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Mad World


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I'm pretty sure this is the first M game on the Wii





All 3 are M rated and came out before this. The last one is over a year old


... It looks pretty cool' date=' despite the B & W & R...


The Black, White, Red makes the game epic.


Looks real bloody and fun' date=' should be really good for a Wii game.



I've only heard good things about this game, so I must agree.

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This game has much promise. It's like a newspaper. Black and White and RED ALL OVER.


I might get it' date=' but I'm too excited for House of the Dead - Overkill right now. :lol: Which is also M.

Some M Games on the Wii are HOTD Overkill, HOTD 2 / 3, COD4, COD5, No More Heroes, and Mortal Kombat Armageddon.


Read what you wrote now.

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