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R/F, It just needs a Goldeon Hammer(deck in progress)


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Ok look, I Might try and make this in real life. So no, I'm not going to spend like 500+ on this(I'm talking about cards like Torrential, Mirror Force, Solemn, [insert expensive card here])


Also, I want to focus this deck on GaoGaiGar


Monster - 20

Giant Rat x3

Earth Hex x3

Drillroid x3

Morph Jar

Expressroid x3

Truckroid x3

Snipe Hunter(I have a few of these)

Cat of I'll Omen x2

Sengan(I'm sure I can find one somewhare)


Spell - ??

Connection Zone x3

Limiter Removal





Mystic Space

Brain Control

Future Fusion(Yes, I have a copy of this card)

[other cards]


Trap - ??

Fusion Material x3

Sakuretsu x3

[other cards/Possibly IIW]


So its going to be somewhare along those lines.

Ideas on what I should add to this?

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