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So this girl invited me over to her house early one morning. She said she need help with math, and offered to make me breakfast for all my trouble. I figured hell free food and time with a OK looking girl why the hell not. So I get up around 5am to get at her house around 6. It was kinda hard finding the place because it was sorta tucked in back of this big forest. I get to her house and ring the door bell, only half awake. She answers the door in a very small tank top and short shorts. "Oh, hay you made it, come on in." She said looking tired as well. I couldn't help but wonder why she would want me to come some early if she wasn't used to the hour ether? "Sorry about the mess and the time, this is about the only time everyone else is out of the house and I wanted to be alone with you."


"Alone but why, I thought you needed help on math." I said then felt instantly stupid. She smiled sweetly and offered me a seat at the table. "I have a big family, and they tend to be very nosy we wouldn't have gotten anything done had they been here." I nodded and sat down in doing so I got a very nice look at her ass which was actually very nice. "Do you like?" She asked me and I thought I had been caught, "Wait what?" I asked trying to keep my cool. "Do you like pancakes? I'm told I make some of the best, I even add different kinds of fruit to them. Also, I have some bacon and eggs going as well. Shouldn't be much longer." I nodded and she walked back into the kitchen, as the door opened I smelled the most wonderful smell ever.


I couldn't help but follow her in the the kitchen where I saw some of the best looking pancakes I had ever seen ever. I couldn't help but smile a big smile as I wondered what they would taste like. "I'm almost done, do you want orange juice or apple juice?" She asked me I told her apple and she poured me some from a chicken shaped kettle on the counter. I took it and drank it happily it was had the right amount of sweetness. "Why don't you go and take a seat, we can get started after we eat." I did as she said and sat down at my seat at the table.


Minutes later she appears with a bunch of big plates of food and sets them on the table. Then begins to dish out food for me putting over 9000 light and fluffy, blueberry filled pancakes on the plate in front of me, and some bacon and eggs on a separate plate. "There you go if you want more when your done with that just ask." She then started to get some food of her own and I put syrup on my pancakes and took a big bite. It was the best thing I had ever tasted, ever. I hadn't even realized it but I was making a horrible face despite how awesome they were. "Oh, is something wrong?" She asked me sounding really concerned for me, she got up and started rubbing my back. "No it's just usually, I only have Reese's for breakfast." To which she screamed. "Candy, for breakfast?" "No." I replied. "Reese's puff cereal, it's candy for breakfast!"


Anyways, lets talk about cereal and how its the best food ever.. oh and discuss pancakes aswell

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Guest Tiger

Lol. Fake story is fake.


Um...well, I like plain pancakes or starwberry pancakes, but I hate blueberry pancakes. =/


I'm more of a waffle person. :mrgreen:

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