a voice in her D-Wheel system & she turned around to see her chaser.


“I was expecting something of a Blitzkrieg or Snabb-Blixtstrejk, but an American and a Liberty Wings model D-Wheel too,” proclaimed Elise, “how exciting will this duel be?”


“Hey babe, the name’s Roger Archeson & I will have the joy to take you in for the ride of your life on my Wings,” said Roger.

“Since I will be out of the village soon & with proper steering, I could get them safe…the people who saved me from myself,” thought Elise as she increased her own speed even more.


“Ok then, I will accept your challenge!” cried Elise, “let us play Speed World now!”


Both players pressed their respective buttons & the Speed World card appeared, engulfing the desert night within Speed World’s power.


“Field Spell Speed World Set On. Autopilot Standby.” called the computerized voice of the 2 D-Wheels.


Roger (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 4000)

Roger (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 4000)


“Hope you don’t mind, but ladies first,” said Elise as she made her draw, “and I summon the Iron Hans in Attack Mode!” (1200/800)


Suddenly, a dwarf in peasant clothes appeared and then he was followed by an iron-plated knight riding on a horse. (700/700)


“Hey, where did that one came from?” questioned Roger.


“It is my Iron Knight & he is automatically summoned once my Iron Hans was called upon by any means,” explained Elise, “now you may go.”


“Alright, let us hit the pedal,” claimed Roger as he drew & their speeds rose to 1, “and I will not spare you any mercy! So I summon the Flag Fighter – Sky Bomber in Attack Mode!” (1400/800)


A portal appeared in front of the Liberty Wings & a sleek-looking blue fighter jet appeared. It had 4 jet propellers on its wings & the red shades served as its eyes.


“This monster has quite a special effect and I can choose to use it now in my own Main Phase,” described Roger while discarding Quillbolt Hedgehog, “by discarding a card from my hand, I can blast 500 off your Life Points & blow up one of your monsters, say your Iron Hans. Go, Skydive Landmine!”


Suddenly, Sky Bomber turned around & unleashed a volley of missiles at the Iron Hans, quickly destroying him in that single assault. The blast also extended its wave on Elise as her Life Points were dealt a hit. Despite that, Elise still held her ground & continued to steer her D-Wheel.


Roger (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 3500)[/align]


“And now, I will attack your weaker Iron Knight with Des Air Raid!” commanded Roger.

With that command, Sky Bomber fired off another volley of missiles at Iron Knight. Unlike last time, Iron Knight galloped to avoid the barrage of missiles & his lance pierced into the body of Sky Bomber, effectively destroying it. (700/700~1700/700)


Roger (LP: 3700) Elise (LP: 3500)

Roger (LP: 3700) Elise (LP: 3500)


“But how did he suddenly got so strong?” demanded Roger.


“Quite dull of wit aren’t you? But that must be a common trait amongst the blondes,” said Elise, “my Iron Knight also has his own special ability too; it gains 1000 Attack for every Iron Hans that rests in the Graveyard.”


Meanwhile, on board a small red ray-shaped transport craft that held Odin’s Cross, symbol of Scandinavia, Victoria, Vladimir & the other 2 men were overlooking the duel themselves from the sky.


“The girl’s rather good, both in dueling & her riding,” remarked Vladimir with satisfaction.


“Indeed, that was always her talents,” added Victoria.


“Damn it. Then I will set 2 cards face-down & end my turn,” said Roger as he sped up with sand kicking up & Elise drew her card, building up their speeds to a 2.


“I summon the Goblin Attack Force in Attack Mode!” declared Elise as a gang of 4 goblin soldiers armed with clubs appeared from a portal, “with these 2 strong monsters, this duel is all over! Attack him directly now!”


Upon her word, the Iron Knight dashed towards Roger’s D-Wheel in an ambush. However, the plated knight wwas stopped short by a force field in his way, something that Elise was surprised towards.


“Too bad you always don’t get what you wished for,” claimed Roger as his face-down card opened up, showing a plane on a runway, “this is my Trap Card, Emergency Take-off and it can only be played if I was under a direct attack from the opponent. The attack is declared void & I can summon another Flag Fighter monster from my hand.”


And with that, another blue jet plane appeared. This one had red accents on its wings & a laser tip that seemed similar to guns or cannons. (1300/800)


“Flag Fighter – Photon Blaster, reporting for duty!” cried Roger, “see how you deal with this lovely piece of machinery.”


“Goblin Attack Force, you’re all up next!” ordered Elise as the Goblin Attack Force also charged in for their chance to strike.


“I activate Cyber Repairer!” declared Roger as the card opened, “all my Machines are unable to be destroyed by battle this turn & you may draw a card.”


Elise then drew her card, Synchro Destructor; but the Goblin Attack Force still attacked the Flag Fighter, damaging Roger & lowering his speed to 1.


Roger (LP: 2700) Elise (LP: 3500)

Roger (LP: 2700) Elise (LP: 3500)


“Since they attacked, they go to Defense Mode. I throw down 3 face-downs & then end my turn,” said Elise as the goblin team knelt down for a break & 3 cards appeared in front of the Ouroborus & quickly disappeared from view.


“And so I shall draw,” said Roger as both their speeds went on to 2 & 3, “I invoke the effect of my Photon Blaster! By discarding another card from my hand, I can remove your monster from play, so now vaporize those Goblins with Lightwave Laser Beam!”


Roger wasted no time in discarding his Rare Metalmorph from his hand & his Photon Blaster reacted to the order given. It then turned around & fired a blue laser beam from the cannon. It easily sliced through the Goblin Attack Force like it was nothing more than butter.


“Sadly, this power comes with another price as it is worthless to attack with it this turn. However, I have a plan for all this,” said Roger as he took another card, “I summon the Tuner Monster, Flag Fighter – Grappler!” (1000/1000)


Like before, another blue jet appeared. But this one had a set of pincers that functioned to capture enemies…


“So with a Tuner Monster on my side, I can summon this card to the field as well,” said Roger as Quillbolt Hedgehog appeared too, (800/800) “and to use my Grappler’s effect, I must discard a card, but it will allow me to control your monster…like your Iron Knight!”


Grappler went over to Elise’s side & grabbed iron Knight in its clutches as it flew back to its master’s side.


“Oh yeah baby! I Tune my Level 2 Quillbolt Hedgehog & your Level 3 Iron Knight with my Level 2 Grappler!” cried Roger, “Stars & stripes strangled the darkest skies. Let us take infinite flight towards freedom.”


Grappler turned into 2 rings of light, converting Iron Knight as 3 stars. Quillbolt Hedgehog also went inside the rings & became 2 stars too. Suddenly, this caused a beam of light.


“Synchro Summon!” yelled Roger, “Roar yer engines, Dark Strike Fighter!” (2600/1800)


Suddenly, a large robot appeared from the light. It was covered in red metal plates & looked similar to warplanes. Its 2 eyes coldly stared deeply into Elise.


“And I declare the direct attack upon you!” cried Roger as Dark Strike Fighter’s eyes glowed & launched out a full barrage of missiles towards Elise herself.


“Trap Card, open!” declared Elise just before the attack struck…but it was engulfed by the explosion of incoming missiles.


Roger (LP: 2700) Elise (LP: 2200)[/align]


After the explosion cleared off, the Ouroborus was spinning off-track uncontrollably. Suddenly, it made a sharp turn that sent it back on track. Her Speed Counters were only down to 2, to Roger’s bewilderment.


“Boss, what’s going on here?” asked Roger through a communication system, “see the Graveyard, you say?”


He then looked at Elise’s Graveyard, but he noticed something odd. The card on top of the Graveyard was not the recently sent-to-graveyard Iron Knight, but instead a Trap Card.


“Offensive Guard!! But that card…” exclaimed Roger.


“It can halve all Battle Damage in a direct attack, quite handy sometimes,” said Victoria.


“So got anymore for me,” asked Elise.


“Dark Strike Fighter, activate yer effect right away!” cried Roger, “by Releasing the Level 4 Photon Blaster, you take Damage equal to its Level x 200!”


Photon Blaster disappeared into stardust & then Dark Strike Fighter fired another barrage of missiles straight towards Elise’s Ouroborus, mainly towards the back engines.


Roger (LP: 2700) Elise (LP: 1400)[/align]


“And leaving you in pain & nearer towards defeat, I set 1 face-down & then end my turn,” said Roger.


“Nothing can stop me now! My Trap Hole will get rid of anything that she could possibly summon,” thought Roger.


“Draw,” said Elise as both their Speeds became 3, “You want a Tuner, then I’ll get you one! I summon…my own Tuner Monster, Rose the Warrior of Revenge!” (1600/600)


Suddenly, a burst of fire came up & a humanoid figure appeared from the flames. She was a female with long red hair, tied in a long ponytail, wearing only a simple black bodysuit. She held a staff as her own weapon.


“Trap Card, open!” declared Roger, “I play Trap Hole & this card will destroy any monster you just Summoned like your Warrior here.”


A vortex opened up in midair & it sucked Rose within it, never to be seen again.


“Now you can’t play your Synchro Monsters,” said Roger with a relief.


“With my Speed Counters at 3, I can play this card,” said Elise as she slid in a card, “Speed Spell – Zero Rebirth, it will Special Summon a monster destroyed via a card effect this turn.”


The card appeared & Rose the Warrior of Revenge appeared again. But she looked much more worn out than before. (0/600)


“But its Attack will become 0, so it will be useless in battle,” noted Vladimir, “and what will she do now?”


“I activate the Trap Card, War Horn of Revival!” said Elise, “it can only be played if I got a Warrior monster on my side of the field and summons another one from my graveyard. Be reborn, my Iron Hans!” (1200/800)


A horn appeared in Rose’s hands & she blew into it, causing a loud resounding cry. Suddenly, the dwarf in rags appeared again & the Iron Knight followed soon too. (700/700)


“Let’s go with the Tuning! I Tune the Level 4 Iron Hans with the Level 4 Rose!” cried Elise as Rose spun in midair & became 4 rings that flew into Iron Hans, dissolving him into 4 stars.


“Her best monster…it is coming now…” claimed Victoria, “I could sense its loud fists roaring and thirsting for victory.”


““Gathering stars move on to lead now to a new road. A road where there is freedom and soar the greatest heights. Synchro Summon!” chanted Elise as a tornado of fire became to form, “Shatter the very Earth, my Colossal Fighter!” (2800/1000)


The flame tornado suddenly cracked open the sandy grounds ahead and a new form appeared from the very earth. True to its name of a ‘Colossal Fighter’, it was a large muscular warrior plated with white armor & visor. He pounded his own fists together & a loud sound is heard.


“And now, for his effect, he gains 100 Attack for every Warrior monster in the graveyard,” explained Elise, “and with my Iron Hans in my graveyard, Iron Knight gets his own boost too.”


The shadows of Iron Hans, Iron Knight & Rose the Warrior of Revenge appeared next to Colossal Fighter & they all melded with him. (2800/1000~3100/1000)


“Attack his Dark Strike Fighter now with Gaia Crusher Knuckle!” commanded Elise as Colossal Fighter went on to punch into the armor of Dark Strike Fighter, crushing it into nothing more than scrap metal.


Roger (LP: 2200) Elise (LP: 1400)

Roger (LP: 2200) Elise (LP: 1400)


“Even if you attacked me with that tin-can of yours, I’m still in the game,” claimed Roger.


“I don’t need a second attack; this one will do,” said Elise as her last face-down card revealed itself, “Activate Trap Card, Synchro Destructor! When my Synchro Monster has destroyed your monster, I can inflict damage equal to half of that monster’s Attack.”


When he heard that effect, Roger finally gulped in fear…fear for his life.


“And if that destroyed monster in question would be a Synchro Monster…” said Victoria over the system, “…then the damage will be dealt…twice!”


“TWICE!!!” cried Roger, “I’m sorry! Please, mercy please!”


“In this world, there is no mercy!” cried Elise, “Synchro Destructor, finish him off!”


The Synchro Destructor Trap Card glowed & the phantom image of Dark Strike Fighter appeared. It then split into 2 exact copies & they swarmed towards Roger’s Liberty Wings, engulfing him with high amounts of energy.


Roger (LP: 0) Elise (LP: 1400)

Roger (LP: 0) Elise (LP: 1400)


Upon the end of that duel, the Liberty Wings broke down & crashed in the middle of the desert, letting out smoke from its exhaust pipes. Roger quickly escaped from his D-Wheel in response. Surprisingly, the Ouroborus also made its stop due to a certain warning.


“Danger. Engines damaged.” called the computer, “suspected cause: Ballistic missile assault.”


“Huh?” wondered Elise as she recalled the attacks by Dark Strike Fighter, “so the damage was all for real! But that means…you…you are also like me…you’re a Psychic!”


“Bingo, give that young chick a prize,” laughed Roger as he clicked his fingers, “and I bet you wanna see my boss now too! Well, just look up to the skies above!”


