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The Amulent Warriors: The Rose Sword


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The Black dawn is upon us. The amulent warriors are fighting for there lives. they were then thrown in a chasm. tThey then see carvings on the wall it tells of the rose sword. Remember you become your amulent.








Amulent Warrior/Beast name:

Amulent Warrior/Beast apearance(dipsriptive or pic):




Name:Nick Flag



Aperance(dipscriptive):Red and yellow hair, Red jacket, orange T, Red jeans, orange shoes, 6 foot tall

Amulent:The Amuelent of the Red Flame

Amulent Element: Fire

Amulent Warrior/Beast name: Zeon, The flare Warrior

Amulent Warrior/Beast apearance(dipsriptive or pic):Your basic knight, armour is red, aprox. 10 foot tall, his sword is made of pure flame


if you were in b4 you r now

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Name: Zacharias Amarila

Gender: M

Appearance: His hair is silver in colour, and it is done up in a ponytail by several bands. His fringe is short except for two bangs that cover his left eye. He his relatively tall at 5"9, and wears a black coat with a golden trim. Underneath he wears a sleeveless vest which is red with a black flame pattern, he also wears long pants with the same colour and pattern. He wears black pointed boots. His eyes are a light green. He frowns most of the time, never finding finding it in him to smile.

Amulent: Soul

Amulent Warrior/Beast name: Saharasla, The Nocturne Scythe

Amulent Warrior/Beast apearance: A large wraithlike creature shrouded in a grey cloak. It's feet are not seen as it usually floats, it's rag like cloak billowing even without a breeze. Beneath it's hood you can make out the skull of the beast, both it's eyes shine bright blue. It has two grim wings, one angel wing as black as night and a daemonick wing. Saharasla carries a large scythe fashioned from the bone of the largest animal alive. It's edge never dulls.

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OOC: Great


IC: Zacharias was overlooking a small town from the hill he was standing on. He was constantly flipping the item he had found in his hands. 'This strange device seems to hold great power, but, it brings to mind what kind of power exactly. But, how exactly can this power be used?'

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