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Wc08 - In-game Magnet Warrior deck.


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Magnet Warriors are fun :3


Opposites Attract

Monsters - 22

Alpha x3

Beta x3

Gamma x3

Malicious Edge x2

Giant Rat x3


Morph Jar

Grand Mole


Summon Priest x2 - This card works wonders here

Valkyrion x2


Spell - 12

Brain Control

Dark Calling x2 - Alternet win condition

Gold Sarcoph x2



Space Typhoon

Rush Recklessly x3



Trap - 6

Mirror Force

Solemn x3


Dustshoot - random filler


Fusion - 6


Dark Gaia


So far, Its ben working out pretty well =D

But I know this deck could use something like Lightning Vortex or Snipe Hunter >___> So I might end up switching a few things around.



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You'll be using Dark Gaia OTK more than you will actualy summon Valkyrion. lol

Well duah. Its incase I'm too lazy to summon Valkyrion' date=' And just say: "Screw this, DARK CALLING!!111"


So you might as well make it DG1TK. Unless you don't want to, you can stock up on Vanillas and add 2 Heart of The Underdogs to draw magnets faster.

I had made a Dark Gaia deck the other day, And this one is better.

And I'm not really sure about the Vanillas. I mean you cant really search them(outside of Heart of the Underdog). whare as the Magnet Warriors can be searched via Giant Rat/Sengan.

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