Above them, there was the transport craft overhead them. Elsie looked at it intensely & saw the symbol of Odin’s Cross marked onto the aircraft.


“Come out now, Sutherland!” yelled Elise, “If you want to fight, then come at me like a real duelist, you coward!”


“Now now, this is no way to greet your elders,” said Victoria as the door slid open to reveal her overlooking all of them, “I’ve been watching you…and this was indeed a good duel…Elise…or should I say, Elizabeth Sutherland, Second Young Duchess of Stockholm, my little sister.”


“Well, nice to see you too…Vicky,” returned Elise, “…or would you prefer Victoria Sutherland, First Young Duchess of Stockholm…my elder sister.”


“What the heck! They’re related!” exclaimed Roger, “I never noticed the similarities here.”


19:06, 4 May 2092

Outskirts of Taza-Saachez


While Elise had her own revelation with her own sister, another storm was brewing up trouble back at Taza-Saachez. In its outskirts, a lone D-Wheel rested there. It was a simple police motorbike, but with hover jets instead; making it a Neo-Bamides Personal-Type Enforcer-Variation, used mainly by the Royal Enforcers of the Empire. And on that D-Wheel, a Moroccan officer stared at the village through his helmet & drank from a beer bottle.


“Elise…you had shamed me once…” muttered the Moroccan officer, “but mark my words, I will have my revenge!”


After that, he crushed the bottle on the ground & drove the Neo-Bamides towards the village.




[spoiler=NAPEU Archive]

Searching Category: Individual…File Located: Elizabeth Sutherland


Full Name: Elizabeth “Elise” Sutherland

House: Ancient & Noble House of Sutherland

Title: Second Young Duchess of Stockholm

Age: 19 (Considered adult & therefore approved for marriage & regular sexual intercourse as per Scandinavian Social Laws)

Date of Birth: 1 August 2073 CE

Gender: Female Heterosexual

Nationality: United Kingdom of Scandinavia/Arabic Empire of the Maghreb

Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden, Scandinavia

Ethnicity: Psychic/Scottish/Swede

Education: 12-year home-schooling by Dr. Siegfried Berdanis

Personality Evaluation: Blunt, Willful towards elders, Known for a sense of comradeship, Humble & Down-to-Earth despite wealth background

Current Status: Missing for about 3 years


Elizabeth Sutherland is born to Carl Sutherland & Josefina Sutherland nee-Schoeder as their second daughter. Similar to her elder sister & other members of the House of Sutherland, she was forced into a regime of home schooling by professional professors since the age of 4.


Despite being an aristocrat within a semi-feudal society, she is known in Stockholm as one who lives under the impartial Code of Justice & is well-respected by the general public. However, she allegedly harbored feelings of resentment towards her grandfather, Joseph Sutherland; and various members of the Three Royal Houses, including Prince Anderson of Denmark.


At 23 December 2089 CE, she disappeared in her residence, Skuld Palace; along with the D-Wheel Ouroborus. Currently, both of them are still lost.


Until only at 4 May 2092, Elizabeth Sutherland is located in the village of Taza-Saachez of the Arabic Empire of the Maghreb by Arcadius’ information network. She is reportedly recognised to be nominated as a NAPEU Meister.




[spoiler=Next Chapter]

Sisters long parted have crossed paths upon the road called Life. One lives on her own will, while the other exists for the sake of her honor & that of her family. Next on Yu-Gi-Oh NAPEU, Ch 3 – Queens. Though bound by blood, theses siblings are divided in thought & priorities.



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Woah' date=' a very surprising relative revealed this early? What can be more surprising then that?


Well, the arcs sound interesting (Afro Nazi?) and it's looking good.


They refer to the said organisations that control parts of the world as Great Powers & minor powers.

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Very good. I can't say much more than that. You have balance in your chapter' date=' which is exactly what one needs for a Yugioh fanfic.


Nice to see someone other the same 3 people who always post on my fics, hope you can carry on reading this.

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[spoiler=Ch 3 - Queens]


17:17, 4 May 2092

Joseph’s Chamber, Skuld Palace, Sweden


While the 2 sisters met face-to-face since 3 years in Northwest Africa, Joseph Sutherland, head of the Sutherland & high-ranking official in Scandinavian society; was consulting with Marin, the High Knight of Arcadius over the hologram system.


“Victoria had reported back to us that she has indeed found Elise Sutherland,” reported Marin as he read off the report document, “and she has in possession the stolen D-Wheel, Ouroborus.”


“So it was her who did it,” said Sutherland, “thanks for the update. Why? Why she did that?”


“Mr. Sutherland, since I also have a niece, I can give you a tip on parenting,” said Marin, “sometimes, it is best that we adults let those youngsters lead their way…or they will just pry it open themselves.”


And his image vanished with his call ended, Sutherland was left all alone in his room; pondering what to do now…


“Elise, I ask you,” muttered Sutherland as his head downcast, “had I pushed you too far. Do you detest me & my methods so much that you fled home like that…before Christmas?”


19:12, 4 May 2092

Sahara Desert, Arab Maghreb Empire


The craft that Victoria was on finally made to the ground & Vladimir helped Roger in taking back in his D-Wheel. Victoria herself stepped out of the aircraft & stared at Elise, who stared back at her with resentment.


“Please don’t tell me that you stole the Ouroborus,” said Victoria, “the special D-Wheel that is operated through advance brain waves.”


Elise took off her helmet & was silent for a while, but then she began to speak…


“Yes, I stole it so that I could leave this jail Grandfather put us in,” admitted Elise.


“You betrayed your kin! How could you do such an atrocity?” demanded Victoria.


“Unlike you, I actually have a brain & aware that I must grasp my own way,” answered Elise, “Grandfather always implemented us on the way a noble of the Sutherland family should be & don’t you get tired of that kind of life?”


“You are so irresponsible like before, guess you haven’t changed one bit,” said Victoria, “it appears that I can only drill a message into that thick skull of yours is through your own language, a duel!”


She reached out her arm & a platinum-plated Duel Disk flew out of a secret compartment within the aircraft. It then automatically attached itself onto Victoria’s arm & activated itself.


“So you got a new trick up your sleeves…fine, I will play along with you,” said Elise, “but I will not come with you.”


Elise then turned to the Ouroborus & pressed a button on the console.


“Duel Disk disengaging.” called the computer within as the Duel Disk detached from the rest of the D-Wheel.


“Wow, so it is also a Hybrid-Type,” claimed Roger in amazement.


Elise removed her deck from the Disk & placed the Ground Deck inside; she strapped on her Dule Disk & was all set to duel.


“Let’s duel!” cried the 2 sisters.


Victoria (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 4000)

Victoria (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 4000)


“The older shall step in first!” declared Victoria as she drew, “and I set a face-down monster & you can go now.”


A face-down monster card appeared in front of Victoria while Elise drew her card.


“Unlike you, who is so passive in her moves; I shall dance with my monsters,” said Elise as she placed the card on her Disk, “I summon the Marauding Captain in Attack Mode!” (1200/400)


Suddenly, the blonde-haired soldier with twin swords appeared onto the field.


“And now, I am allowed to summon another monster too, like the Warrior Dai Grepher!” continued Elise as a muscle-bound warrior appeared next to the Captain, (1700/1600) “the ultimate defense is a good offense, so attack that face-down monster, Warrior Dai Grepher!”


Warrior Dai Grepher charged in towards the hidden monster & it revealed to be a Mystic Tomato. (1400/1100) With one slash, the demonic fruit was splattered. Another Mystic Tomato appeared in place of the first one. (1400/1100)


“Still defending, are you? Well Marauding Captain, take down her second one too!” ordered Elise as the Captain slashed the second Mystic Tomato apart again, “summon all your defenders all you want, I’ll just squash them all!”


“I will not summon my third Mystic Tomato for you have finished off all your attacks & she is now safe to grace the field,” said Victoria as she held a card & placed it on her Disk.


In a sprinkle of radiant dust, a new figure appeared into view. She was a girl in a black & maroon dress with a headdress of similar colours. She wielded a staff with a ruby tip in her hands & looked slyly at Elsie’s monsters. (500/500)


“Alright monsters, greet Her Royal Majesty, the Allure Queen LV 3!” proclaimed Victoria.


“Hmpf, I won’t be worried about your Queen one bit since it is such a weak one,” said Elise unworried, “I set a face-down & end my turn.”


“He who underestimates the foe’s capabilities will be the true loser of the bout,” said Victoria as she drew, “the Queen is always in dire need of aid in case of kidnappers, so bodyguards are hired for the job. Be on your guard, the Queen’s Bodyguard!” (1700/1200)


Suddenly, a group of 3 people appeared. 2 of them were dressed in a maroon suit, while one was donned in a black suit. All three of them held onto a blade & was ready to attack at any moment.


“I hope you know that my Allure Queen is a Specializer,” remarked Victoria.


“A what!?” exclaimed Roger.


“A Specializer is a type of spellcasters that possess magic powers under a certain category,” explained Vladimir, “unlike Generalizers, they only use one type of magic…and that Allure Queen is renowned for only one thing!”


“That is to take control of a Level 3 or below monster & use him as a tool,” continued Victoria, “and your Captain is the lucky guy in this show!”


Allure Queen pointed her staff towards the Marauding Captain & fired a ray over him. The Captain tried resisting the ray, but his eyes soon went blank & he was dragged behind the young queen.


“And I play this card too,” added Victoria as Kishido Spirit appeared, “and now, the Queen’s Bodyguard attacks your Warrior Dai Grepher!”


“Bu their Attacks are the same; they will crash into each other,” noted Roger.


The Queen’s Bodyguard did charge in for the attack, but Dai Grepher struck back with his own sword, fighting in a stalemate. However, it was Dai Grepher’s sword that gave way and the warrior was slashed by the Queen’s Bodyguard.


“But Kishido Spirit prevents a monster’s destruction if it is battling against an opponent of equal strength,” claimed Vladimir.


“And now that you are all clear, Allure Queen LV 3 attacks you too!” commanded Victoria as the Allure Queen fired a small fireball at Elise, though it barely hurt.


Victoria (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 3500)[/align]


“Looks like I drew first blood,” said Victoria, “as you had observed, through careful strategizing, I am able to deal you damage. I will set 2 face-down cards & henceforth conclude this turn.”


“Draw,” said Elise as she looked at her card, “I summon the Level 2 Tuner Monster, Dwarf Ironsmith!” (800/400)


Suddenly, an old beaten-up dwarf appeared. It was short & stubby like a dwarf should be & held a large iron hammer that seemed too heavy for its body to carry; and it managed to have a strong grip over it.


“When it is Normal Summoned, I can Special Summon a Level 4 or below Warrior monster from my graveyard in Defense Mode,” said Elise.


Dwarf Ironsmith then swung his mighty hammer on the ground, shaking up the ground. And then, Warrior Dai Grepher reappeared again. (1700/1600)


“And I shall Tune them!” declared Elsie as Dwarf Ironsmith turned into 2 rings & flew into Dai Grepher, “Gathering stars move on to lead now to a new road. A road where there is freedom and soar the greatest heights. Synchro Summon!”


Dai Grepher dissolved into 4 stars and then, a great light shone over the area.


“Come out now, Gaia Knight, Force of the Earth!” cried Elise as a knight on horseback appeared into the scene. It looked similar to the ever-famous Gaia the Fierce Knight that Yugi Motou once used, but looked somewhat different as well. (2600/800)


“I reckon that it have no effect for me to be wary towards,” analyzed Victoria, “you’re really taking me on only by brute force, aren’t you?”


“At least I didn’t make the fatal mistake of leaving my weak monsters open in Attack Mode,” said Elise, “attack that Queen of hers!”


Gaia Knight’s steed neighed as it galloped towards the Allure Queen. However, Marauding Captain suddenly appeared in front of him to intercept the attack. And then, the Queen’s Bodyguard jumped in to take the lance pierce instead.


Victoria (LP: 3100) Elise (LP: 3500)[/align]


“I should let you know that whether my Allure Queen is threatened by the enemy’s attack, her Equipped Monster will be her shield,” explained Victoria, “and then, my Queen’s Bodyguard will serve to take any other attack against the Allure Queen.”


“Annoying little monster…” claimed Elise, “I activate my face-down Synchro Blast! When my Synchro Monster deals you damage, it inflicts another 500 more to you! Take that!”


The Synchro Blast card opened up & it launched an energy blast that hurt Victoria.


Victoria (LP: 2600) Elise (LP: 3500)

Victoria (LP: 2600) Elise (LP: 3500)


“Now I end my turn on that note and with these 2 face-down,” said Elise as she set those 2 cards.


“And I shall draw,” said Victoria as she drew her card, “and we move on to our Standby Phase where my Allure Queen can evolve to a Level 5 monster while she is still equipped to a monster.”


