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The Deck I wish I had.


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Purpose is to summon from the deck and just shove counters onto a field card...and protect it with other colosseums. Its broken. I can get +500 to GB within the first turn. After that it just keeps climbing. Really spell heavy. with this deck I can go Gyzarus first turn, I can go Herk first turn(although it'd be a bit of a waste) I can do almost anything.



3x Test Tiger

2x Equeste

2x Summon Priest

2x Rescue Cat

1x Bestiari

1x Hoplomus

1x Secutor

1x Morphing Jar

2x Laquari



Murmillo (Thinking about two)

2x Samnite

2x Darius



3x Colesseums (Thinking about adding a terraforming to deck thin and get it faster)

3x Proving Ground (Never a dead draw with summon priest on the field)

Heavy Storm


Respite(Its not a dead draw with samnite AND Equeste)


2x Book of Moon




Torrential tribute

2x War Chariot

2x Defensive Tactics


Oh almost for got Fusions



Some Synchros just cause.


You may be wondering why defensive tactics? I always will have a GB on the field thanks to summon priest. I was thinking that I might need a pot of avarice. Because teh summon priests make the rescue cats so fast that they just go in the first two turns almost.

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Argentum' date=' Coliseum is sh!tty card support. In this era of the meta, high attack points do not matter as much anymore.


Also, there's no point in running 2 Murmillos.


And -Vortex for a Giant Trunade.




Murmillo is fine at 2.

Lightning is okay, even over giant trunade in a glad.

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@ Judgement Dragon - They are the same card except Defensive tactics goes back into the deck and also this deck is designed to keep atleast one GB on the field at all times. That way if they do destroy the GB I can chain Defensive tactics so it works like waboku without being thrown away basically.

Why Colosseum? read my deck explanation.


@ Bunter - If one dies then what are you going to do when something big hits the field like a wulf? And noway on the trunade. After working for all those counters, why would I bring it back to me and replay it without counters? Attack points still matter. Monarch is a big beatstick once one hits the field, but with Colosseum I suddenly have a monster that can compete. It really does give you that small edge that could win you the game. I haven't played it yet, but these test draws are good to me. I'll give you a couple.


Example Draws I did while typing this. Not the best I've gotten, but they give you an idea of how fast it works.

MST, Test Tiger, Cage of GB, Sangan, Laquari, Samnite


Murmillo, Cage, Book of Moon, Cage, Summon Priest, Rescue Cat


Cat, Darius, Bestiari, Proving Ground, Summon Priest, Tiger (Even though I don't have the cage to benefit from all the swapping I can still hold my own.)


Storm, Cage, Prisma, Summon Priest, Proving, Respite(Never a dead draw with summon priests. Then I can just equeste it later.)

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