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Booster Legends | For Experienced Booster Makers


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This club is for Booster Making pros.


For a free customized Booster Legends banner, PM Neon®



1. Dark Rose

2. Kale

3. Uchiha

4. Hioco

5. Neon®

6. ~JG~

7. Yoshiman

8. .:Cloud Strife:.

9. ~ Chidori

10. E-Hero Kyle

11. Jovi Siagian

12. -Blaze-

13. Neo Fugario

14. Skyfire

15. Hobbes96

16. Kenji

17. Andinator


To join, give an example. Kale, Con. , Ashje, Etc.. Require no examples.

Good luck.





If you wish to join, make your own crap. From this point on, anybody caught using a template of any kind made by someone else, you will receive a neg and a ban from the club. [Won't be able to join ever]




This club now has officers. O.O .... shocking...



1. Dark Galaxy -DR- : leader

2. E-hero Kyle : Co-leader

3. Andinator : General

4. ~Chidori : Lieutenant




This club is under Updates

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Just view profile. In my threads, look for Jap tin.

Not bad so far. =/


"Next time when you copy some peoples concept credit them. Credit Chaotix &/or Me. & stop it people' date=' why can't just 2 people make something? Why do all of you have to copy us? Jeez.[/size']


Can I join' date=' DR has already seen mine;)



Hell no, YOU SUCK!!!


No, jking. You're in :}

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Also, I have a Members-only exclusive. It is for the members who are a part of the club as I post this message. No new-comers will get this. I will pm you all... are you ready?...........................My Jap. Booster Template for 5D's.

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