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My best Dark Synchro


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Guest Deathly Fiend Of YMC

OCG is okayish!

Dark Tuner needed!

Horribly created Dark Synchro

Belongs in Any Other Card.

Low Quality

Attribute has no color

Card already exists!

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Guest Deathly Fiend Of YMC

@Strike - I did mention it belongs in Any Other Card, JS and EVERYONE MENTIONED IT IS A CARD!


http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/topic/206741-new-dark-synchro-tutorial-amazing-quality-uses-gimp/ - to make a better one!


IcyBlue's Rules: Dark Synchro and Dark Tuner Monsters, "Updates" of currently-existing cards (different art, etc.), Joke Cards, and any other cards that do not belong under the Realistic Cards subforum will be dealt with at the discretion of a moderator, though it will usually result in a lock. If you have found that you have made a mistake in posting your thread (such as it being in the wrong subforum), please state so, and report your own thread.

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