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A New Virus Attack! Look here and I'll tell you how to be aware!!!


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This may not be new, but it's rare. It's a very tricky virus attack. I'll teach you about it.


It goes like this. You can be in IE and all of a sudden, your IE will shut down and My Computer will appear. If you have another program open, you'll be sent there. Then a pop-up message will appear, talking about virus protection. Look at the top of it, it says "Windows Internet Explorer". This is your first sign to get the HECK outta here. Quickly now, hold down your Power Button until your PC completely turns off. Don't waste time lock off. Either hold down power, or flick a switch.


Now for the next part


Say you do accidently click on the pop-up. Go back to IE, unless you're there. You'll see My Computer, and at the bottom, a virus "protection" download. It will upload fast, slam those buttons. Reset your PC, and you'll be perfectly fine!


I'll give an example!


Say I'm on IE, with tabs YCM, My Website, and a Miniclip game open. I also have my iTunes and GIMP open. I'm looking on IE, and then I go to GIMP. The message pops up. I quickly hold my power button, re-boot, shake it off, and do what I was doing before this!


Hope this helps!!! This is a very tricky virus.


I also have reason to believe this is a Hacking Virus, as it downloads through a fusion of IE and My Computer.

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