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[Gift] Cin!


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[align=center]Damn you've been a good friend and fun to talk to since like ages =P Thanks for everything =)




[spoiler=If you have no idea what it is..]I don't blame you. This is a pretty uncommon style of tag. Manga tag for those who didnt know. I started off with this (blurred because it belongs to Blood Rose's render gallery): MR9copy.png


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Still, Kaden hasn't known. The real render, which is available in Blood Rose's render gallery, is not blurry. It's good. Chaotix uses the real one. Then, to show you guys how good the render is, he posted it here. But, since it doesn't belong to him, he blurs it so you guys will not take it without Blood Rose's permission.


And Chaotix, I come to your threads just to witness your epicness. And it just doesn't seem right to me when people keep talking wrong facts about your creation.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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