The Marauding Captain & young Allure Queen were engulfed by a pillar of erupting fire. The Marauding Captain was quickly disintegrated into ashes, while the Allure Queen was calm & changing its form.


“You seriously don’t think I didn’t expect that kind of move from a LV Monster! Trap Card, open!” shouted Elise, “Mirror of Curse Words, it will prevent a Special Summon coming from your Deck & I am allowed to draw 1 card too.”


“Good move there, but can be countered easily,” said Victoria as her own face-down card opened too, “and it will be all the more easier with Dark Bribe, but you still get your one card.”


Mirror of Curse Words shattered into pixels, though Elise could draw a new card. But all this led to the completion of Allure Queen’s transformation. She now looked older & wore an actual hat and more ornate clothing. However, the same seductive look on her face never left it. (1000/1000)


“And I play this other face-down card, Foolish Revival,” said Victoria, “and you’ll love this effect…or dread its gift towards the end.”


“What’d you mean?” questioned Elise.


Suddenly, the sands near Elise gave way and the Warrior Dai Grepher appeared from the ground. He was apparently all ready to go up for another round. (1700/1600)


“So you brought back my monster, what’s in it for you?” questioned Elise.


“I see you are starting to think about my plans,” chuckled Victoria, “but now I activate my Allure Queen’s effect, it is like last time; only that she can control monsters up to Level 5.”


Like before, the Allure Queen fried off a blast that captured Warrior Dai Grepher, dragging him off towards the opponent’s side of the field.


“And now I play Allure of Darkness to draw 2 new cards, but I must remove a DARK Monster in my hand from play or I risk losing the whole hand,” said Victoria as she drew 2 cards & held up a Mystic Tomato, “and I remove this guy to keep my hand. With a face-down card, I conclude this turn.”


“Draw,” said Elise, “I summon Command Knight in Attack Mode!” (1200/1900)

A female figure appeared. She was donned in fur clothing with a fur helmet. She swiped her sword, streaking flames with the action. (2600/800~3000/600, 1200/1900~1600/1900)


“Gaia Knight, attack that so-called Queen this instant!” commanded Elise as Gaia Knight charged in to attack, but it was blocked by a barrier.


“Sorry, but I just played Negate Attack,” said Victoria as her face-down card opened.


“Damn it, you go on,” said Elise, cursing under her breath.


As Victoria made her draw, the Allure Queen underwent another change; Warrior Dai Grepher was disintegrated by the fire. Her hair grew out long & extended down to her waist. In other words, this young girl queen had finally become a true adult queen. (1500/1500)


“Allure Queen LV 7, the final form of the Allure Queen series,” introduced Victoria, “her effect is the most potent of all before her. But I have other plans for now. Activate, Field Spell Royal Court of Queens!”


Maroon walls with black accents then began to pile up on the area around them. Soon, they found themselves inside a royal palace in medieval times. Victoria herself was near a throne up a dais in front of her.


“I take it this joint is where the Allure Queen lives,” remarked Elise, “tell her that it needs a real good paint job here.”


“I am amazed that you are still able to joke under the magnitude of the situation before you,” said Victoria, “my Allure Queen can now gain half the Attack of any monster equipped to her.”


“Seen that trick coming a mile away, so I got this prepared,” said Elsie as her face-down card opened, “Synchro Back, a Trap Card that sends a Synchro Monster safely to my Extra Deck.”


With that, Gaia Knight vanished immediately & he was gone.


“And he’ll be back next turn,” claimed Vladimir, “interesting match…”


“Then I will just take your Command Knight,” said Victoria as Command Knight was forced to join the Allure Queen by her spell, (1500/1500~2100/1500) “and call it a direct attack on you!”


Allure Queen LV 7 raised up her staff & fired a stream of fire at Elise, scorching her clothes. She was torn out till she knelt on the ground.


Victoria (LP: 2600) Elise (LP: 1400)[/align]


“Now that hurts!” noted Elise as she looked up, “but I’ll just have to hurt you back more.”


“Just try & come at me, if you can even stand,” responded Victoria, “End turn!”


Elise finally managed to stand upright & she drew her card. Suddenly, a great light bursted & Gaia Knight, Force of the Earth reappeared again. (2600/800)


“Of course, the monster under effect by Synchro Back is Special Summoned during its owner’s next Standby Phase,” said Vladimir.


“And seeing as my monster being the stronger one here…attack her,” ordered Elise.


Gaia Knight galloped towards the Allure Queen for another round of decisive attack. However, before the attack could reach her, Command Knight jumped in the way & took the rap for the blow dealt, and the Allure Quen was safe. (1500/1500) Synchro Blast then fired another shot at Victoria for another successful attack.


Victoria (LP: 1600) Elise (LP: 1400)[/align]


“I hope you would recall that my Allure Queen’s protected by her subjects,” reminded Victoria, “and now I can just take your handsome knight for a spin.”


“No way!” said Elsie, “to fortify my defensive line, I set a face-down & then summon Shield Warrior in Defense Mode!” (800/1600)


Suddenly, another warrior appeared. This one was minimally armored, only armed with a spear unusable & a shield. He knelt down with his shield placed in front of him.


“And you can proceed now,” said Elise.


“Draw!” declared Victoria immediately and she grinned as she saw her draw, “Allure Queen, take Gaia Knight under your spell!”


Allure Queen blasted a ray from her staff & Gaia Knight was enchanted into joining by the side of the Allure Queen. (1500/1500~2800/1500)


“And I play Shield Crush!” declared Victoria as Shield Warrior was easily destroyed by another blast.


“That gal’s finished for good,” remarked Roger, “should’ve been me finishing her off though.”


“Guess I can finally defeat you at last,” gloated Victoria, “…bye…”


However, there was suddenly a shockwave shaking the entire ground; and it was going on for a few more seconds. Over the distance, there was smoke of a fire seen; Elise realised that Taza-Saachez was in that direction.


“No!” yelled Elise as she turned to her sister, “I concede defeat on my part, sister! For once, you had defeated fair & square.”


With that said, Elise deactivated her Duel Disk & began packing up her cards. However, she was quickly stopped by a Psychic force. Seen out of the transport craft, the young Buddhist kid was standing there, with his eyes aglow.


“Thank you, Sun Taici,” said Victoria as she stared towards Elise for a while, “I am afraid I couldn’t let you go yet.”


“What’d you mean? I already admit defeat; what more do you want?” demanded Elise.


“Sun Taici, reveal to me her future!” ordered Victoria.


Suddenly, the card Elise had set earlier floated out of the Duel Disk, along with what she could draw next turn & the one remaining card in her hand. They all floated towards Victoria to see them, and she was shocked at them.


“Oh my God…you could’ve won,” exclaimed Victoria as she examined the cards shown, “you could use Iron Resolve to end my Battle Phase. Then, when you draw again, you will get Owner’s Seal! And combined with Synchro Blast, that one attack can just destroy me…what did you quit midway whn you could’ve won over me like always?”


“I got my priorities & my friends to protect,” answered Elise.


“You mean, those African villagers over there,” assumed Victoria, “you seemed very concerned about them.”


“They helped me once & I owe them,” replied Elise as she got on her D-Wheel, “I’ll meet up with you when this is over.”


However, no matter how hard she tried, the engines just won’t start.


“Guess you ran out of fuel there,” said Victoria as she motioned towards her ship, “Elise, I will escort you to Taza-Saachez on board my personal craft, the Smultron! And my only question is…will you accept your blood-bound sister’s kind offer & intentions?”




[spoiler=NAPEU Archive]

Searching Category: Nations & Factions…File Located: Earth Sphere Federation


Name: Earth Sphere Federation

Motto: United in Peace, Progress & Prosperity for Earth


-Federation Parliament, New York City, Occidental Union (Americas Branch)

-Federation Parliament, Tokyo, Japan (Asia/Oceania Branch)

-Federation Parliament, Geneva, Swiss Confederation, AEU (Europe/Middle East Branch)

-Federation Parliament, Cape City, South Africa, Occidental Union (Africa Branch)

Establishment: 14 June 2075 (after formalized disbandment of the UN)

Type: Parliament-based democracy by representatives of respective member states


-Kim Sun-woon (General Secretary of the Federation)

Full-time Member States & Factions:

-Occidental Union

-Indian Federation

-Sino Co-Prosperity Alliance

-Advanced Eurasian Union

-United States of Africa

-United States of South America

-Union of Deep Space Colonies

-Most Serene City-State of Antarctica

-Arabic Empire of the Maghreb

-Emirate of Greater Arabia

-Republic of Kurdistan

-Kingdom of Ethiopia

-Republic of Turkestan

-Imperial Republic of Japan

-People’s Socialist Republic of Cuba

-United Kingdom of Scandinavia

-Trinity Kingdom of Benelux

-Holy Empire of Arcadius


In a repeat of history, upon the disbanding of the United Nations, it was quickly replaced by the similar Earth Sphere Federation. Founded for similar reasons as its predecessors, it has proven more effective than both the former League of Nations & United Nations. Currently, it advocates peace, prosperity & progress for the international community. Currently, major projects are aimed towards uniting the world under its banner & advancement to space, known as “Humanity’s Final Frontier” to the scientific community.




[spoiler=Next Chapter]

As Elise & company rode back towards the village of Taza-Saachez, a trap by a begrudged fool is set upon them. But Elise is too tired to keep up her fight, so it is the duty of a NAPEU Meister to end this disruption. Next on Yu-Gi-Oh NAPEU, Ch 4 – Begrudged! But who shall defeat & quell the begrudged?



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Nothing too special, although we know now that Elise isn't the most proud individual.


I somewhat disliked Kishido Spirit being in Victoria's deck, but while it makes little sense for the deck, I suppose it does for the person...


And woah, so many factions... And they live in (short a madman or so) PEACE?


So yeah, good job!

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Nothing too special' date=' although we know now that Elise isn't the most proud individual.


I somewhat disliked Kishido Spirit being in Victoria's deck, but while it makes little sense for the deck, I suppose it does for the person...


And woah, so many factions... And they live in (short a madman or so) PEACE?


So yeah, good job!


Not actually, but they have non-member states that are not with the ESF due to the influence of the superpowers (Occidental Union, Indian Federation, AEU, Sino League, Japan, Scandinavia)

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[spoiler=Ch 4-Begrudged]

19:20, 4 May 2092

Sahara Desert, Arab Maghreb Empire


Cruising throughout the tough Saharan Desert at nightfall, the Scandinavian ship, the Brunnhilde, was travelling just off the ground. It didn’t maintain a high altitude, but it was directing its course straight towards the local village of Taza-Saachez.


Inside the carrier machine, the NAPEU Meisters along with both Elise & Victoria were onboard & driving their way there.


“Please be safe…” muttered Elise worriedly.


17:25, 4 May 2092

Joseph’s Chamber, Skuld Palace, Sweden


“Elise…Victoria…what they are about to do now will perhaps e their most daunting task ever yet,” said Joseph, “I wish them luck…and you will protect them, right?”


The shadowed person behind the Grand Duke stepped out a few steps & nodded his head in response. He was a man wrapped completely in black cloth with a blood sash around his waist. He was masked by an oni-like mask that covered most of his face.


“They should be at the Maghreb right now then, now go,” said Joseph, “and I trust you, Mr. Shikyo.”


19:21, 4 May 2092

Taza-Saachez, State of the Sahara, Arab Maghreb Empire


At long last, the Brunnhilde finally made it to Taza-Saachez. However, parts of that village were set ablaze with its people fleeing the area. When Elise set foot there along with Victoria & the Persian, she quickly spotted Ali helping up the village head & called him out.


“Yo, Ali!” Elise called, “what’s going on?”


“We were attacked…by that guy…” answered Ali.


“By who?” inquired Elise?


Ali was about to answer that query, but a sudden honk of 3000 horsepower overwhelmed the sounds of the entire area. That noise was coming from a white & viridian D-Wheel with unique hover jets; the Neo-Bamides Personal-Type Enforcer-Variation, a special D-Wheel rode by members of the Royal Enforcers. The helmeted rider was carrying a young girl at the back seat & she had her hands tied up behind her back.


“Father, help me!” cried the girl.


“Amira, my daughter!” cried the village head, “give her back you scoundrel!”


“No way old man, I got a score to settle,” said the rider as he took off his helmet to reveal his identity, “remember me girl.”


“You’re…you’re…Mahalah Hajji!” exclaimed Elise, “that corrupted Royal Enforcer I beaten a while back!”


“You bet, and I was very fed up with you ratting the higher-ups on my little trips to those swanky casinos in Greater Arabia, Egypt & Spain,” claimed Mahalah.


“Blame yourself for your own dumb actions & let Amira go right now!” cried Elise.


“That bastard…” thought the Persian, clenching his fist.


“Just try & catch me!” laughed Mahalah as he rode away in his Neo-Bamides, “and hurry up before I make it to a carrier heading for Greater Arabia for a good slave trade!”


