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Second Booster! Using mah own template!


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Ok since I'm supposedly a gfx nazi i need to critique no matter how much i feel like being a n00b =)


Text is very bad. Too dark, and should be all in caps. Also, use the font Georgia to get better results. Positioning is also bad. Look at a real booster to get scaling right.

Circle in the bg isn't even the right one =P

5D's logo? On a normal booster? And placed so off? You can do better than that =/

BG is pretty good. I like it. Make the folds in it less prominent though.

Outer glow on the render would do nicely being a bit more prominent.

Logos were from my release ages back, so no need to comment on those.


Really nice first attempt =D But obv there are many things to improve on ;D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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