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~Ward Academy~ (It's back alright) [Started, still accepting.]


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Yup, decided to revive it.


Well, I got this idea from the series “Ranger’s Apprentice”. I obviously edited it and added stuff, making it a whole different world.


I added spirits, same deal with mounts.


I added mounts. Anyone who wants one just tell me.


From now on everybody who joins will not be told their class until they go to the ceremony. Since this RP is going great, when it ends everybody who was in it will be able to upgrade their class into an advanced one. If you have any ideas for this RP, PM me.


[spoiler=Plot] There is a land named Arlen, it is covered in forests and plains. A beautiful land with a lot of resources. Neighboring lands however, realize this and are preparing a full scale assault on Arlen. Arlen has been preparing for this assault and has readied its army. However, new recruits are rather hard to find. They start the Wards Academy, where orphans or whoever can train to join the fight. Now it’s your turn to train.



[spoiler=Classes] They’re four classes, Warrior, Ranger, Courier(Or Assasin, however you want to call it.), Wizard, and Tinker.


Warriors: This is self explanatory; you can use swords, axes, lances, and spears, whatever. You can have a shield or not, and you can have whatever bizarre armor you want.


Ranger: Again self explanatory, you have to have a bow; any type you want. You can have a dagger, a small axe, and explosives. Yes, you heard me, EXPLOSIVES. You can only get them if you ask a Tinker to make them.


Courier: Couriers are the spy/assassin type of class. You can have a dagger and a crossbow. Throwing knives as well.


Mage: Self explanatory. You can have a staff and a wand.


Tinker: Tinkers are engineers; they fight with anything they make. Explosives, automatons, you name it.







Orphan or Regular:




Anything Else:










A demon-horse breed, Bare is a regular horse that only the best can tame. ~ Owned by: Alex




Kicker is a pure breed war horse. Easy to tame, and very very powerful. ~ Owned by: Kevin Stout




A tiger, Sibero is dark and prefers to be alone. ~ Owned by: Fiarce Filth




A basilisk, Forte is still growing and is the size of a horse. An intelligent creature. ~ Owned by: Auster Kiryu




Rose is a kind and sympathetic dragon. She is always nice and can be ridden easily. ~ Owned by: Stephanie McPhilleas




Haze is a vicious creature that can grow size when threatened. He is ruthless and will only let the strong ride him. ~ Owned by:




Frenzy is a crazy beast that is loyal to his master. Useful in fights. ~ Owned by: William




A loyal and royal griffon. He only wants to be used by nobles or people with high nobility. ~ Owned by:




Kuriko is a Dire bear and is feared among most of them. Gets angry easily and is hard to control. ~ Owned by:







Stat is an electric summon spirit. Very ecstatic. Controls lightning. ~ Owned by: Kevin Stout




Sing is a nice spirit that enjoys helping people. Controls light. ~ Owned by:




Rax is a friendly summon spirit. Controls metal. ~ Owned by:




Wel is a loyal summon spirit. Controls earth. ~ Owned by: Auster Kiryu




An evil spirit, controls darkness. ~ Owned by: Fiarce Filth




A calm spirit. Controls water. ~ Owned by: Stephanie McPhilleas




A careless spirit. Controls wind. ~ Owned by: Alex




Once you fill this out, I will give you a class suited to your personality. Making it kinda fun.


All forum rules apply, all RP rules apply. Any questions PM me.

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Orphan or Regular:Orphan

Bio:As a Child he was living in an Orphanage.He had good education, But that could never round up to His Parents.They had left him everything they had, Which was not much.As he grew Older He had differennt Dreams, He joined the Academy to decide what he was going to be.


Personality:Alex is a Calm boy.He is Inteliigent because of his Great Education.He always thought himself of Care-free and Normal.He is usually Mysterious since he keeps things to himself.He is nervous whenever he is around Cute girls...

Anything Else:He is especially Stronger and quicker at the Night.At the Day he feels as if his Strength stays normal.This Incredible boost has made him feel 'special'.

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Name: Stephanie McPhilleas

Age(13-16): 14

Orphan or Regular: regular

Bio: She is the skilled daughter of one of the Academy's High Mages. She is carefree and funny, but can be serious when needed.

Appearance: 9.jpg

Personality: Carefree, funny, but also serious

Anything Else: She has Water Manipulation abilities, and can form water to almost anything.


I want to have the Spirit Levea!

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((Accepted, but your pic doesn't work.))


My chars:



Name: Auster Kiryu

Age(13-16): 16

Orphan or Regular: Orphan

Bio: Auster was found by his brother, Dominic near a wolf den. They grew up in the academy together and typically study together. Eventually however, Auster split up with his brother and went different ways.

Appearance: AnimeGuy.jpg

Personality: Funny, headstrong, reckless. Also highly intelligent.

Anything Else: Hates sharks/water/and anything that swims in it.


Name: Dominic Kiryu

Age(13-16): 18 =P

Orphan or Regular: Orphan

Bio: Read Auster's.

Appearance: guy.jpg No armor

Personality: Savage in battle, reckless, and often has too much pride.

Anything Else: Nuthin else.



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((It starteted))


Auster gulped as he looked up. A long staircase led to the Freshman hall. He climbed the stairs and paused at the wide double door. He opened and stared at the wide room. It was poorly made, with a dirty old couch in the middle with a tv and table. He shrugged. He walked over to the couch and sat down.

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can i join

Name:William "Will" Morgan


Orphan or Regular:Orphan

Bio:His parents died when William was ten years old,an old general took him under his wing and began to train him,and take care of him,when the general thought that William was old enough he sent him to Ward academy,


Personality:confident,resourceful,he was thought basic military training,he is kind of a loner,

Anything Else:N/A

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