“Why you dirty no-good son of a…” yelled the village head, but his leg pain relapsed before he finished his vulgarity.


“I’ll hunt you down & put you out once & for all!” yelled Elise, but Victoria stopped her.


“No, your D-Wheel is still recovering from your last match & it is out of gas too,” said Victoria, “it’s obvious that you can’t fight anymore. But there is still someone left to help us…Rahoul!”


“You took the words right out of my mouth; this evildoer will not escape my D-Wheel’s might!” responded Rahoul as he dashed inside the D-Wheel port of the Brunnhilde.


“Quick, we can catch up with him first, then deploy the D-Wheel & engage a Turbo Duel with him,” said Victoria as everyone (including Ali & the village head) hopped onboard as it took off to pursue the Neo-Bamides.


Due to the Brunnhilde’s superior technology & all, it easily caught up with the desert terrain-friendly Neo-Bamides series. Even with its pursuit, the corrupt officer was quite calm & continued speeding up along the nightly desert. Elise looked on with anxiety over that Persian’s move.


“Vicky, this is no joking matter. We really need someone who can defeat him,” warned Elsie.


“All the more you shouldn’t go,” countered Victoria, “it would be natural to say that he would keep some cards that will weaken your own play, so I am planning to use someone he never duelled before for the element of surprise.”


“Makes sense to me, just go for it,” agreed the village head.


“Even you followed with her!” exclaimed Elise.


Meanwhile, within the D-Wheel port at the back of the Brunnhilde, Rahoul donned a horned helmet on his head as he listened through Victoria’s message of encouragement.


“Rahoul Ostadt, master D-Wheeler of Persia, you were selected by the Earth Sphere Federation to fulfil the sacred mandate to bring stability to this distorted world,” spoke Victoria, “your first assignment given by me is to rescue Amira, the teenage daughter of the head of Taza-Saachez, from becoming a victim of slavery. Slavery is found guilty as a source of conflict by the Earth Sphere Federative Parliament & all slavers caught in the conduct of slave trade are to be arrested! I hope you are spurred into maintaining the goal of a united world.”


“Boy, she’s quite full of talk,” joked Rahoul as he pulled out the cover cloth of his D-Wheel & got himself on it, “but I am the walking kind of guy!”


Suddenly, the back hatch of the ship opened up & smoke puffed out as a D-Wheel zoomed out into the desert terrain. It was jet-black in colour & had a cobra’s hood pattern on its back. Upon landing, the D-Wheel quickly made it to chase the Neo-Bamides.


“What kind of D-Wheel is that?” wowed Ali, “I’ve never seen anything like it before!”


“This is a customised one, the Nagini made by the famed Indian craftswoman Indrina Gandris,” said Victoria, “quite a dangerous piece of machinery with some special features too.”


“Halt!” yelled Rahoul as he sped next to the Neo-Bamides.


“As if! You and what army!” countered Mahalah, clearly unconcerned about him.


“Just me & my army of Duel Monster Cards!” replied Rahoul, “I play the Field Spell Speed World!”


“Field Spell Speed World Set On. Autopilot Standby.” The computer called as Rahoul pressed the dashboard’s button.


“Overriding D-Wheel…Overriding process completed.” The computer called on Mahalah’s Neo-Bamides as the whole desert was covered up in Speed World’s power.


“But I didn’t even accept the…” complained Mahalah.


“I don’t care, and you have to beat me if you want to free yourself from Speed World’s effect,” said Rahoul, “so you ready?”


“Fine, the carrier will only leave at 19:35 & it’s still only 19:28,” answered Mahalah, “game on!”


“Vladimir, get the statistics on the duel online for us,” instructed Victoria & a screen with both players’ images appeared, along with other relevant information.


Mahalah (LP: 4000) Rahoul (LP: 4000)[/align]


“I’ll start off first,” said Mahalah as he drew his card, “and I Summon Gamble Angel Bunny in Attack Mode!” (1200/1200)


Suddenly, from a portal, a female figure appeared from it. She had long reddish hair & wore a bunny suit costume similar to those seen in Playboy magazines. She was carrying a tray with poker cards & looked rather excited to be out.


“Girl, take a good look at her because you will end with those clothes once we made it to Dubai!” cried Mahalah, “and I use her sexy effect & toss a coin. If I’m right on my call, you lose 1000 Life Points.”


“But if you flunk this one, you will take the hit yourself,” continued Rahoul.


“But let’s see who’s got the lucky hand?” said Mahalah, “Bunny, get ready!”

Suddenly, the screen had the image of a golden coin set & it began to spin. After a few moments, the coin slowed down…and stopped with the image of a Millennium Eye, declaring it landed on heads. Bunny then took the hint & swiped several cards from her tray & threw them at Rahoul.


Mahalah (LP: 4000) Rahoul (LP: 3000)


“I set a face-down card & end my turn,” finished Mahalah.


Rahoul then drew his card & their speeds became 1 each. He looked at the card & saw it was a Trap Card.


“I set a card face-down & then Summon Lamia!” declared Rahoul. (1300/1500)


Another portal appeared & a strange creature popped out from it. It was female, but looked somewhat reptilian & a snake tail formed the lower half of its form. She faced to look at Bunny with eyes thirsty of blood.


“A demonic woman cursed with the soul of a serpent inside; she would drink the blood of children & then feast upon them,” said Rahoul, “this beauty may have no effect, but is still stronger than your Angel. Attack that little meal!”


“Activate Trap Card, Cursed Ring!” declared Mahalah as the card opened, “this will attach to my Gamble Angel & it will curse her to remain on Earth for all eternity.”


Suddenly, the ring appeared on Bunny’s finger as Lamia proceeded to attack. It tried to bite the Fairy, but it was not destroyed. As such, it turned its attention at the Neo-Bamides & bit Mahalah himself.

Mahalah (LP: 3900) Rahoul (LP: 3000)


“Arg…that actually hurts,” claimed Mahalah, “but I thought that thing only attacks kids.”


“Doesn’t mean she can’t take on other things though,” countered Rahoul, “and I end my turn.”


“Draw,” said Mahalah as their speeds went up to 2 each, “I invoke my little Bunny’s effect again! And I say…heads again!”


The golden coin appeared on the screen once more & it spun. After a while, it stopped at tails…but it suddenly changed to heads at last minute.

“What the heck?” exclaimed Rahoul.


“Hmm…that was a little too lucky…” remarked Elise.


“That’s the rules, deal with it,” said Mahalah as Bunny tossed out another bunch of cards again.


“But you are taking this too! I activate Doppelganger & this card will force us to share all Effect Damage from your Monster Effects!” declared Rahoul as the card shot out a blast of poker cards at the Neo-Bamides.


Mahalah (LP: 2900) Rahoul (LP: 2000)[/align]


“Fine, I Summon another monster, the Roulette Barrel in Attack Mode!” said Mahalah.


Suddenly, a new being appeared beside the promiscuous Bunny. It was a purple mounted cannon with the numbers 1 – 6 on it. (1000/2000)


“Its effect will let me roll the roulette on it twice & I can choose one of the results in order to destroy a monster of the same Level,” said Mahalah, “Roulette…spin!!!”


The no. 1 beeped on the Barrel first, and then it moved on to 2 & so forth. Eventually, it stopped at no. 6.


“Too high for my Lamia buddy,” remarked Rahoul.


“But I still got a second shot at this!” countered Mahalah.


The Roulette Barrel spun again…and it stopped at a no. 3, but it went to no.4 & stopped at last. And then, it fired a laser blast that imploded Lamia.


“What the…is he cheating?” wondered Amira.


“You want to blast off all my Speed Counters, not a chance!” cried Rahoul, “I play Viper’s Grudge! Whenever a Reptile monster of mine is gone to the grave beyond, it anger shall remain on this plane & manifest into another Level 4 or below Reptile monster.”


Another serpentine creature crawled out of the card & it was an armoured cobra in a curled up position. (100/2000)


“Venom Cobra? But its hide’s too tough for my monsters;” complained Mahalah, “guess I’ll pass up on this Battle Phase. End turn.”


“Draw,” said Rahoul and their speeds went up to 3 each, “I Release my Venom Cobra to Advance Summon this beauty…Urubonus, the Avatar of Malice in Attack Mode!” (2000/800)


Venom Cobra disappeared into a portal & then, another snake came out. It was significantly larger than Venom Cobra & it looked extremely aggressive towards its enemies.


“And now, Urubonus attacks your Roulette Barrel with Malicious Bite!” commanded Rahoul.


Urubonus crawled up towards Roulette Barrel & spat its venom at the machine, causing it to fry up. (1000/2000~700/1700) After which, it took a bite at it & it exploded in seconds. Also, Mahalah’s Speed Counters downgraded to 2 again.


Mahalah (LP: 1600) Rahoul (LP: 2000)[/align]


“Also when my Urubonus attacks a monster, that monster loses 300 Attack & Defence Points,” explained Rahoul, “I will just end my turn for now.”


“Now even my Speed is getting disrupted by this bloke’s moves…I better draw out my secret weapon,” thought Mahalah.


Mahalah then reached his hand out for his deck for a draw…and a card slid over his deck before he drew anything. However, the loud engines of the Neo-Bamides concealed the act as their Speeds became 3 & 4.


“I now Summon the Tuner Monster, Roulette Synchron!” declared Mahalah.


Another portal opened up & a robot appeared. It was similar to the famed Gadget series that were famous for swarming abilities, but this one was purple & had a 6-numbered roulette on its chest. (1300/700)


“That monster…” exclaimed the village head.


“It’s a Level 3 monster if I’m not mistaken,” said Taici as he looked at the duel.


“And its effect allows me to roll another roulette & I can use the result to adjust a face-up monster’s Level,” explained Mahalah, “so let’s roll!”


The roulette on the Synchron’s chest beeped & the no. 1 shone on it. It then moved to the next one & continued in that fashion. Eventually, it managed to stop at a 2.


And suddenly, a card flew to attack a hidden button-shaped device strapped onto the D-Wheel. That device went berserk & it exploded shortly. Surprised by that move, Mahalah turned around & saw Elise driving her Ouroborus towards his ride.


“Hey there’s a duel in progress here!” yelled Mahalah in protest, “If you wanna fight, then come back later!”


“So he was indeed using a Whim Disruptor,” observed Ali, “so that all luck-based card effects simulated on the D-Wheel would be rigged. Good thing I got her D-Wheel fixed & ready to go on time.”


“You are a dishonourable bastard, so we are even,” countered Elise, “Amira, hop on now!”


Without any hesitation, Amira wiggled her way out of the Neo-Bamides & Elsie managed to catch her. After that, they retreated to the sidelines.


“Go for it, Rahoul! You’re in the clear!” said Elise, “pummel this guy for all of us!”


“Dammit! Like I was saying just now, I use my Roulette Synchron’s effect on Gamble Angel Bunny!” cried Mahalah, (LV: 2) “Level 2…Level 3…I commence Tuning!”


The lights of Roulette Synchron all shone brightly as it dissolved into 3 rings of light. Then, they passed through the female monster that became 2 stars. Suddenly, a great light shone overhead & a new creature appeared. It was covered in royal purple armour with jets on its back; a colourful roulette was seen on its chest. (2000/1600)


“And Synchro Summoning…the Roulette Warrior!” announced Mahalah.


“It has the same Attack as my Urubonus; you’re dead certain to attack it,” remarked Rahoul, “after all; Viper’s Grudge will just produce another snake that will do you in.”


“When my Roulette Warrior is Synchro Summoned, its roulette will give a little roll & it can gain 300 Attack times the result,” said Mahalah as the roulette spun again, landing on a…no. 3. (2000/1600~2900/1600)


“And it’s already strong enough,” claimed Ali.


“So attack the Avatar of Malice with Jackpot Impact!” declared Mahalah.


Roulette Warrior’s eyes glowed red to his orders & it sped towards Urubonus with its fist outstretched. Upon the impact, the snake was quickly dispatched.


Mahalah (LP: 1600) Rahoul (LP: 1100)[/align]


“You forget, Viper’s Grudge activates again!” said Rahoul, “just take a look at my latest specimen.”


Another portal opened up, and a snake-like creature appeared. Similar to Lamia, it was a woman-snake hybrid. This one had long flowing red hair & wore a dress-like fabric. (1400/1100)


“Behold, my Reptiless Gorgon!” declared Rahoul, “but she can bite you badly if you aren’t careful.”


“I set a face-down for now, but mark my words for I shall turn that snake into a nice handbag next turn,” said Mahalah, but he looked at Elise, “but you ought to know something about the Roulette Warrior; it was a gift from the Moroccan Royal Family for all your willing services! Now that I come to possess it, I have all the revenge I could get!”


“You thief!” yelled Elise, “you keep taking things form others like that; what a disgrace to your own nation!”


“Well I planned to finish you off with this surprise, but you had to be on the sidelines,” said Mahalah.


