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I don't know if this is okay.... But hi.


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Umh... I know none of you know me as my (nearly) 2 years old account that I lost. I don't know if the rules still apply that you can't make another user, but I decided to earlier but never posted. And if I get banned or something well ehh. I kinda forgot my password and I couldn't remember anything from it or the email I used.... So yeah. Hi everyone of this site. ~V




EDIT: And no my other account wasn't banned or anything, I just lost the password.

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Hi, welcome to YCM


Make sure you read the rules which state you should not make an intro 3 months after joining.


There is a chance that you might get banned for making a second account but because you lost your other account, they might allow you to keep on.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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