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A new Tourney!

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I'm hosting a Tournament. PM me if you want to join. The preliminary round is online; I'll PM you if you're interested. Thanks!

EDIT: Since a few of you are getting all huffy, let me explain; the Preliminary Round is to enter and tell me your real-world Deck. Then, once you PM me with that, I'll reply with the date and location. You then say, "Gee, thanks!" So, like I said, PM me if you're interested.

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Where? When? Rules?

I said above to PM me...

Where: TBD; looking for a good convention center' date=' or something

When: TBD; we'll find that out when I've got all of my contestants

Rules: Really, PM me for that. Please.[hr']

How does this work? Do we go to a random chatroom and make up cards as we go?

No' date=' pal, it's real world. PM me for the rules, where, and when.[hr']

What about the banned list? And how the heck do you play cards without seing what the other players have face down' date=' and not being able to discuss rulings face to face?


No, pal, it's real world. I'll give you the where and the when if you PM me.

How does this work? Do we go to a random chatroom and make up cards as we go?


i like this idea

Sorry to dissapoint you' date=' but it's real world. PM me to sign up.[hr']

I Play Painful Choice' date=' And Send 4 Lightsworn Monsters to my Grave, which apparently have 4 different names... Oh looky here, I just Summoned Judgment Dragoon and won. Wanna play again?


I understand what you're saying; that's why it's real-world. PM me to sign up.

Where is this Tourney?

TBD' date=' I've gotta find a good, inexpensive, convention center. PM me if you wanna sign up.[hr']

Explain more or get reported for spamming

Not spamming; this is just a heads-up, contestants need to PM me. You can, too, if you're interested. The info will be given in my reply.

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