“You…you…bastard! You’ll go down for sure!” cried Rahoul as he drew & their Speeds increased. (SPC: 4 & 5)


“Ok, I just got Respect Synchron…and it will be the key of my victory…and I don’t need to do much myself,” thought Rahoul.


“I switch Reptiless Gorgon into Defence Mode & then set 2 face-down cards,” said Rahoul calmly, “and your turn now.”


“Just what kind of card he had over there…” wondered Victoria, “I have a gut instinct telling me…”


“…that it must be quite game-breaking…” wondered Elise, sharing the same thought.


As Mahalah’s turn coming to pass, he drew his card & their Speeds increased too. (SPC: 5 & 6) At this moment, a face-down card opened up.

“A Trap Card?” exclaimed Mahalah.


“Battle Mania, to be precise,” said Rahoul, “this will force your monsters into attacking me this turn.”


“And I am more than glad to strike you down. Jackpot Impact!” commanded Mahalah.


Roulette Warrior went on to punch Reptiless Gorgon & destroyed her. However, the Gorgon’s eyes flashed at Roulette Warrior right before her destruction. Based from the effect of Viper’s Grudge, another Lamia was Summoned. (1300/1500)


“Ha, you think you can keep this defence line up forever,” remarked Mahalah as he looked at his newly-drawn Dust Tornado in his hand.


“Just look at Elise’s monster & see for yourself,” claimed Rahoul.


To everyone’s (other than Rahoul) surprise, Roulette Warrior shivered…and it transformed. The end result was a life-like stone statue of it. (0/1600)


“My Roulette Warrior…it’s all a worthless paperweight now!” hollered Mahalah.


“My Reptiless Gorgon brings forth a curse to all who attacked her,” explained Rahoul, “and they include staying in that same Battle Position with its Attack reduced to a mere zero.”


Mahalah was obvious taken aback by that surprise move, but he took 2 cards from his hand & set them on the field. After which, he gestured to his foe to continue & Rahoul drew. With his Standby Phase, their Speeds went up again. (SPC: 5 & 6)


“Before you do anything I might regret later, I activate Dust Tornado & destroy your damned Viper’s Grudge!” cried Mahalah as a small desert tornado blew the Viper’s Grudge card apart.


“Fine, I don’t need it to win, but now,” countered Rahoul as he slid in another card, “here comes in little boost from the Speed Spell – Rapid Shot Wing! 100 points per Speed Counter, that is!”


Suddenly, a winged jet pack appeared on Lamia’s back & she hissed with glean to the sudden power boost. (1300/1500~1900/1500)


“Once she attacks, this jerk will learn his lesson…hopefully,” said Elise, “…or not seeing that he hasn’t changed one bit so far.”


“Attack that pile of rubble now, my Lamia!” declared Rahoul as the snake demon slithered towards the petrified Warrior.


“Ha, I activate the Trap Card Chaos Burst!” declared Mahalah as the card opened, “I have no use for worthless monsters, and so I will get rid of it & I can save my own skin.”


“How cheap can you get?” said Amira, “sacrificing your monster to save yourself.”


“And with Viper’s Grudge gone, Rahoul’s infinite chain of snakes will be plugged out,” added Victoria.


As Lamia wrapped her long body around the stone warrior, it suddenly exploded & Lamia was gone with it. The blast was so powerful that it extended to hit Rahoul & his Nagini.


Mahalah (LP: 1600) Rahoul (LP: 100)[/align]


“And if I got myself a monster for my next draw, you are finished & the girl’s mine,” laughed Mahalah.


“In your dreams, Elise is protecting me,” countered Amira.


“And you better be checking your flight schedule,” said Elise.


As they saw over the distance, they saw a personal carrier about to take off in the desert.


“Must be that craft he was talking about,” said Victoria, “and look here, it’s already 19:36. They must be waiting & got impatient.”


“No!!!” exclaimed Mahalah, “never mind the girl, I want my freedom!!!”


“Amira, you have to hang on tightly for this one,” warned Elise as she literally grabbed the village head’s daughter tightly with both her arms & her eyes glowed.


Suddenly, a message popped up on her Ouroborus. It said “Acceleration Rate increase by 100%”.


With that final shout, his Neo-Bamides accelerated quickly into the sands & it even jumped up towards the leaving carrier. However, another figure banged into the side of the Neo-Bamides, the Ouroborus. That one contact was more than enough to send it crashing to the ground, and missing the carrier as it went higher into the sky. Soon after, all 3 D-Wheels were on the ground for the final play.


“You always do that without hands and so immediately,” noted Amira, “but how?”


“The Ouroborus, a special D-Wheel made by Dr. Siegfried on the payroll of Sutherland Corporation,” said Victoria, “a most unique D-Wheel in terms of technology with its usage of a sui generis technology…”


“…The Cerebral System, which links her mind directly to the motherboard of the Ouroborus itself,” butted in Ali, “making it such that it can operate even very difficult tasks like rescue operations. But due to its complicated design, only certain advanced people can pilot it…say a Psychic.”


“I see that you had sent your Roulette Warrior to the graveyard, but do you miss it?” wondered Rahoul.


“Why would I miss that worthless scrap pile?” retorted Mahalah.


“Then you will be mad if I do…this,” said Rahoul as his final Trap Card was played, “this card is called Respect Synchron & since you let your Synchro Monster go…I can take him back.”


And suddenly, Roulette Warrior reappeared again & it looked angrily at Mahalah. (2000/1600)


“No! Please have mercy towards me!” cried Mahalah.


“Not so tough now,” said Rahoul, “Roulette Warrior, I grant you the honour to finish this joke yourself. Jackpot Impact!”


Roulette Warrior glowed & it flew straight into the Neo-Bamides for a direct impact that utterly destroyed the D-Wheel itself. Mahalah was thrown into the desert sands.


Mahalah (LP: 0) Rahoul (LP: 100)[/align]


“And mission accomplished,” said Victoria satisfied, “but there are still matters left unsettled.”


19:43, 4 May 2092

Mothership of NAPEU


After the impending events in the Sahara, everyone retreated to the Mothership of NAPEU that Victoria used to travel over the Atlantic Ocean. Mahalah was also sent there & was escorted out to another carrier by his fellow Royal Enforcers. The Chief Enforcer of Unit 56, his direct superior, was overseeing this transport.


“Mahalah Hajji, you are a disgrace to the Maghreb!” scolded the Chief Enforcer, “and for stealing a gift from His Majesty too, that is unforgivable! I will see it to that you be sent to our oil mines in Libya! Guards, take him away before he continues to disgust me further if possible.”


As such, the 2 Royal Enforcers quickly dragged him to the other carrier with Mahalah cursing all the way.


“I must apologise for such irrational behaviour from citizens like that, I hope you may not leave with that impression of the Maghreb people,” pleaded the Chief Enforcer.


“Don’t worry at all, it is our job as NAPEU,” said Victoria.


“NAPEU…where did I heard that…” wondered the Chief Enforcer, “…hey there, Ace D’Peloka of the Ethiopian Crown Council mentioned this in a regional meeting as a Non-Aggressive Peace Enforcement Unit.”


“The one & the same,” said Victoria, “and that was an example of our capabilities.”


“And I must thank you…no…all of you for saving my daughter,” said the village head, “if you ever need help, our village is in you debt & will do our upmost best to aid you in anyway possible.”


“And Miss Elizabeth,” said the Chief Enforcer as he gave her the cards of the 2 Roulette monsters, “They are presents from the King himself & you should receive them. Hope they may be of adequate use in your future tasks ahead.”


“But Elise, you haven’t made a choice in this,” said Victoria, “would you join us in NAPEU?”


“Well…I would, but under one condition,” said Elise, “a condition where in I can hire a crew member to work as a mechanic for the ship & all our D-Wheels.”


“And who you had in mind?” wondered Victoria.


“Mr. Ali Al-Queda of Taza-Saachez,” answered Elise as she pointed out to him, “he’s a graduate from Abdullah Allah University of Morocco, majoring in mechanical engineering & technology. In fact, he is the only one who knows how to refuel my Ouroborus. Surely he should be our ally.”


“I guess so…I’ll let you have your way in this,” relented Victoria, “welcome onboard NAPEU, Mr. Al-Queda. And this lovely ship’s name is Revolution!”


“Now Ali, you can fulfil your dream of making it out big in the world,” said Elise, “consider this…as a very belated birthday present & a show of my gratitude towards all your services to me all these years.”




[spoiler=NAPEU Archive]

Searching Category: Technology…File Located: Cerebral System

Code Name: Cerebral System

Type: Neuro-based Interface/Command System

Power Source: Varying; mainly from solar energy

Inventor: Dr. Siegfried Berdannis

Manufacturer Company(s): Sutherland Corporation/Scandinavian Ministry of Technology

Material Composition: 80% silicon, 20% steel

Known applications: The Ouroborus

Distribution Status: Sui Generis


Created by Dr. Siegfried Berdannis owing to his vast expertise in neurology and technology under the payroll of Sutherland Corporation & the endorsement of Scandinavia itself, the Cerabral System was created at last. The Cerebral System is a unique system that integrates one’s thoughts into a machine for more precise control over machinery.


Although it was originally planned out for rescue operations, military purposes or space explorations, the first device built with such a device was a D-Wheel, the Ouroborus. Test runs have shown it to be of high efficiency. However, when it was stolen by unknown sources at 23 December 2089, the project to mass-produce the System was cancelled for fear of possible fraud accusation by other companies.




[spoiler=Next Chapter]

All of the NAPEU 5’s members are known…and their first official mission is up! Within an island south of India, there existed 2 warring states; the Sinhalese Sri Lanka & the Tamil Eelam. Next on Yu-Gi-oh NAPEU-Ch 5-Shaolin! With each faction actively supported by the 2 Asian superpowers, there would be no apparent end.



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[spoiler=Ch 5-Shaolin]

23:34, 4 May 2092

Sinhalese Army Military Base, Ceylon Militarised Border


While Elise & the NAEPU Meisters were at rest in Africa, it was at the final hour of the day in Asia’s Ceylon Island. Ever since its independence, problems have arose among the ethnic groups with the ruling Sinhalese oppressing the Tamils. However, the formation of Indian Federation annexed the island & campaigned to grant more rights towards the Tamil minority. Later, the Sino Co-Prosperity League agreed to help the Sinhalese in preserving their lands, resulting in the “Ceylon Civil War”, one of the few conflicts that raised tensions in late 21st century Asia.


Even in night time Sri Lanka, the thoughts of battle & death were still on its people’s agenda. Hidden in the deep tropical rainforests of the island’s borders, there was a military base, merely one of the many that outline the unofficial boundaries of the 2 states. Inside the well-confined base, the Sinhalese & Chinese commanders were discussing on their future plans in regards to the upcoming battles ahead.


“Day by day, our resources continue to plummet & there seems to be no end to it,” complained a Sinhalese commander.


“Bear with it!” yelled his Chinese counterpart as he slammed his fist on the table in rage, “if I recalled the whole war, it was you Sinhalese who pleaded with us of the Sino League to come here & fight for you!”


However, their argument was cut short thanks to another explosion occurring nearby. The relay call from another soldier was heard over the system.


“Attention, all armed units head to Sector 5! Intruder located!”


“Sector 5?! But that’s near…” exclaimed the Sinhalese.


Suddenly, there was another explosion at the door, blasting it down & taking out a Chinese guard stationed near there. Beneath all that smoke, there was the intruder, shadowed in the smoke. All this while, a camera was shooting the events occurring, but it was shot down.


00:54, 5 May 2092

Presidential Palace, New Colombo, State of Sinhala, Sino Co-Prosperity League


About an hour from that raid, the next day had already come to Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese capital. Natural of its location in the southwest portions of the island, it was relatively safe from the real war at central Ceylon. Along the silent streets of New Colombo, a lone Sinhalese soldier rode on his Singa D-Wheel, the D-Wheel used mainly for the Sinhalese forces.


He then stopped right in front of a large white building in the city – the Presidential Palace. The soldier so frantically got out of his Singa & walked up the steps towards the door, banging on it fiercely. Within a short while, a holographic screen of the Secretary popped up at the door.


“Yes?” asked the secretary, “it is very late and Mr. President needs his…”


“This is very important!” demanded the soldier, “Commander Kyral & General Tianan has been kidnapped! We suspected the Tamils as the culprits!”




Hello readers, you had just witnessed a cruel side to the world. Yes, a war struck the isle of Ceylon since its independence & this has taken to a whole new level by now. The Chinese General Tianan is no common soldier & his disappearance would raise hell in Asia. Before this triggers a World War III, Elise & NAPEU must locate him ASAP. However, nothing absolutely meets the eye.




