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Lock Nao

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Extra Deck: 15


1x Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

2x Five-Headed Dragon

2x Stardust Dragon

2x Thought Ruler Archfiend

2x Colossal Fighter

1x Dark Strike Fighter

1x Goyo Guardian

1x Red Dragon Archfiend

1x Black Rose Dragon

1x Magical Android

1x Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth


Monsters: 23


3x Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon

3x Dark Horus

1x Dark Armed Dragon

1x Chaos Sorcerer

3x Masked Dragon

2x Magna Drago

2x Red-Eyes Wyvern

2x Dark Grepher

1x Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress

1x Phantom of Chaos

1x Plaguespreader Zombie


Spells: 14


2x Allure of Darkness

3x Trade-In

2x Foolish Burial

2x Dragon's Mirror

1x Future Fusion

1x Card of Safe Return

1x Monster Reborn

1x Heavy Storm

1x Giant Trunade


Traps: 4


1x Torrential Tribute

3x Solemn Judgment


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