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assault montage


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at the sneak preview, everyone pulled an assault mode, but no one pulled a synchro. i was the only one there to figure out how to use them effectively. with their own special little draw engine, assault teleport. scored me second place in the tourny they held, if only i had pulled that 27 roid troll or the cyberdragon-for-blackwings-troll, i would have had first >.>


so i was inspired into using that bastardized ugly form of ddraw known as assault teleport in order to make a deck. but i didnt want to actually summon the synchros, i just wanted it to be a recyclable draw engine.

it occurs to be that there are two cards that can make effective use of serious fatties like the assaults, and those are montage and dark strike. since im not summoning them, im left with montage.


warning, this deck has infinite dead draws:


2 colossal fighter /assualt

2 red dragon /assault

3 doomkaiser /assault

3 montage dragon

3 cyber valley

3 plasma

3 dogma

3 phantom of chaos



3 assault teleport

3 tradein

2 ddraw

2 allure

3 magical mallet

3 reincarnation



2 royal decree



deck 40



basically, i fused every draw engine i could into one ugly mess. all the monsters, with the exceptions of cyber valley and poc, hate each other. and all the spells hate each other. and royal decree is just there for some protection for that big shiny otk i get for dropping 27+ levels onto a montage dragon. this is meant to move fast, as it will not survive in the long run. im also considering dropping decrees for storm n trunade. more otk-savy cards.


poc is there as my last ditch. if montage cant get his act together, i throw out poc and remove red dragon assault, and blow up life.



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i do like magical mallet...

which is good, because i didnt like lighten the load.

ill swap that out.


maybe i should throw in a pair of assault modes and one or two assault revival to get out fatties.

35 attack on red dick isnt bad.


also, mallet also likes other spells, whereas lighten the load doesnt.

good suggestion.

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