12:56, 7 May 2092

Board Room, Revolution, Indian Ocean territory


“Good evening, viewers all over the Occidental Union and beyond. This is Mary Willis, your ever-lovely news reporter. Back to where we had left off in the Foreign News. In Ceylon Island of South India, it was recently reported that Commander Kyral Raja of Sinhalese Democrat-Socialist Army and General Sima Tianan of Asian Supportive Legion had been declared missing among a total of 20 MIA soldiers of both Sinhala & the Sino League. Sri Lankan authorities are currently investigating the case & there are rumours that the Tamil Tigers could be possible culprits, rumours that the Tamil Authority of Eelam have dispelled so far.”


And then, the TV turned off. Elise looked at it along with the others of NAPEU’s core forces inside the Board Room.


“You’ve all just seen this news report made at the night of 4 May & repeated at the morning of the following day,” said Victoria.


“The Civil War has plagued the island nation for so long & till now, no truce has been brokered yet,” remarked Elise, “why would this be a big difference?”


“Because now, the 2 sides are being backed by superpower states,” explained Sun Taici, “the Indian Federation funds the Tamil Tigers as they see the Tamils as part of their race, while Sino League works with the Sinhalese to limit the growing power of India.”


“In other words, that little island has become a stage for some political drama action,” said Roger.


“More than that now,” said Victoria as she pressed another switch on her console & the profile of Sima Tianan was shown, “Sima Tianan…he is a close friend of Manchurian Emperor Heiyang. I doubt that as an influential member of the League, he wouldn’t just give up a good friend & a valuable asset to the League itself.”


“So…this may lead towards an actual war in Asia…” concluded Elise.


“That’s why we are now heading towards there right now,” said Victoria, “to get to the bottom of all this.”


Suddenly, the hologram of Ali piloting the Revolution was shown in front of the Board Room.


“We will be nearing Ceylon Island shortly,” said Ali, “a fine tropical island in the Indian Ocean; war has driven it to a nearly-deplorable state. A word of caution, please be careful when inside its boundaries.”


“Sure we will try to, but danger will indeed lurk ahead,” said Victoria, “inform us when you are nearing their airspace & inform the Sinhalese government of our arrival.”


However, there was an unknown stowaway hidden within the Board Room’s ventilations. It was the mysterious Mr. Shikyo, the masked man somehow associated with Sutherland.


“Ceylon…more than what meets the eye…” muttered Shikyo.


13:05, 7 May 2092

New Colombo Airbase, New Colombo, State of Sinhala


Owing to a civil war, there were no civilian airports in Ceylon Island, just military airbases left as the nearest things to an airport. At the New Colombo Airbase, the Revolution finally made its descent at last. As everyone departed the ship, they were greeted by a commander & a group of soldiers were stationed there as part of a “welcoming committee”.


“Greetings travellers, I am Piccolo Raj Gandesh,” introduced the commander, “I welcome you all to our beloved island. We rarely have guests nowadays, other than the Chinese who come to liberate us from the oppressive Indian rule.”


“Same here, I hope we can work something out on this issue that plagued your country for so long,” said Victoria.


“And one last very important thing,” said Piccolo, “Please do not say anything about the war to the civilians here. We have been controlling the media into letting them we are winning the war.”


“But you guys are still in a stalemate!” snapped Elise, “the people should know what’s going on in their own nation!”


“But if we tell them the truth, the people would be in mass hysteria,” argued Piccolo, “and the Tamils here would think of revolt against us, causing a crisis of national security. I know this could be rather oppressive on our part, but it must be done.”


“But we will be investigating this matter on our own, you guys are not needed,” said Victoria, “we will instead go out into the Militarised Border & look for clues over there.”


“But is there anymore we can do for you?” asked Piccolo.


“Yeah, give us the coordinates of that raided place,” said Victoria, “and we are allowed by the Earth Sphere Federation to do whatever is necessary for our missions. Elise, Roger & Taici, you three go out there first.”


Meanwhile, on the wing of the Revolution, Mr. Shikyo overlooked them for a while & then he jumped off to another place.


13:47, 7 May 2092

Sinhalese Army Military Base, Ceylon Militarised Border


With its special wings extended in Flight Mode, the Liberty Wings of Roger’s flew high across the dense forests of Ceylon’s border, with Roger & Taici riding on it in midair. Where else, Elise & her Ouroborus were cruising around the forest area. Up ahead, she saw a police line blocking her way. Without much thought, she simply ran her D-Wheel through it. In different ways, they were all going to the same place that brought forth so much controversy, the very military base that was burnt badly due to that raid.

Upon travel, the base was reduced to a pile of rubble that served as a tomb for those who had been slain there. Elise took off her helmet & got out of her D-Wheel, followed by the other 2.


“Well, since it’s a pile of crap now, there should be nothing worth noting now,” remarked Roger, “let’s head back to New Colombo and chill out…”


However, all the debris suddenly rose from the ground one by one. The culprit for this happened to be Sun Taici as he concentrated his thoughts to lift them up.


“At least some people are willing to help,” said Elise as she went through the ruins.


Soon after searching the ruins, she pulled out something…a camera. Elise quickly pried out a chip from the half-broken machine & plugged it in her data-pad.


“You can’t be serious! That thing will never wor…” exclaimed Roger.

However, a hologram projection was formed large enough for all 3 of them to see it. It was showing the exact events before the attack.


“Day by day, our resources continue to plummet & there seems to be no end to it,” complained Commander Kyral.


“Bear with it!” yelled General Sima as he slammed his fist on the table in rage, “if I recalled the whole war, it was you Sinhalese who pleaded with us of the Sino League to come here & fight for you!”


However, their argument was cut short thanks to another explosion occurring nearby. The relay call from another soldier was heard over the system.


“Attention, all armed units head to Sector 5! Intruder located!”


“Sector 5?! But that’s near…” exclaimed Kryal.


Suddenly, there was another explosion at the door, blasting it down & taking out a Chinese guard stationed near there. Beneath all that smoke, there was the intruder, shadowed in the smoke. And then suddenly, Kyral assaulted Sima & knocked him out cold. After that act, he looked at the security camera & shot it with his handgun.


“This is big! It was an inside job!” exclaimed Taici, “no wonder the defences were breached so easily in the first place!”


“But who was that accomplice?” wondered Eli, “…Watch out!!”


Suddenly, a series of bullets were fired right at them, firstly at Elise herself. Thankfully, she quickly jumped out of harm’s way. Then, the barrage headed for Taici, but the bullets were stopped just in front of his very palms. After those 2 failed tries, Roger was up next. But he took no defence to it & extended his fist in a punch against the air itself. A powerful vacuum blast coursed through the area & hit the hidden sniper.


He fell off a nearby shrubbery with his machine gun broken in an irreparable state. Upon closer look, he was actually an Indian Federation soldier in their copper brown uniforms. Along with him, his sack also fell off & its contents spilled out, which included a working Duel Disk.


“You…you…you’re Psychics!” exclaimed the Indian.


“What you doing here, you Desi?” demanded Roger.


“Zip it racist!” responded the Indian as he saluted to the group, “Warrant Officer Subbra Angria of the Tamil Tigers at your service.”


“What are you doing here then? This place is restricted area,” said Elise.


“And for you too,” countered Subbra, “I was patrolling the area & found you guys sneaking around. Thought you might be spies, we of the Tamil Tigers tend to keep a tight joint here. But let me say this, we have nothing to do with the Chinese general’s kidnapping! We will be too stupid to incur the wrath of the House of Aisin-Gioro.”


“Hey we mean you no harm!” shouted Elise.


“Sorry, but I can’t leave the suspicious party frolicking around like no one cares,” said Subbra, “and seeing as my gun is busted now…”


He then picked up his Duel Disk & fixed it onto his arm, drawing 5 cards from it.


“I am also interested in a simple duel with the Chinese,” said Subbra, “you have no right to interfere in our affairs & yet you all came in here.”


“But he’s not the military…” claimed Elise.


“Maybe so,” said Taici, “but undeniable is the fact that our intervention has disgraced the name of the East, so I will fight for the East & as a Shaolin Monk that I am!”


He then hopped towards the Liberty Wings & grabbed his own Duel Disk. It was mainly red with golden accents. It was also decorated to seem like the fabled dragons of the East, with the deck holder looking like a dragon’s mouth. The Card Zones extended from the Disk like a blade.


“I’m ready for you now,” said Taici as he held his Disk in front of him.


Subbra (LP: 4000) Taici (LP: 4000)[/align]


“Since we’re all my turf, I take first move,” said Subbra, “and I call forth the dreaded Panther Warrior in Attack Mode!” (2000/1600)


Out of the jungle, a creature appeared. It was a large humanoid purple panther, with a green cape & body armour. It was holding a large blade in its arms & looked very bloodthirsty.


“And I end my turn & let you go,” finished Subbra.


“My turn,” said Taici, “and now…I Summon Monk Fighter in Attack Mode!” (1300/1000)


A young man dressed in yellow robes appeared on the field. Despite his young appearance, he already spotted white hair.


“And I Set 2 face-down cards and…” said Taici, “your move.”


“Gladly,” returned Subbra, “but you shall regret it. I activate Stray Goats.”

The card appeared & then, 2 little goats appeared in puffs of smoke. (0/0 x2)


“Now that’s odd,” wondered Roger, “why summon a bunch of sheep when you got a strong one there?”


“Because Panther Warrior cannot attack without Releasing a monster first,” explained Elise, “but there is also his Effect that stands in the way.”


“And I also know your Monk’s effect not to take Battle Damage when destroyed too,” noted Subbra, “so I equip my beast with the Path to Destiny…destiny of your defeat…”


With that, his Panther Warrior roared loudly & glowed.


“Now he can attack you directly & the damage will be a lot more than usual,” said Subbra, “slice that monk into shreds!”


The cream-coloured Sheep Token converted into a portal & an energy apparition flew inside Panther Warrior. It then went ballistic & leaped up towards Taici & ready to slash him with its blade.


“Activate, Offensive Guard!” declared Taici, “I can draw a card & the damage is halved!”


Subbra (LP: 4000) Taici (LP: 3000)[/align]


“The sweet smell of first kill in the afternoon,” claimed Subbra, “just one face-down to add & it’s your move & make it good.”


Taici said little, just drew his card & looked at it. It was a Monster Card…a card that he needed.


“I am thankful that you spared my Monk Fighter…” said Taici, “…because now I can Release him for his true form.”


Monk Fighter yelled at the top of his voice as he became a portal in the ground. Then, another human being came up. It wore the same robes as the Monk Fighter, although it was all tattered & ripped apart. His face looked scarred with countless experiences & long white hair. (1900/1000)


“Behold, the Master Monk!” declared Taici, “and I activate Lone Wolf, so as to prevent my Master Monk from destruction in battle & your monster effects. And lastly, I have this to give.”


Taici played 2 more cards & the Master Monk’s neck was draped in a shining shawl. Also, a blackbelt circled around his waistline.


“I’ll show you its powers in due time, so prepare yourself!” said Taici, “Master Monk, show him your powers! Shaolin Fist!”


Master Monk leaped up & punched Panther Warrior with his bare fists. However, since Panther Warrior was the stronger monster, the attack ended up a disaster for the Monk.


Subbra (LP: 4000) Taici (LP: 2900)[/align]


“And the point for dumb blow was…” said Subbra.


“All part of the plan,” said Taici, “see that shawl my Monk’s wearing. It is called Pain to Power & as its name suggests, it gives me power when I am in pain. Therefore, he gains Attack equal to the Battle Damage I just took.” (1900/1000~2000/1000)


“So what if you attack my Panther Warrior? They will both be destroyed,” noted Subbra.


“And that blackbelt is the Legendary Black Belt & when my Master Monk destroys a monster, the Defence Points are taken out of further damage,” said Taici, “strike him down again with Shaolin Fist!”


Master Monk roared loudly & impacted with Panther Warrior’s blade, locked up in a stalemate. In the end, Panther Warrior was destroyed & its blade flew towards Subbra & pierced him.


Subbra (LP: 2400) Taici (LP: 2900)

Subbra (LP: 2400) Taici (LP: 2900)


“And you had just witnessed the prowess of the Shaolin Fighter,” Taici told his foe.


“Trap Card Miracle Moment, activate,” declared Subbra, “when a Beast-Warrior Monster equipped with Path to Destiny has been destroyed, I can Summon a Warrior Monster to the Field.”


A bright light shone on the ground & a new monster appeared into the scene. It was a bulky creature decked in pure armour shaped like a sphere. Both its hands were no more than anchors, with a large device on its back. (1500/600)


“The very symbol of my anger…the Anchor Knight,” proclaimed Subbra.

“Then I shall destroy it as soon as possible,” said Taici, “1 face-down & turn has ended!”


“I draw then,” said Subbra, “and I invoke the power of my Anchor Knight; I can inflict 600 points of Damage to you by discarding a card…something I will be doing now.”


He discarded his Great Angus & the Anchor Knight launched off its anchor arms to hit Taici badly with it.


Subbra (LP: 2400) Taici (LP: 2300)

Subbra (LP: 2400) Taici (LP: 2300)


“And there’s more where that came from, since I can do this thrice,” said Subbra as he discarded Skill Successor & Prideful Roar, “Go get him now!”


