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A long list of things that you've always wanted to do.


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Just post something that you've always wanted to do/plan to do in the future.


You can post as many as you like. But try to keep it to at least 1-5 per post.


1.) Mug somebody with a coffee mug.

2.) Smack somebody in the face with a flounder.

3.) Start a successful internet meme.

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1. Usurp a country and ruled it cruelly as a dictator until eventually getting overthrown.

2. Dig a ditch around an aisle of a grocery store and fill it with water. The aisle would be an isle, geddit? I know, the pun sucks.

3. Fail to be a ninja, yet getting past the bad guys all the same due to the fact that their astonished at the completely failure at being stealth.

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