Anchor Knight then swung its anchors away at Taici again for another attack.



Subbra (LP: 2400) Taici (LP: 1100)[/align]


“Now it’s your move,” said Subbra, ending his turn & Taici drew out his next card.


“Master Monk, attack the Anchor Knight with Shaolin Fist!” ordered Taici.


Master Monk punched Anchor Knight’s armour. However, Anchor Knight gained a sudden jolt in power to toss Master Monk backwards. (1500/600~2300/600)


Subbra (LP: 2400) Taici (LP: 800)

Subbra (LP: 2400) Taici (LP: 800)


“Why I be dog-gone! How did he…” exclaimed Roger.


“It was his Skill Successor card that he sent to the Graveyard last turn,” reasoend Elise, “it allowed Anchor Knight gain 800 Attack Points.”


“But since I received Battle Damage, my Master Monk grows stronger,” said Taici as Master Monk glowed, (2000/1000~2300/1000) “attack again with Shaolin Fist!”


Master Monk engaged another punch onto Anchor Knight, but they were almost evenly matched. However, Anchor Knight eventually gave way & was destroyed. The iron plate remnants flew at Subbra for more damage.


Subbra (LP: 1800) Taici (LP: 800)

Subbra (LP: 1800) Taici (LP: 800)


“Don’t think you could get rid of him so easily,” said Subbra, “By discarding my last card from my hand, I can Special Summon the Anchor Knight from my Graveyard…but he’ll be in Defence Mode.”


The ground suddenly bursted open by anchors as the Anchor Knight rose from the earth itself. It fended itself by placing both arms in front. (1500/600)


“Oh great, just great!” cried Roger, “just 2 more blows of that thing’s effect & Taici’s history!”


“But next turn, he will only have 1 card…so he is safe…unless!” commented Elise.


“So what are you gonna do now?” asked Subbra, “It’s quite obvious that I had you where I wanted you.”


“We shall see about that…” said Taici calmly, “I play the Spell Card Kaminote Blow, AKA the Blow of God’s Hand!”


The card appeared, showing Master Monk smashing a Millennium Shield with great ease.


“This card can destroy any monster that sparred with Master Monk & I reckon Anchor Knight danced with him twice already,” said Taici as Anchor Knight was destroyed again by a blast from that card, “and with me in the clear, it’s your move.”


“Draw,” said Subbra as he drew his card, “...and I Set that card face-down & end my turn!”


“Draw,” said Taici, “and let’s end this duel now! Shaolin Fist!”


Master Monk punched at the remaining Sheep Token & it was destroyed. Next, he jumped up for one last attack. However, Subbra’s face-down card opened & he was engulfed by a great light.


From that light, a new figure emerged from it & directly engaged with Master Monk in a fistfight. Eventually, both of them were forced back. The new monster looked like a mechanical suit of red armour…with Subbra inside it! (900/900)


Subbra (LP: 900) Taici (LP: 800)

Subbra (LP: 900) Taici (LP: 800)


“Aura Armour…a Trap Card that stops a direct attack…when Life Points…below 2000…” said Subbra as he knelt down in exhaustion, “…also Summons…Player Token…by paying…half Life Points…”


“This guy…he is willing to risk his entire life in this fight…” said Elise, “so Taici, how will you return this feeling?”


“1 face-down card…your move,” said Taici.


Subbra drew his card & saw it was Mirror Path…smiling on it.


“Activate Mirror Path! Now I can attack you directly,” said Subbra.


The jets of his Player Token fired off, sending him flying straight towards Taici with his fist ready to take him down. However, Taici fended him off using Duel Disk instead, drawing support with his other free hand.


“It’s hopeless now! I got you where I wanted you!” claimed Subbra.


“Or so you think…” said Taici as he activated his own face-down card and raised his palm out, “Activate…ultimate secret card of the Shaolin…Mountain Sealing Palm!”


“What kind of card is that?” exclaimed Roger.


“A Quick-Play that activates when I am under a direct attack,” explained Taici, “the opponent in question will receive damage equal to the Attack of the attacking monster…and since your Player Token is as strong as your Life Points…”


“…we both lose…what a conclusion,” claimed Subbra as they were engulfed by an explosion.


Subbra (LP: 0) Taici (LP: 0)

Subbra (LP: 0) Taici (LP: 0)


After the explosion, both duellists were lying n the ground. After such a battle, it would be obvious that they would be worn out by then. Elise grabbed Taici up & held onto him.


“Urg…” moaned Subbra as he got back on his feet, “…I’ve seen it…that footage…the whole thing’s a ruse…wasn’t it…”


“Yeah, and we are going to expose it,” said Elise.


“Then let me come with you…please,” said Subbra, standing upright.


“You mean you saw that clip too, then why you attacked us?” yelled Roger.

“Thought you were agents of the kidnappers trying to erase the evidence…sorry about the thought,” apologised Subbra.


“But you see here, we will be using them D-Wheels & they are quite fast for normal running legs,” claimed Roger.


“Who says I would be on foot,” said Subbra.


He turned back to that shrubbery where they found him & brushed aside some of the leaves. Underneath it, there was a jungle-green D-Wheel, his D-Wheel. It was a classic Uprise model, commonly used by the Tamil Tigers themselves.


“Ok…you can come along, but don’t try to slow us down,” said Roger.

With that, the jungles were tramped by those 3 D-Wheels, now on their way to secure a deadly secret about their first mission…back to New Colombo.




[spoiler=NAPEU Archive]

Searching Category: Individual…File Located: Emperor Heiyang


Full Name: Aisin Gioro Dexuan

House: Imperial Manchu House of Aisin Gioro

Title: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Heiyang of Manchuria, Hair to Qing Dynasty

Age: 56

Date of Birth: 1 October 2036 CE

Birthplace: Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Nationality: Kingdom of Manchuria/Sino Co-Prosperity League

Ethnicity: Manchu, but also partially Han

Occupation: Head of State

Reign: 22 June 2066 CE – Current

Current Status: Still alive


Emepror Heiyang began his life as a regular citizen under Communist China. However, it was only during the 2060s where he was noted important by the Manchu revolutionaries due to his distant relationship to Puyi, the last Emperor of China & Manchukuo. Other than that, he was marked by his strictness towards effort & hard work…something that was later on incorporated into the national motto of Manchuria & other aspects of Manchurian society.


During his coronation to Emperor, there was reportedly a total solar eclipse heralding the ceremony. Thus, he was entitled Heiyang, meaning “Black Sun” in Chinese. While this factor seems only coincidental, the Manchurians felt this meant something for them…although the claim had not yet been verified yet.


Emperor Heiyang now resides in the New Forbidden City of Beijing with his family to continue his Imperial duties. However, they are largely ceremonial & real power is usually entrusted on the Premier of Manchuria, reducing the Emperor to “a symbol of the People of Manchuria & their Unity towards Hard Work”.




[spoiler=Next Chapter]

As our heroes rushed back to New Colombo with their minds aware of the scandal behind all this, another man seek to uncover the kidnapped General himself, Mr. Shikyo. Next on Yu-Gi-Oh NAPEU – Ch 6 – Uncovered! Just what could he planning?



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[spoiler=Ch 6-Uncovered]

13:49, 7 May 2092

First Strike Memorial, New Colombo, Sinhala


It would be quite normal to see old ruins of buildings in either here or Eelam’s capital of Kilinoclchi or just any city of the 2 states for the matter, as their war first utilised air bombers to destroy the cities. Thanks to the efforts of the Nazi Union of African Communities, the Militarised Border was established & the war fought there instead, therefore saving thousands of lives from indiscriminate slaughtering.


This building was once a department store, popular to tourists coming to the island nation once. However, it was made an easy target by Tamil Eelam & hundreds of lives were gone with a sudden air raid. Since then, it served as a wartime memorial & a preserved site, not that it was visited by the people due to war terror.


Or perhaps it was due to the untouchability of the place that made it the perfect place for keeping people & things from the public. Inside a small room in the memorial, General Tianan was held captive. With his limbs tied & gagged, he could only look fiercely at his captors. To his shock, one of them was Commander Kyral, whom he thought was an ally of. However, the other man was a mystery to him, only wearing a long trenchcoat with a hood hiding his face.


From a distance, Mr. Shikyo was watching them from a beam above. He stared at the mysterious being for a while, and he vanished into the shadows.




If you would recall the previous chapter, we had just seen a startling revelation that the kidnap was an inside job indeed. And now, we know the location of the missing General too. As Elise travel back to New Colombo still unaware of the General’s whereabouts, Mr. Shikyo may be the only lead they have. But what chaos could happen if a Tamil crossed the border? Elise might have more than one problem now…





13:53, 7 May 2092

Office of Homeland Security, New Colombo, Sinhala


Just underground of New Colombo, the army was secretly stationed underneath the entire city. A little known fact even from their Chinese allies, the troops were assigned mainly to watch over parts of the city & around it too. Piccolo Raj Gandesh was overlooking the security recordings outside New Colombo.


“What’s this?” wondered an officer watching a recording, “Piccolo, you ought to see this.”


“What’s the matter now? The Tamils won’t breach the treaty now,” said Piccolo.


The security screen showed 3 D-Wheels zooming past the deserted streets. One was Roger’s Liberty Wings & another one was Elise’s Ouroborus. However, what surprised the Sinhalese was that the third one was the Tamil Tigers’ model, the Uprise.


“Those damned Tamils…they’re in leagues with the foreigners!” exclaimed Piccolo, “Prepare my Singa Aurums immediately! I got some backstabbers to eliminate.”


13:53, 7 May 2092

Outskirts of New Colombo, Sinhala


Just outside of the half-ruined capital of Sinhala, the trio of D-Wheels were at a rush to reach New Colombo. However, a 4th D-Wheel hit the scene. It was covered in golden plates with a few green portions all over with a similarly golden lion’s head sculptured in front of the machine. Piccolo was riding on it & looked very outraged at what he saw.


“So…now I get it,” said Piccolo, “you are working with the Tamils…”

“Hey, let us explain here! We just uncovered something so shocking that it’ll…” Roger called.


“Zip it you white! I had my men take out your traitorous friends too,” said Piccolo, “and when this is over, our invasion to Kilinoclchi will begin in full force & restore Sinhalese rule!”


“Elise, you better go & resolve this crisis,” said Subbra, “I am truly sorry for coming out here & dragging you into this mess, but I will redeem myself. Sinhalese, you ready for a duel?”


“No time to deal with you when I got traitors,” Piccolo replied, but the Uprise simply crashed onto the side of his Singa Aurums, “alright then, no more Mr. Nice Guy. Prepare yourself for the Riding Duel of your life.”


With that, the 2 NAPEU Meisters fled the streets & advanced onto the city. Both of them pressed the button for Speed World & the streets were clouded by the power of Speed World itself as they went inside the city.


“Field Spell Speed World Set On. Autopilot Standby.” The computer called.


Piccolo (LP: 4000) Subbra (LP: 4000)[/align]


“Guests first, I always say,” said Piccolo, “even if they happen to be Tamils.”


“Whatever…” said Subbra as he drew, “and I Summon the dreaded Vorse Raider in Attack Mode.” (1900/1200)


Suddenly, a portal popped up & a bestial form appeared. It looked like no known creature, but wielded an axe on its arms. Its face seemed to be hungry for blood.


“And I’ll just end my turn,” said Subbra.


“I draw then,” said Piccolo as their Speeds went up to 1 each, “You attack, I defend; I Summon the Assault Dog in Defence Mode.” (1200/800)


Suddenly, a brown canine with gun turrets on its back appeared. It ran alongside its master & growled fiercely at his opponent.


“And I Set 3 face-down cards & end my turn,” concluded Piccolo.


Subbra was ready to draw his card. But at that moment, 2 of Piccolo’s face-down cards all activated at one go.


“Ok this will be mouthful so listen up closely,” said Piccolo, “the first Trap Card is called Full Throttle & during the Standby Phase, I gain one extra Speed Counter in addition to the one I can usually gain.”


On his Singa Aurums, it was indicated that his Speed Counter was at 3, while his foe was only at 2. (3-2)


“And this brings our attention to my second Trap Card, Speed Edge,” said Piccolo, “now you take damage equal to the difference between our Speed Counters, 300 points per Counter. So, what is 3 minus 2?”


Speed Edge fired off an energy blast at Subbra, taking away his Life Points.


Piccolo (LP: 4000) Subbra (LP: 3700)[/align]


“Fine, I will still attack you,” said Subbra, “I Summon Chiron the Mage to the Field.” (1800/1000)


And then, a centaur galloped to join the Tamil D-Wheeler. He had long golden hair that streaked off like a horse’s mane & armed with a staff.


“Now by discarding a Spell Card, I can destroy your Speed Edge,” said Subbra as he discarded his Speed Spell – Final Attack.


“I knew you would try destroying it, so I got my last Trap Set too,” laughed Piccolo as the last face-down opened, “I activate Customs of the Imperial Court! And that means all effects to destroy other Continuous Traps are negated, unless you are aiming for that card itself.”


“But I can still attack you. Go get that dog!” commanded Subbra as Vorse Raider slashed Assault Dog with his axe & destroyed it, “I had done it!”


“…or so you think…” said Piccolo, “when Assault Dog is destroyed in battle, I can Special Summon another one…and it’ll be in Defence Mode too.” (1200/800)


Another one of his Assault Dog appeared & replaced the first one.


“Show some backbone here you maggot!” yelled Subbra as Chiron fired an energy blast from his staff at Assault Dog, but a third one took its place. (1200/800)


“You see here, I was fully aware you would Summon another Monster,” said Piccolo, “so I chose to defend with Assault Dog that could further fortify it while I plan my offense.”


“I throw down 2 face-downs & you can go,” said Subbra.


As Piccolo drew his card, their Speeds increased. (5-3) Suddenly, Speed Edge launched another blast at Subbra.


Piccolo (LP: 4000) Subbra (LP: 3100)

Piccolo (LP: 4000) Subbra (LP: 3100)


“It is coming more & more apparent that you are losing your Life Points more & more as this duel drags on, but Chiron poses a threat to that plan,” said Piccolo, “a reasonable counter would be to Advance Summon my Handcuffs Dragon by Releasing the Assault Dog.”


Assault Dog howled one last time before it was consumed by a portal. Out of it, there came another creature. For a dragon, it looked more like a wyvern with no limbs other than the wings. On both ends of its body, there were locking cuffs. (1800/1800)


“Ha, they have equal Attack Points, you won’t dare for a kamikaze move,” said Subbra.


“Of course not, that should be your group’s speciality,” said Piccolo, “with 5 Speed Counters, I can now activate the Speed Spell – Silver Contrails! Now a WIND Monster I control gains a 1000 Attack bonus for this turn.”


The card appeared & a silver gust of wind empowered Handcuffs Dragon strongly. (2800/1800)


“Attack Chiron the Mage immediately!” ordered Piccolo.


Handcuffs Dragon flew towards Chiron & gripped it with its cuffs. In a few seconds, he was destroyed & Subbra took the hit. (5-2)


Piccolo (LP: 4000) Subbra (LP: 2100)

Piccolo (LP: 4000) Subbra (LP: 2100)


“Perhaps you are now cursing your own stupidity,” said Piccolo, “for we have received the guidance from the Chinese, who mastered the art of Riding Duel & conveyed that knowledge to us. Via these teachings, I realised that a Riding Duel consists of 3 major factors.”


“What factors?” questioned Subbra.


“First is ‘Speed’; a Riding Duel requires Speed Counters to play Speed Spells,” said Subbra, “Thus we need to maintain ways to increase our Speed Counters. Also, it teaches us to be wary of defences for we lose Speed Counters upon a single blow of over 1000 Battle Damage. Also, because of the limitations of Spell Cards, we must put more faith on our Trap Cards, that is the second factor called ‘Trap’.”


“And the last one?” demanded Subbra.


“Well it is called ‘Heavy Hit’,” replied Piccolo, “it refers to attacking with such force that it will lower the Speed Counters. Sometimes, it would mean the need to weaken the opponent’s monsters. My entire deck embodies the Chinese Art of Riding Duel & it shall guide me towards victory & you to your judgment!”


“Oh will you ever shut up!” yelled Subbra, “and let’s get the game on.”


“Fine, I Set a face-down & end my turn,” said Piccolo as he Set a fourth face-down card. (1800/1800)


“Damn it, now I’m completely stumped on what to do…” thought Subbra, “if I do nothing now, he’ll have me done for on his next turn…”


Suddenly, there was an audio message on Subbra’s helmet.


“Head straight to the First Strike Memorial. The coordinates will be sent to your D-Wheel shortly.”


“Huh? Who are you?” asked Subbra via a whisper.


“Your friend, but it does not matter now. Just trust me.”


Subbra looked at the streets they were in now & checked the coordinates sent to him. Then, he looked at a highway & sped his Uprise there. Piccolo also followed suit.


“I don’t have much time left…so this turn got to be the last…” thought Subbra, “and better do it only at the precise moment.”


“Alright…I draw,” said Subbra as he drew out his card…


13:55, 7 May 2092

Streets of New Colombo, Sinhala


While Elise & Roger were rushing back to the Revolution parked in the Airbase, an audio message rang in their helmets.


“Head straight to the First Strike Memorial. The coordinates will be sent to your D-Wheel shortly.”


“And you are…” said Roger.


“Your friend, but it does not matter now. Just trust me.”


“Should we trust this crackpot?” wondered Roger.


Elise was silent for a moment, but she slowed down beside Roger & handed him Sun Taici.


“I will go there & see for myself,” said Elise, “you two return to Revolution & save them.”


13:56, 7 May 2092

First Strike Memorial, New Colombo, Sinhala


As fast as possible, Elise was at the First Strike Memorial. Although it was a condemned building, it was also a protected site & D-Wheels couldn’t just stomp throughout there. So, she got off the Ouroborus & channelled a command to it via Cerebral System.


“Duel Disk disengaged.”


The Duel Disk on the D-Wheel detached itself from the machine & attached to her gauntlet. Upon that, she replaced her Riding Deck for her Ground Deck & then stepped inside the building.


“Now let’s see what this leads,” said Elise as she walked around a hallway.

“If you travel there, you would be lost,” said an electronic contorted voice from the shadows.


“Huh? Who’s that?” demanded Elise.


“No need to fret for I am allied with your cause,” said the unknown voice, “but what’s important now is to rescue Tianan now. You don’t have much time, I’m sure. He’s in the security guard’s office on the top floor of the place.”


“You never answered me! Who’re you?” demanded Elise, but she was met with silence.


Eventually, she leaped up to the next floor and all the way towards the top. When the coast was all clear, Mr. Shikyo revealed himself from the dark hallways & looked up.


“I’m sorry not to show myself, but I am only able to guide you from the darkness,” said Mr. Shikyo.


Wasting almost no time, Elise made it to the top floor & looked for the security office. That department store was circular, so there was little to be hidden from plain sight. Even the security office was oddly located within the main perimeter of the former building.


“This is too easy, but why would there be an inside job?” wondered Elise as she opened the door.


Opening the door, she found it was quite dark & small. The security office was merely a simple office with broken screens piled up. On a chair, General Tianan was there, tied and all. Elise quickly ran towards him & released him from his binds.


“Thank you missy,” the general thanked, “which faction you are from?”


“The International faction,” said Elise, “but you know who captured you in the first place?”


“It was Kyral…that no-good traitor…but why…” wondered Tianan.


“Well first thing’s first,” said Elise, “let’s get you out & treated for any injuries.”


However, as they were about to leave the room, Commander Kyral was standing in their way. His eyes had a strange demonic look in them & he held a Duel Disk, loaded with a Deck already.


“I can’t let you leave…” Kyral spoke, “…duel me for freedom.”


“Fine by me you bastard, I will school you like there’s no more tomorrow,” said Elise as her Disk activated.


“I better be out of the way for this,” said Tianan as he retreated to the side of the room.


Kryal (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 4000)

Kryal (LP: 4000) Elise (LP: 4000)


“Draw,” said Kryal, “Summon the Iron Chain Repairman in Attack Mode.” (1600/1200)


A portal appeared & the said monster came out. It could be easily described as a fat man with a moustache wearing overalls that were held up by chains. Also, he had a bandanna & 2 gauntlets. Over his shoulders, he carried a large hammer.


“Set 1 face-down card & end turn,” said Kyral.


“My turn now,” said Elise, “and your Repairman should see his long-lost cousins removed, I Summon the Goblin Attack Force in Attack Mode.” (2300/0)


Suddenly, the gang of 4 goblins armed with clubs appeared.


“Attack the Repairman now!” ordered Elise as the goblins rushed at the bulky warrior.


“Activate Trap Card Soul Binding Iron Chains,” Kryal called.


The Trap Card opened up, showing the picture of an Iron Chain Dragon being bound by a series of chains around its body. Like the dragon, Iron Chain Repairman was also bound tightly by the infinite series of chains wrapping it tightly.


“All Iron Chain Monsters cannot be destroyed in battle by effect of this card,” said Kryal.


“But the damage will still be dealt with,” said Elise as the goblins clubbed at the Repairman.


Kryal (LP: 3300) Elise (LP: 4000)

Kryal (LP: 3300) Elise (LP: 4000)


“And when my Goblins attacked, they go to Defence Mode,” said Elise as the goblins all lounged back for a breather, “and I end my turn with a face-down.”


“Draw,” said Kyral as he played a card, “Activate Spell Card Paralysing Chain. When your cards are sent from Deck to Graveyard, you take 300 Damage.”


He then took another card & played it too.


“Activate Equip Spell Hammer of Justice,” said Kyral, “It is Equipped only to EARTH Monsters & when it destroys a monster in battle, you take 200 Damage per Level. Next I Summon Iron Chain Snake in Attack Mode.” (800/1200)


As he played the card, a snake looking like a piece of chain appeared & hissed at Elise.


“Activate Effect of Iron Chain Snake. Equip itself to opponent’s monster,” said Kryal as Iron Chain Snake bound all 4 goblins tightly together with its body. (1500/0)


“But their Defence Points are already zero, so what’s the point of that move?” wondered Tianan.


“Iron Chain Repairman, attack Goblin Attack Force,” said Kyral.


Iron Chain Repairman leaped up into the sky & came crashing down with his hammer & smashed the goblins into pixels. The impact itself caused the ground a shockwave that took Elise with it.


Kryal (LP: 3300) Elise (LP: 2600)

Kryal (LP: 3300) Elise (LP: 2600)


“Effect of Iron Chain Snake; when it is destroyed as Equip Card, the opponent must send cards from Deck to Graveyard equal to Level of Equipped Monster,” said Kryal, “Effect of Paralysing Chain activates; you lose 300 Life Points when sending cards from Deck to Graveyard.”


Elise then took 4 of her cards from her Deck & discarded them off. Due to Paralysing Chain, she took further Damage again.


Kryal (LP: 3300) Elise (LP: 2300)[/align]


“Iron Chain Decks…they rely on a rare combination of aggressive attacks & milling the deck,” observed Tianan, “missy, you must be careful towards a deck like that. Watch out for the cards in your deck for I believe there should…”


“There’s only 30 cards left in my Deck & my hand has 4 cards,” said Elise, “and this ‘missy’ has a name & it’s Elise.”


“End turn,” said Kryal.


“But those eyes…that lifelessness…could he be possessed?” thought Elise, “…and why the pain…it was so real…”




[spoiler=NAPEU Archive]

Searching Category: Nations & Factions…File Located: Eelam


Official Name: Tamil People’s State of Eelam

Status: Satellite State of Indian Federation

National Motto: Freedom and Nationalism

Flag: Alternate Indian Flag (vertical tricolour with Indian flag colours)

Population: 5.3 million (as of 2086)

Capital City: Kilinoclchi

Government Form: Militaristic Single-party state

Ethnic Group: Tamil & Sinhalese

Human Rights Record: Poor

Territories in control: Northern & Eastern Ceylon

Establishment: 24 March 2064 CE


-Mahad Singh (Chairman of Eelam Provisional Government)

-Zulpikar Rahman (Chairman of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam)


When the Indian Federation was first established, it was already known that it chose to gain a sphere of influence around the Indian subcontinent & the Indian Ocean too. When Sri Lanka was annexed, the Indian Federation had supported a Tamil state within the north & east of the island nation, giving rise to the dream of the Tamil Tigers long ago.


However, the Sinhalese were not satisfied with this & attacked Eelam instead. However, Indian Federation chose to supply weapons & support to the Tamils & the Tamil Tigers were made as the official army of the State.

The Ceylon Civil War would continue on till this day and there would be no apparent end when the Chinese took matters into their hands & played in this zero-sum game.


Eelam is known to be a single-party state ruled by the Free Tamil People’s Front, a branch of the Tamil Tigers set to govern Eelam while the Tamil Tigers fought on the battlefield. Due to the state of war, conditions there were extremely poor & supplies would be received from charity organisations or the Indian Federation.




[spoiler=Next Chapter]

2 duels continue on as this chapter moves on. On one side, there’s a high-speed duel in the streets of New Colombo between 2 bitter enemies. And on the other side, a duel to save someone is upon us. Next on YU-Gi-Oh NAPEU – Ch 7 – Two Way! Don’t get confused now…for there’s more along the way.



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something seems to be up' date=' Kryal has been brainwashed to take down an organization from the inside perhaps? And not just anyone, by the look of the 'painful' duel...


So you took a hint on who did it?


But whether what is true or false here is for me to know, and for you to find out.

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